Time to draw a line under my absence and blog again

I have to confess I have missed writing in my blog, every morning I think "today is the day" when I shall start up again, another day comes and goes and hey ho I haven't done what I intended.
BUT TODAY IS THE DAY... here I am ready to rock and roll again.

So much has happened that I could have blogged about and haven't a wonderful trip to New York with my daughter China over Thanksgiving last year was one of the highlights.

Being asked to do a workshop at Art Is You in Stamford, CT in October. That was a surprise and an honour to be asked.

I have found that I like  LOVE Pan Pastels - I feel that I achieve so much more when using them to create my girls

as much as I love doing them I wanted to do more with them, take them a bit further.
So I created this piece on a 10 x 10 canvas (below)

Then the tornadoes in Oklahoma happened and Heather Ales set up a facebook page "Hope for Oklahoma" with the idea that artists donated pieces to auction to raise funds to help the people there at this dire time. I put this piece up with the idea that every little helps.
Imagine my surprise when the bidding started and throughout the week it went up and up  - the grand sum was raised by this piece was $265. I am so Thankful that my piece was welcomed and that it managed to raise such a wonderful sum to help those in OK....

The feedback/comments have been amazing and I am looking to see about getting prints available for this piece as so many were interested in one.

I have bee back in my art room - Palace Boop a Doop creating again - my muse is talking - come back tomorrow and see what I created... this post was about breaking the cycle of not posting - it is done now and I shall do what I can to continue, and I have something to giveaway soon...Watch this space, Thanks for dropping by



Sandie said...

It's good you broke the cycle of not blogging, Dawn. You have so much to share, but I do understand where you are coming from. I too have been absent from my blog. So many things I mean to write about and don't. Always another excuse, reason, delay. I will take a leaf out of your book and post this week!
I know I have already said it, but again - big congratulations on taking part in the auction and for reaching such an amazing target for your girl. The comments you received show that people love your work - I'm sure this is just the start of an amazing adventure!

Peggy Parker said...

Call me foolish = DROOL!