Busy day today

So I took my canvases to the Gallery and framers. The gentleman in the gallery said that he would put them on to a wood frame. He was asking if they were a photo of something I had seen and I said nope, all my own work - I then got the originals of the Journal, Unlock my heart and Diamonds out to show him.
He was actually blown away, he said that he had never seen anything like them before. Me standing there blushing as he was gushing...
He advised me that the A2 canvas prints should be sold for (in his experience) £200 - £250 and wait for  this, the originals as they are so unique for £400- £500 each, how mental is that.

He then said that he would have the canvases in his Gallery once he had some space, probably towards the end of Summer - but also said see if I could get them shown anywhere else meantime as he thought I should be sharing my art.

As for the originals he did suggest that I contact Galleries in London as he was sure they would be interested as they were always looking out for different and unique work.

That made me feel so good - and now I have to research to see what type of galleries take mixed media art.
I am also waiting for giclee proofs to come for my muses - they will be A4 size, will let you know when I see them and what price I can do prints for...

So all in all a good day.
Tuesday night is normally Loose and Crafty night but we have changed it to a Thursday now so a quiet night in for me tonight.

Not much more to say except don't forget to leave a comment if you want an extra chance in the giveaway draw I am having  to be drawn on 1st July

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing have fun and smile xxx


Sandie said...

Yay for you!!! Told you that your art is worth more than you valued it! It is wonderful watching you sprout your wings and fly! Good luck with your London Gallery venture - so excited for you xx

Anonymous said...

You ARE having a good week..........what a wonderful post!!!
And I knew you when..........:)

Love you girl. Hearty congrats!


Barbara said...

I'm so very excited for you!!!! Congrats!!!!

fiona f said...

So pleased for you xxx

Wabbit said...

Wowsers, Dawn! That is awesome! I am so thrilled for you! Words just seem inadequate. Well done!
- Marilyn

Anonymous said...

You know how I feel about your work already, so this post is just for another chance to win the giveaway. Crossing my fingers; never won a FB giveaway! Good luck at the galleries! - Ian

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm blown away. So happy you're getting professional advice. I feel very lucky knowing I've got an original. I wouldn't be able to afford it once your work gets known :). Very happy for you.

Suzanne Louise said...

I am awe-struck! And we thought the Hope for OK auction price came in high! Little did we realise that your work is worth even more. I'm so proud of you!