Stupid computer let me down

Couldn't post recently as my computer wouldn't play - mac wouldn't charge - anyway finally sorted it!!!

Since I last wrote I have had a wonderful lunch with my friend Sam and some other delightful girls,
and evening with Abba and Michael Jackson - really good tribute bands, Michael better than Abba.
It was an awful day weather wise so cold and it was in a park so not good - but you know what dancing helped keep me warm.

Then at my Tuesday night craft meet, which is now on a Thursday we started to make air dry clay dolls..
So much fun but not my best work but hey ho it's the process and the laughs which made it a worthwhile project

 My effort
 This belongs to Carol one of the other ladies
 Susanne created this one

and Jane who showed us how created these two... they need to be clothed now

I have also started on a PaperWhimsy swap which is due in August, have to create cakes and then on the reverse we have to make a pocket and add our favourite cake recipe. These are my 1st three of 11 that I have to do, intend to get them done before going to Spain.

I made this "home time" girl as my latest girl

I had an e mail today about being on the DT for a product, really excited to see what it is they want me to do - there is a 2 month trial period so when I know more I will share with you - really chuffed to face this challenge.

Other stuff going on include the garden getting whipped in to shape.

50 laurels planted and lots of other plants, it's starting to look good.
The ducklings are 2 weeks old now and have spent the last couple of days out of the duck house, following mummy and daddy duck around, amazing how much they have grown.

And finally - tonight is the last chance to leave a comment to be included in the draw, that will take place 1st July, which as we know is tomorrow - I am currently watching the Confederations Cup Final, Brazil v Spain and as it is on late it might get to midnight before I retire and if it does I will do the draw using random.org...so don't forget to leave a comment on this and other posts for June to increase your chance of winning...Good Luck


Zoo trip and Featured Artist and other bits and bobs.

The family and I went to Port Lympne zoo today. We went with our friend Steve and his girls. Not really the best day to go as the weather didn't co-operate but it was fun.
£26.95 entrance fee for 4 adults - didn't think we were going to see any animals at all but we did.

They obviously weren't in a good mood due to the showers - the gorillas were great to watch, the safari was good too. I would love to do a bit of glamping there - to wake up and look over the Kent countryside for miles and see the animals in the watering hole, that would be fun.
Check out on this link Port Lympne Elephant Lodge

Other news I am honoured to be, wait for it, THE FEATURED ARTISTon the blog of Lynne Suprock...how crazy is that, I am bemused that is says "artist" seems strange saying that in the context of me, but my friend Jane said to me that is what I am now. There are lots of wonderful things to read and learn on Lynnes blog - check it out, you won't regret it.

The picture below was one of the auction lots on Hope for Oklahoma organised by Heather Ales to raise funds for the people of Moore, it is a bracelet and ear-rings and a gift of the other necklace. It is absolutely beautiful, so glad I own it.

My friend Jane (not the one mentioned above but another one) came over to play in the Palace Boop a Doop yesterday and she brought me over a gift she made me, this pinny which if for my Art is You visit in October.
She proved she listens to me because it says "Art is...Life" this years theme, it has the heart and wings which is a logo on the website and in case I should forget - my name in appropriately gold lettering. I have to confess it brought tears to my eyes, I shall wear it with pride.

Another early birthday present came from my friend Ian in Alberquerque, NM. He so kindly made me this moon stone - my birth date - 20th July - was the day man landed on the moon, I remember watching it as an 8 year old. What a super duper considerate gift that I will treasure, I have some wonderful friends!

For dinner this evening I made Chilli Chicken, courtesy of Jenny and Aaron of Everyday is a holiday blog
Wow is all I can say, a scrumptious dinner, check it out and give it a whirl it is De-licious!!!

An update before I go on the ducklings, mummy and baby are doing well, growing and happy - so I am happy.
That's it for today

Take care and have fun wherever you are x


Ducklings Update

I missed out on posting yesterday, but there was major excitement and sadness too.
Mummy duck has her babies, 7 hatched yesterday, 2 yellow, 1 black and yellow and 4 black ones - I think they will go green.
Stuart and I went and bought a guinea pig hutch so they could have their own safe place away from the hens as we weren't sure how they would be with the babies - the hens were trying to get in to the house pretty much all day, so we erred on the side of safety.
Stuart was worried about the ducklings getting dehydrated so we put a little terracotta bowl, only about 1/2" deep with water and some duck crumbs for them. All seemed happy.
When China came home off course she wanted to see them so we went in to the pen where they are and she gasped because one of the ducklings had drowned in that little amount of water...who knew - so we were all really sad, replaced the dish with a flat lid of the fish food.. it's a learning curve for us so though we are sad we are hopeful that there will be no more losses. Think the other 4 eggs may not hatch.
It seems that the family wish to keep these ducklings - we shall see, 10 ducks is a lot!!

Stuart then took me out for dinner in the evening, we normally have Chinese on a Friday night but all the family were out so we decided to go out too. We went to my favourite place in terms of cuisine - I LOVE MEXICAN food, seriously LOVE it.
Had a couple of cocktails to accompany my meal

 started off with a scrummy Margarida
then a Pina Colada...mmm delicious.

Now you know why I didn't blog yesterday, think my spelling would have been a mess.

And today I received the item from the "Hope for Oklahoma" auction on Facebook  - the most beautiful necklace and earrings created by Lisa Wiktorek

the photo actually doesn't do them justice, they are the most amazing aqua green with bronze flecks in the beads - beautiful, and Lisa enclosed the free gift too - very generous, check out her shop by clicking on the link above (her full name)

A lovely way to start the day.
I then disappeared in to my studio today to finish a piece I had started yesterday.

This was created for those days when you look at a canvas, a page and your mind is blank - do you get those days? I do - so this is my blank canvas muse

She has a full blank canvas on an easel, pans of paint, paint brushes, tubes of paint, artist books, a sketch of mine that I did a while ago miniaturised on a moo card (they do come in handy)...so what do you think? 
She was actually a re-creation of a girl I did a while ago transferred on to canvas. So that was my fun time today

And finally I picked up 2 of my canvases today from the framers and they are hanging in my hall..unreal 

I think they have transferred really well on to canvas and I am so happy that they are hanging in my home - that is just the best for me.

Well that's it for today, going to read a bit more of Dan Brown's "Inferno"
till next time



Boy oh boy the weather here is more autumnal than Spring like..grey skies, heavy showers - roll on my Summer holiday to Spain in July.
With that in mind I took Stamford to the vets today to get his booster rabies jab, so he is ready for his trip to - he loves the drive down and then when he gets there he is in sunbathing heaven, if ever a dog was a sun worshipper, it's Stamford.

You are probably wondering why I called this post Paris in the Spring, well it is because my friend Francine recently got married and honeymooned there - so romantic.
So that was the inspiration for my latest muse - dreaming of Spring Time in Paris..

Here she is, I gave you a glimpse yesterday...

 The flowers are a gift from my friend Barbara they arrived who knows when but I found them this morning by the dustbin. They symbolise the Spring in Paris. Each has the name of a place in Paris on them. There are swarovski crystal decorations, the little plaque says I love Paris in the Spring and there is an Eiffel Tower. She has a swarovski crystal earring.

This is a close up of the head. To be fair I should have been patient and waited for the medium to dry fully on the flowers but I wanted to share. The tiles all have a swarovski crystal on them too.

Have a dear friend coming over for dinner this evening, hence the early posting so I am out of here

Just popped back to say my mummy duck has hatched 2 baby ducklings - 9 more to go, so excited, she is very protective and all I can hear is their little cheep cheep noises from under her wings. Will let you know if any more hatch...

Till next time Bye



A quiet day for me on the whole, mainly spent doing.....HOUSEWORK!!! FUN TIMES or what. Clouds were grey so I thought I would get the business of cleaning out of the way and see where the day took me.

This morning I spoke to the lady who bid on the auction piece and when I heard why she bought it I was very touched - it went to the right home.
I would tell you but wouldn't without her say so, it's nothing terrible, just that she told me and I was touched..

Macaroni cheese for dinner, easy and quick, family watching "Banshee" on Catchup so I headed out to my room..yay!
When I get in my room before I start creating I pick up my iPod and decide what music I will be listening to.
This evening it was a 70s mix - started of with "Stone Love" Diana Ross, love this tune, it lifts me...
What do you like to listen to when you are creating?

And here I give you a sneak preview of my latest piece...I am only showing a hint as she is a work in progress, and I did promise to blog.

So Thanks for visiting - off to watch "Revolution" now..till next time, take care and have fun out there


Busy day today

So I took my canvases to the Gallery and framers. The gentleman in the gallery said that he would put them on to a wood frame. He was asking if they were a photo of something I had seen and I said nope, all my own work - I then got the originals of the Journal, Unlock my heart and Diamonds out to show him.
He was actually blown away, he said that he had never seen anything like them before. Me standing there blushing as he was gushing...
He advised me that the A2 canvas prints should be sold for (in his experience) £200 - £250 and wait for  this, the originals as they are so unique for £400- £500 each, how mental is that.

He then said that he would have the canvases in his Gallery once he had some space, probably towards the end of Summer - but also said see if I could get them shown anywhere else meantime as he thought I should be sharing my art.

As for the originals he did suggest that I contact Galleries in London as he was sure they would be interested as they were always looking out for different and unique work.

That made me feel so good - and now I have to research to see what type of galleries take mixed media art.
I am also waiting for giclee proofs to come for my muses - they will be A4 size, will let you know when I see them and what price I can do prints for...

So all in all a good day.
Tuesday night is normally Loose and Crafty night but we have changed it to a Thursday now so a quiet night in for me tonight.

Not much more to say except don't forget to leave a comment if you want an extra chance in the giveaway draw I am having  to be drawn on 1st July

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing have fun and smile xxx


Another Muse

The sun disappeared again today, shouldn't be surprised this is England after all. So Stuart and I did some tidying up around the garden, mainly outside the gates, lots of leaves etc. there so thought we need to jet wash it down. Once that was done it was time to PLAY.

Headed in to the Palace Boop a Doop to work on a girl I had sketched on to a board.
Once I again I used Pan Pastels, maybe I will get brave enough to use my acrylic paints again soon - but for now loving the Pan Pastels.

 Whilst I was colouring her I got it in mind that she was wondering about love and who would unlock her heart. So she has hearts, padlocks and keys as she wonders who and how long it will be before love comes her way.
The frill is a bit of vintage lace to create her gown.

Now in my previous post I mentioned I was going to have a GIVEAWAY... and this is the prize for the winner.

What is it? Well it is a frame with some moo cards of a selection of my girls. How do you win?
Well it's simple really - to encourage me to keep on blogging I will pick a winner on the 1st July, Princess Diana's Birthday.
To qualify you only have to comment on my blog posts - if you comment on 1 post you will get one entry in to the draw, if you enter twice then 2 entries, you get the picture - each time you comment on a blog post you will get an entry - simple.
The comment has to be on the actual post and I will need an e mail address to contact you if you are the winner, it's not a big prize but I am hoping it keeps me blogging.
You do not need to have a blog to enter, you can enter using the Anonymous option but if you do don't forget to leave your name on the comment.

So Thanks for coming back to visit, till next time


Happy Days

Since my last post I mentioned on Facebook that I had had an amazing day- that was on Thursday. I have been buzzing since then, feeling really happy and amazed really. I will tell you why, but first...some news on my chooks.
I thought that 2 of them had been eaten or something as I heard noise from over in the chicken/duck run.
Went to investigate and couldn't believe it when I saw only 1 chook hiding in the hen house and the ducks making so much noise... My heart skipped a beat, I started looking all around the garden, in the woods behind our garage, round by the Palace Boop a Doop, well everywhere.
I had such a sweat on. Then Jazz arrived home, he helped me look, we were looking over the fence, quietly listening and starting to believe that they had departed. The one remaining chook looked so sad and was standing on top of the hen house shouting out for her buddies. Stuart and China arrived home and were sad that the chooks were missing. There had been a sparrow hawk in the area for the last few days, wondered if it spooked them enough for them to jump on tree in the run and then on to fence.. who knows, so we put some net up to keep the remaining chook safe.
Jazz had one last look and FOUND THEM!!!!! hiding under a bunch of nettles right in the corner of the woods - so HAPPY TIMES! That was a happy event.
As I started of this post I mentioned that I was happy...
Let me tell you why

So I took photos of my art and the originals to the printers to see if they could be scanned and printed.
The printer was actually blown away by my pieces, seriously, unbelievable.
He asked me to leave it with him and he would print them so I could check them out, I asked for A4 size.
I then got a call from him to say that he had printed one and would I like to come and see it, so I scooted back to the printers.
When I walked through the door, there was my "Sewing Muse" in A2 size hanging on a string line, I have to confess I gasped to see her so big and to see how much detail could be seen on the print.
I mentioned that I asked for A4 and he said that he wanted me to see it BIG! So he printed it big.
We were chatting about it when I women came in just as he was showing me an A4 glossy print of my "Journal Muse" (the one with the pen nibs) I was just saying that I didn't want glossy prints, the women who came in saw it and started gushing over it and asking if it was for sale, so I just said "oh give me £15 for it" well I have never seen anyone get money out of their purse so fast. That was a buzz.

But there is more... (hope you are still with me lol)
So Myles (the printer) said he would do the other Muses, "No Time", and "Diamonds are Forever" and would give me a call when they were done.
I have to say they look amazing but the amazing thing is what Myles did for me next, he phoned the person who does the frames for his canvases and introduced me to him over the phone. He told Chris that I was his assistant so would be bringing canvases for framing and should get "Myles rates" that was a sweet thing for him to do.
On top of that he mentioned that Chris might be interested in my work to put in his Gallery once he sees it...so I have to take them to Chris next week and see what happens, so I have to confess to being amazed and happy.
BUT and there is a but the reason I was SO HAPPY was that Stuart my husband said about the large "Sewing Muse" we will have to hang that in our home - I am happy about this as this will be the 1st picture of mine that will be hanging in our home, don't get me wrong, Stuart and the family comment on my art and don't get it so this is a PLUS...

I will keep you posted on how I go at the Gallery, if you get this far then THANK YOU for taking the time to read my post, I feel blessed and BELIEVE in me.
Karma is a wonderful thing, helping those in Oklahoma, has helped me to BELIEVE - fabulous
That's it for now

I have a giveway coming up soon, will let you know what and when


Tuesday Crafting

Tuesdays I meet with friends at the Fairy Garden Studio - which belongs to my friend Jane, there are a group of us Loose Crafty Women, the other being Suzanne and Carol. Anyway each school term Jane picks a topic for us to do - this half term it is making dolls, different types.
What a laugh we had last night, and as you know I don't like sewing but I gave it a go and this is what I came up with - don't laugh, well do if you want, I am

We had to design the pattern, then sew and stuff - she is a bit of fun.

Also I have some news on my "Sewing Girl" from previous post - she has been SOLD and is going to live in the U.S.A.....so thrilled!!!
I also went to the printers locally to see about getting my girls printed for those who want them, this is a first for me and I am so delighted that people out there want them.

When I did the "No Time" girl I had it in mind to do other girls hence the "Journal Girl" and the "Sewing Girl", well here I am sharing my newest girl, she is 10" x 10" and her thoughts are "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend"

Lots of bling on this girl, look forward to hearing what you think.
True to my word I have blogged again, that's it for now, Thanks for dropping by


Back again..

2 days in a row, here I am blogging again...
So today the sun was shining, lifts me immensely but the wind was so cold, so good and bad with the weather. I love the sun and hope that we have a few days of it not the usual one and it's gone...fingers crossed.

So last post yesterday I mentioned that I had been creating in the "Palace", normally I post what I create to Facebook as most of us do these days...one of the reasons I haven't blogged for so long I suppose. I digress, back to working in the "Palace"...as I say I normally post to Facebook but today I am blogging about my latest creation - because call me silly but since the reception my "No Time" piece got in the auction (previous post) I feel pressured to live up to that.
I do my art in my lovely Palace just for the thrill of it, no thought to how others might receive it, look at it, I just do it..and then "No Time" was such a surprising success and so I am scared to put my newest pieces on Facebook.
Now being a coward and knowing I haven't been blogging for a while it is easier to post it here as I cant imagine that many people pass this way now..so here goes nothing.

This 1st girl is Journal Muse - just love the written word, hence the inspiration for this girl.

 The 2nd girl reflects my "obsession" for want of another word for sewing. It is the part of me that so badly wants to feel comfortable around a needle and thread, a sewing machine - who fervently wishes that she could take a piece of fabric and zig and zag, sew and stitch to create...BUT for me it just doesnt happen.
I have this mental block - and so I just dream about achieving it. In the meantime I love to pick up
sewing ephemera, I collect it like a magpie - and as I was in my room I just wanted to create her, and here she is.
So for all you who do create with fabric I envy you your abilities... I must make it a goal to overcome it, after all I made drawing faces a goal and have come a long way from when I started.

For now my Sewing Muse will have to be enough for me..

That's it for today, short and sweet but another day blogging
Thanks for dropping by.


Time to draw a line under my absence and blog again

I have to confess I have missed writing in my blog, every morning I think "today is the day" when I shall start up again, another day comes and goes and hey ho I haven't done what I intended.
BUT TODAY IS THE DAY... here I am ready to rock and roll again.

So much has happened that I could have blogged about and haven't a wonderful trip to New York with my daughter China over Thanksgiving last year was one of the highlights.

Being asked to do a workshop at Art Is You in Stamford, CT in October. That was a surprise and an honour to be asked.

I have found that I like  LOVE Pan Pastels - I feel that I achieve so much more when using them to create my girls

as much as I love doing them I wanted to do more with them, take them a bit further.
So I created this piece on a 10 x 10 canvas (below)

Then the tornadoes in Oklahoma happened and Heather Ales set up a facebook page "Hope for Oklahoma" with the idea that artists donated pieces to auction to raise funds to help the people there at this dire time. I put this piece up with the idea that every little helps.
Imagine my surprise when the bidding started and throughout the week it went up and up  - the grand sum was raised by this piece was $265. I am so Thankful that my piece was welcomed and that it managed to raise such a wonderful sum to help those in OK....

The feedback/comments have been amazing and I am looking to see about getting prints available for this piece as so many were interested in one.

I have bee back in my art room - Palace Boop a Doop creating again - my muse is talking - come back tomorrow and see what I created... this post was about breaking the cycle of not posting - it is done now and I shall do what I can to continue, and I have something to giveaway soon...Watch this space, Thanks for dropping by



Wow May already

So much has been going on, around the house and art wise that the time has zipped by.

So the pond is nearly done, pictures soon. Stuart and Del are working on boarding out his garage so he is a happy bunny. China bought the furniture for her bedroom and it looks beautiful, she is just waiting for a super king size mattress for her bed then I will share photos.

I hate to be boring but I have been creating more faces, I write about them here and post them so that when I create my book with blog2print I will have a record of them in book form, so here goes my latest creations since my last post.

 This one is a portrait of Barb Rogers, I sent it to her so it now lives in the States.

 My sister Caroline loved this one so I sent it to her as a gift.
 This one was sent to a lovely lady to cheer her up.
 This one showed me getting braver with shading, and I was pleased with the results, it changes the picture with more shading.
 This one is a favourite of mine, why? because I did a happy dance with how her hand just worked.
 Another Pan pastel piece and on this one I stencilled the flowers with the pastels on her dress.
And as the Bluebells were abundant in the woods I decided I needed to do a Bluebell picture.

I am loving Pan Pastels, I get so much pleasure from using them, my poor paints, pencils are feeling neglected..hey ho no doubt I will get them out again soon.

I have so much catching up to do - really must write more, tomorrow is another day, gotta get out here as Real Madrid are playing Athletico Bilbao and if they win then they will be Spanish League Champions - so Ciao x


Gardening and ArtP

Phew better catch up with my blog. I have been A.W.O.L. as I have been busy doing mainly gardening! Oh my days I can't believe that I wrote that, I have never been a gardener lol, but Stuart and I are working together on getting the garden together.
What a thrill going and choosing plants to transform the garden and me planting veg - I would never have believed I would be writing that...

Planter for Jasmine plants which will hopefully grow up my balcony.

Jasmine Plants

Palm and flower for garden
Tomatoes, Cucumber and Peppers in this bed

Onions planted here too

Peas, carrots and beetroot in this bed

Stuart has always loved these trees, this variety is called "Susan".

Unchain my Heart - using doodling on painting.

More doodling to transform picture

Doodled a net just for fun.

Pan Pastel girl

Created this girl, wanted it to look as if she was behind net, waiting for a date.
Asked on Facebook if that had been achieved...responses indicated that it was not apparent
that there was a net, the challenge was to change that.

So rubbed off most of the pastel colour to push the girl back.
I then stencilled through mesh with fresco paint and it gave it a semblance of the effect.
This is something I will come back to and try again with a different girl.

Pan Pastel girl

Close up - I have to confess I was rather proud of this girl..
So that is an update on what I have been up to. I really have other stuff to share but I will do that in a post tomorrow as I like to break things up so as not to get boring.
Thanks for visiting, till next time have fun and enjoy life.