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What is going on you might ask... well I wanted to share these 2 pendants with you so here you go...

This first was is made from an acrylic pendant - I stamped the script on, adhered a B Muse image and then painted the bag with gold viva paint and stamped over the top of that, added a chain and there you have it...

Then the 2nd one is a pair of gold spectacles minus the arms. Stamped image of heart on to glass, painted with viva paint. The second frame I stamped with a flower and then added a clock face to that, painted the flower, added ribbon and chain and there you go....

Another day in Spain...

So what did I do since my last post?
Well Stuart thought it would be nice to go into Villajoyosa for a fish meal, so off we set with China... unbeknown to us it was Moors and Christians Fiesta time; this happens every year at different times in different places and consists of parades etc. of Moors and Christians who played a large part in the history of Spain. This in effect meant that every restaurant was booked up so that plan went out of the window. To be honest we didn't want to eat there anyway - because the town smelled like a giant urinal (sure people couldn't be bothered to use toilets) and there was so much pavement pizza that is was awful!!!!

I did like the graffiti on the wall though, and the street fiesta lights...
So we left Villajoyosa and headed into Benidorm to go to the "Chicken Shack" - we tried to go when Jazz was still here but there was just no where to park. Success this time! The chicken is so moist and succulent and cooked to perfection, here is a pic...

And then I tried to draw faces, got frustrated...totally but came up with this in the end.. Linda told me to forget about drawing the shape and just draw features first and so I tried it that way, not bad, long way to go to get the eyes same size etc. but pretty pleased...

That will be all for this post, gotta fly... guess what- going out to lunch! No surprise there then!
Thanks for dropping by


A bit of Creativity on my holiday

Thought I would share with you some of my creations this week. Bearing in mind that it is incredibly hot I thought I would just PLAY!
This is what I came up with. A canvas...

I was inspired by the view from my window for this piece. The sea was such a glorious color with white peaks.. hence this piece is predominantly turquoise. I added Golden Glass beads and Viva Turquoise Paint pen and splashed white arcylic paint. My husbands verdict...."ooh where can I hang that" he LOVED it as did China. My lot don't get the girls I put in my pieces... each to their own taste :-)


Then I worked on this pair of glasses, all that is required now is the chain to hang it on... Viva Crackle Glass Paint on the back. Stamped flower image and then a couple of brads...not sure about these but it's fun to play!


I brought some spoons along to make some more pendants, this one is "Ribbons and Pearls" with one of my favourite PW girls.

This spoon has an Artchix gal on it, some ribbon, Tim Holtz floral piece and a piece of ribbon topped with a butterfly.


I love creating pieces for China to wear, this was done with a Tim Holtz acrylic tag. Stamped on, image pasted with golden matte medium and some silver tape around the edge, she loves it x

And finally as China loved the canvas I made at the start of this post I created this for her Birthday on Sunday - She is quite a minimalist kinda gal, so this was a plain old canvas, painted white, then some Teal colored paint added (color of her room at home is teal and white) and then I used my trusted Viva Paint Pen and did some silver swirl pearls...

The holiday is still going well, Jazz home tonight so that will put a different dynamic to it. China's friend is trying persuade her mum to let her fly out Monday to Friday next week, hope she can. Her mum is worried about her flying by herself, I asked myself would I let China fly on her own at 17 and the answer would be yes, they have to spread their wings and fly as they grow... China is crossing her fingers and toes.

I am definitely going to have to watch my weight, scales this morning showed up as 10 stone... I was never that heavy during my 3 pregnancies - a sure sign that age is making me hold on to every pound I put on, I want to enjoy the hols but don't want the angst of loosing the weight after so everything will have to be in moderation!!!!
Enough already, don't want to bore you xxxx


Sharing my holiday

Thought I would take a bit of time out whilst it is still cool (can 29 degrees be classed as cool) to share with you my holiday so far.
First rather worrying fact I feel the pounds settling on my hips :) the joys of being on holiday, eating out at fabulous restaurants and having 3 courses! not my usual fare but heck that's what hols are for right, to break from the norm. I did plan to go on the running machine this morning but it was all folded up so will ask hubby to set it up for me and try and do a "little" everyday (and believe me I mean little!
The swimming pool is my favourite place, heavenly to just dip in when the heat gets overpowering... and I have my little spot in the jacuzzi to sit and read, what more can a girl ask for

this will be my reading material today, read the 1st one this week, I was going to dive straight into this but decided to read John Grisham's "The Associate" - that's done so now I can read some more of the Twilight series... I found the 1st book totally absorbing, not my normal read but compulsive reading once you start... Lorraine I will be able to talk to you about it now, bet you are on to the last one aren't you?
Now I prepped a moleskine before I came away with the intention of journalling, packed it in a bag with my c'arandache crayons (never remember how to spell that) and guess what..... hubby didn't pack THAT bag! I walked the dog, thought he packed everything, trusted that he did - big mistake, HUGE... cos he didn't. Fortunately I did have a moleskine that had not been prepped or anything and my pitt pens in another bag so I started doodling and this is my first effort in that journal. I don't know about you but moleskines are so delicious that I worry about using them in case I spoil them, but hey ho this has been forced on me so I held my breathe, put the first color on the page and now all I have to do is carry on with it.
I still need to work on faces, so practise, practise and more practise is required.

The words in this spread are from the song Never been to me by Charline - I love this song and I think this journal will be based on songs I love...
Been working on a couple of spoons - in various stages of creation but this is a finished one...

I added a filigree corner to make wings and then rusted the arm of the spoon wit Viva Ferro paints. Added an image to the spoon and embellished with swavorski crystals... voila a finished Angel spoon.

And here I am taking a photo of my reflection, when you live with a teenage daughter with a figure to die for best not to take a photo in a bikini in a normal shot - so cheat and accept that your body is not what it once was.... won't it be funny to take another one further into the holiday to see if all that eating mentioned earlier is visible on the hips lmao!

Anyway girlies (and boys) Thanks for dropping by, will fill you in on my holiday as it progresses - one final thought it is not all about reading and sunbathing, oh no... this girl has also had some retail therapy and got some fab new clothes etc.... hubby thinks he needs to take me in to Alicante to buy some craft stuff as he feels guilty for leaving my beloved crayons at home - bring it on!!! Adios Love Ya xxx


Twilight and More

I think I need to start with the and More part of the title... my birthday on Monday saw me in Spain at the start of my 6 weeks holiday. Before I left my mate Lorraine gave me my birthday present... well I was so moved by it, blown away in fact!

Have you ever seen anything as stunning as this, and let me tell you Lorraine creates the most amazing art and is so thrilled when she realises that her work is loved, she so needs to believe in herself - she is mucho talented, she really needs a blog so she can share her wonderful art with you all... you listening Lorraine??

I so love this piece and I am blessed that she created it for me, and she didn't even hint about what she was working on during our daily dog walk...

The TWILIGHT part of the title pertains to the book by Stephanie Meyer - highly recommend you read it if you haven't. the way in which it is written makes it a compulsive page turner, it takes over your life if I am honest, and hey if my daughter can be so hooked that she read it in a day - believe me that is indicative of a quality read as she rarely reads, she as read the 2nd novel and is on to the 3rd. I have decided to read John Grisham's "The Associate" before reading New Moon.

The weather is pretty much what I had hoped for, wall to wall sunshine and heat, and there has been a severe weather warning issued by Spanish Government as temps set to rise to 45+ this week...

Catch you soon, I am melting so going to have a lovely dip in the jacuzzi xxxx


The Keeping Gallery

I went with China to a delightful Gallery this evening with China and was amazed at what I saw.
The Gallery is in a suburb of London called Shortlands, it is in the home of the actual artist Renate Keeping. Renate came to England in the 1930's to escape Nazi Germany as her family were Jewish. She met and married a gentile, Charles Keeping and was very happy with him. Click on the title to view her work it will amaze you.
Renate told us that she went to art college and was a Water Color painter first, her husband was a renowned illustrator of books. The Keeping Gallery exhibits her husbands work and her own.
I cannot describe to you how enthralled I was by her work. She showed us her life story which is done in a unique way (China took pictures) but if you go to the site go into the Gallery room. Here you will see pieces of her work on display with an explanation.
The apple room, well that shows apples from a fresh, ripe apple to a decayed apple all made out of fabric. Renate has no background in sewing she just did it...
Oh yes when you see her work close up, it is hand painted and hand sewn, inspiration came from objects she found that evoked memories - I am not good at explaining this but I so want you to share the experience I had.
I am going to return to spend time looking at her husband's work, this lady is 79 years old and so enthusiastic and inspirational.
That is my post for today, hope you have flash player on your computer because you so need it to experience her web site
Thanks again for dropping by xxx


MARKS 50th Present

(ooops the bottom image needs turning, will sort out later)
Just having a break from all the summer holiday preparations. As we haven't been to Spain since Christmas I am really looking forward to this holiday. So much to do, documents and papers, clothes and shoes, and not forgetting my crafting supplies.
I have decided this year to take some spectacles and spoons, journals with the necessary pens and pics to record. Books to read and lots of sun creams.
Jazz is going for a week at the start of the holiday and then back home before joining us again at the end of the holiday. Funny to think that he is working and has pre-season football training now, all grown up!
China is not impressed as he won't be in Spain for her Birthday, can you believe that a year has come and gone since she turned Sweet 16 - unbelievable. But time moves on as we all know.
The images in this post are of a boxed canvas photo frame that I made for my mate Sam's husband, Mark - the big 50 for him today. They are in Rome until tomorrow so I shall give it to him on Wednesday, hope he likes it!!! :)

I was so pleased to find a box of clock pieces when I went into town last week, and more so when I got them at a bargain price - the clock in the canvas was in the tin with all the pieces, result!

As I said busy, busy so I shall crack on now. Happy day to you wherever you are xxx


Wahoooooooo I made a sale

I cannot believe it but hey it is true... I was taking my pieces around to show Lorraine and on the way I met a lady called Penny. We got chatting, as we do - her dog is in love with my dog so of course they had to socialise for a while. Then she asked "what have you been up to" and I said well funny enough I was just going to show Lorraine some pieces I have made... so she asked to see and she loved the spoon and then when she saw the spectacle necklace - she was like, "ooh I want it..." so to cut a long story short and so I don't bore you, she accepted the price I suggested and there it was a done deal... I was soooooooooooo happy, boy what a fantastic feeling to know that someone has bought your stuff cos they love it, a right BUZZ! AND.... when she came around she said to me - you haven't charged enough for it, it is so unique so she gave me more than I expected THANK YOU PENNY for your faith in me xxxx
So my spectacle necklace is going to a new home and I am so PROUD!


Another Spoon

here is another spoon I have altered... this one has a metal fleur de lys and swavorski crystals added to it.
I showed my friend the 1st spoon I made and a friend of hers who was also visiting has asked me to create one for her... so you could say that is my 1st commissioned piece, how exciting is that!!!!

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I have to confess that my eyes are so puffy still from all the crying I did at the MJ Memorial, I thought it was beautiful. I know there are those in the press who think it was a bit OTT but I cannot agree with that sentiment. A fitting tribute to say Goodbye Michael you will be missed by me although you will live on forever through your music and the sentiments you expressed in your lyrics, if the world sat up and listened we could live in a better place - you have gone to a better place of that I am sure. xxx



The rain keeps coming in huge deluges, unbelievable! where is the summer!!! anyway to cheer myself up and in between housework I decided to create something. Saw this spoon sitting on the side, seemed to talk to me so I decided that was what I would do, create with that. I stuck on the stone angel image and covered with 3d crystal clear. Then I used Tim Holtz chain and added a cross, heart and ribbons and voila my necklace was done.
The wooden necklace was a cheapy I picked up thinking that I could personalise it and this is the result. Thought I would share it with you all, Thanks again for looking.
(just a reminder if you click on the images they will become larger)



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A few months ago I promised a little something created by me to the 1st 5 people to sign up for my P.I.F on Facebook and voila here are the pieces that will be going out to the 5 this week...
They are all ATC size wooden blocks, I love the way you can make the ATCs self standing doing them on wood blocks.
This 1st one is a gyspy theme - I know you would never have guessed right? ;). Basically a painted bg with images and I created a crystal ball with one of the Tim Holtz acrylic round tags, then I transferred an eye image on to it. The reverse has a 5 pence piece because we all know that you have to cross a gypsy's palm with silver for a reading...

This block I love, mainly because of the simplicity of the bg - can you believe that it was created with a napkin... fabulous! A little acrylic paint and a delightful PW girl and there you have it. I recently received lots of napkins as part of a swap (have I told you that before - if I have forgive my repetition lol) and they inspired me..

This one again has a napkin bg with paints added (told you there were so many styles) and a rusty star with the word wish - that's what stars are for huh, wishing on...

This block, well this block is for a special girl who has just graduated and loves keys - so this is a little gift just for her.

This again has a napkin bg, some stamping and an Eiffel Tower charm, simple but sweet I thought - never had Spring time in Paris but i can dream, dreams are good right!

And the last one, I don't know why but Lady Macbeth came to mind and I just had to use the piece where she is trying to wash out the spot of blood from her hand... I read Macbeth at school for my English Literature exam so maybe that is why it came to mind, who knows but I just went with it.

Happy to share these with you - Thanks for dropping by xxx


Napkins, Journals and a little boy

Ever had that feeling when you feel as if your life is about to be derailed and you question how you are going to deal with the crash when it happens. Well that has been my life for the last few months. But I am happy to report that everything is sorted and I now feel like I can exhale and live.
This post is to share with you delightful napkins I received as part of a Paper Whimsy swap. Amazing to think that there are soooooooooo many napkins out there in the big wide world. They work great in art work.

Then I picked up my pens - Coppic pens in this instance and drew this girl in my moleskine. I really want to improve my faces and this is my latest creation. I added napkins to and the John Miles classic "Music was my first love" was playing on the radio so I just added the words. Today was fun, as I felt re-born!

And this gorgeous little boy is the reason that I have been holding my breathe. Due to circumstances there was a possibility that he would have to live with our family for a time. I have been thinking about the changes the family would have had to make to bring him into the fold. Fortunately alls well and he will be staying home with his mummy.
I am happy about this, funny isn't it when you realise why you had your children when you were younger.Forgot what it was like to run around after a little one, how much time they take up in the day. With my children all being "grown up" and not reliant on me I was kinda dreading going back - don't get me wrong I would have done it, I could never have seen this little guy going into the care system... so now I can feel a weight of my shoulders, my head is clear and I can go back to doing me things.

I am happy to say I feel like I am back xxx