My muse stayed on holiday

but I am getting back in the groove now. (Picture further down in post of recent work)
I know I haven't been posting and that is mainly because I have not had much in the way of art to post about but hey I have been doing other things.
I have been doing more of Family History research which has been fun due to the 1911 Census being on line. I have been helping Lorraine start hers too, so not wasting time.
I have read some wonderful books, I love to read and had neglected it for a while so that has been good for me. I am currently reading "New York" by Edward Rutherford and I am totally in love with this giant of a book.

I was fortunate to receive some wonderful gifts in the post from Barbara and from my Secret Sister, Leslie Anderson in a Paper Whimsy swap. I will be posting pics to my flickr when I get the chance, but Thanks girls.

Stuart started another branch of his business, and touch wood it is going well. Jazz is running the original Gold Motors and doing a good job of it.
China is progressing with her driving lessons, she passed the theory so just needs to take test when she is ready.
The goal posts are shifting for me, my role as a mum is changing and that is taking some getting used to.
Dwain my eldest continues to lead a rich life, but it saddens me that he is not so involved with the family, not down to him, but due to the fact that there is a major rift between him and Stuart - I feel so bad about all of this and even though it has been this way for years doesn't make it any easier to accept. The future may have the answers, I honestly don't know but live in hope

And yesterday I created this - I took the plunge and painted the face instead of just leaving it sketched, it felt good - what do you think?

I need to organise my day and see what to do today
THANKS for dropping by MWAH XXXX