Another Muse

The sun disappeared again today, shouldn't be surprised this is England after all. So Stuart and I did some tidying up around the garden, mainly outside the gates, lots of leaves etc. there so thought we need to jet wash it down. Once that was done it was time to PLAY.

Headed in to the Palace Boop a Doop to work on a girl I had sketched on to a board.
Once I again I used Pan Pastels, maybe I will get brave enough to use my acrylic paints again soon - but for now loving the Pan Pastels.

 Whilst I was colouring her I got it in mind that she was wondering about love and who would unlock her heart. So she has hearts, padlocks and keys as she wonders who and how long it will be before love comes her way.
The frill is a bit of vintage lace to create her gown.

Now in my previous post I mentioned I was going to have a GIVEAWAY... and this is the prize for the winner.

What is it? Well it is a frame with some moo cards of a selection of my girls. How do you win?
Well it's simple really - to encourage me to keep on blogging I will pick a winner on the 1st July, Princess Diana's Birthday.
To qualify you only have to comment on my blog posts - if you comment on 1 post you will get one entry in to the draw, if you enter twice then 2 entries, you get the picture - each time you comment on a blog post you will get an entry - simple.
The comment has to be on the actual post and I will need an e mail address to contact you if you are the winner, it's not a big prize but I am hoping it keeps me blogging.
You do not need to have a blog to enter, you can enter using the Anonymous option but if you do don't forget to leave your name on the comment.

So Thanks for coming back to visit, till next time


Anonymous said...

She's lovely.I've never been one to follow blogs, but I'm enjoying your updates. Please keep it going. Thanks.
Jen Morgan

Aleta said...

I enjoy reading your blog posts! You know I love your "girls" and I love your new piece - with the hearts and keys. I do believe you are the queen of pan pastels!

Sandie said...

I love seeing your family of girl faces, Dawn! This one has such vivid blue eyes - your different hair embellishments are truly inspirational and tell a story in themselves. Loving your work and your posts - keep them coming please!

Marlene ~ mIzZ (hONeY) bEe said...

Dawn ...I love the series of gals that you're creating... this gal her eyes are like the sky & the ocean put together love the thought of her unlocking her heART to find her true love... true love... have a honey of a night ~ mIzZ bEe ;O) xox

Karen said...

Love reading your blogs and seeing your creations, which are always fantastic Dawn and definately an inspiration xx

Anonymous said...

My Dawn, I think the new direction you have taken with your girls is absolutely outstanding, unique and original. I view it as putting a thought, feeling or emotion into a landscape which just happens to be the human head. The possibilities are endless and I look forward to each new piece, hoping to see a self-portrait in this style! So proud of you. - Your Ian