PAPER ROSES and more

Hello, nice to see you back again. I have managed to get some creativity going on today. It has been difficult the last week or so, Stuart had a rough weekend so not really fair to disappear into my craft room when he needed some TLC.
Then I was totally devastated to visit one of my regular blogs and read that Renee the blog owner is in a really bad way, her daughter posted to her mum's blog and I am so saddened to realise that it looks as if Renee is living on borrowed time. She has had breast cancer for years but now it has spread to other parts of her body, I don't want to say more as it just moves me to tears. Renee is always on my mind, she has the most amazing spirit and is such a fighter.... sending Love xxxx
I actually "met" Renee last year when she won my OWOH prize and our online friendship grew from there.

Talking of OWOH I was fortunate to win this year... this beautiful tag, behind glass and metal embossed on the back, Nicks is the clever girl who created it

the hearts either side are a couple of wall hangings picked up in town, one I bought myself, the other from my friend Natalie - perfect for displaying ATC's.

I have another prize to come from Catie Ann will post pics when it arrives, so exciting and I won some beautiful digital images from Dorcas x

This next picture shows two wood boxes created by Lisa Jurist, saw these when I visited for OWOH and had to have them - my friend Lorraine also loved them and purchased one of her other works...

and then today... I had a go making Grunge Paper Roses with Gabby. There was an article in Craft Stamper magazine so Gabby brought it over and we created a rose each. Now here's a funny thing; I got my Grunge paper when it first came out, Gabby bought hers recently. The funny thing is the thickness of the paper. My was a lot thicker, Gabby's thinner and easier to bend over the petals.

In the photos mine is the one with the more "open" centre. The larger rose I created by drawing a six petal flower onto the grunge paper (instead of using a stamp) and to be fair I am really pleased with the outcome.
Tim Holtz's new book "A Compendium of Curiosities" is sitting on my shelf and I have to say that if you get the chance, grab yourself a copy it is a really informative book, whether an "expert" or a novice.
So that is it for this post, I have a couple of projects at WIP stages and look forward to sharing them with you.
Take care, and don't forget to tell those you love exactly that.... I love you xxx



That's how I have been this week. I have followed my kids with the dreaded Norvirus. OMG I would not wish this on my worst enemy. I cannot believe how much it has knocked me for six.
I was supposed to go to the hospital for blood tests to see why I had low blood pressure but unfortunately have not made it yet due to the sickness and diarrhoea. No point inflicting it on others, Stuart has been home 2 days now with it, hopefully that is it for this family!

I have managed to see some of the Olympics from the comfort of the sofa and must admit to enjoying it immensely.
I had sketched out a canvas to work on but have not felt up to painting it even though I am itching too. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.
China is in Switzerland now, gone to visit friends that we know from Spain there until Tuesday. I am so glad that she has the confidence to get on and go see the world while she can, just hope she stays safe skiing as she is so clumsy.
I am looking forward to tomorrow as I am going to see my mummy, she is over on a flying visit from Ireland so it will be lovely to catch up.

Other news, I won a couple of wonderful items in the OWOH event, I will post pics as they arrive (one is here already but not up to photos) gorgeous it is though, I am sure you will agree when you see it....

That is it for this post, short and sweet but just wanted to say Hi...


OWOH Winners

So the time has come to announce the ONE WORLD, ONE HEART Winners. I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone, all 213 of you who dropped by on the Magic Carpet and a HUGE THANK YOU to Lisa for organising this spectacular event.
I used Random.Org to choose the winners and tried to take a photo of the screen but it didn't come out well due to the flash. That said I am proud to say that the 1st prize

of this canvas goes to......... VIOLA she was Number 8. CONGRATULATIONS VIOLA.

The 2nd prize...

was the Number 183 and the winner was PEGGY ALBORN So CONGRATULATIONS to you too Peggy.

I have 5 other lucky dip winners too, each will receive a little package from me.
They are ArtseyAnne, Robbin B, Mila, Nerissa Alford and Tamerie Shriver... just a little something to say Thanks for entering, it will be a surprise for the recipients xxx

The Magic Carpet Journey will continue for me, there were so many blogs to visit that I didn't get to them all in time for the Giveaways but I still want to visit them all as it is a great way to discover new artists, new friends.
Who knows what the mode of transport will be next year, but whatever it is I for one will be hopping on board.
Once again THANK YOU everyone
Love Ya xxxx


Here it is the chance to hop on board the OWOH MAGIC CARPET and journey to all the participating blogs in this years spectacular event.
Who knows where the journey will take you, what new friends you will meet - but the ride will be so worth it.
If you let your mouse hover over the title you will be whisked away to discover the blogs joining the party....and learn all about the WONDERFUL LISA!

Now here it is,

this is what I am gving as my magical gift for those who find their magic carpet bringing them here...
an 8 x 8" deep sided canvas showing a Dreamer of Dreams, she is probably dreaming of Arabian nights and Magic Carpets ...
I hope you enjoy what you see here on my blog, I hope your first visit (if it is) will be one of many, I have met some amazing people here on blogland and they visit me regularly too and that is such a thrill.
So if you wish to be in the draw for my offering leave a comment... you do not need to have a blog but you must leave an e mail for me to contact you if you are the winner. THE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON 15th FEB 2010. If I get a lot of visitors I shall add more prizes, so watch this space....
and hey if you scroll to the bottom of my page there is a Guestbook - now if you could sign it that would be wonderful.

I promised another giveaway if I got over 100 visitors so here it is a little folding wood arch. hand painted girl, rusty house and some words. Edge decorated with ferro paint and ric rac and the flip side has embossed metal...
If I make it to 200 then there will be another addition to the giveaway.



And now for something different...

well for me in a while... as followers know I have been busy doing faces. I signed up for a Tryptich swap on Paper Whimsy and here is what I created, it was great to do this, can't wait to see who my swap partner is going to be.

The back has some card stuck on to the tag and some leather look ribbon.Plain and simple, like me :-) And then we move on to the front.

The inspiration for my tryptich came as a result of a frame I bought for my Natural Beauty painting (in earlier blog write up), the frame is a deep oak one and I got it for a song from a Charity shop. The picture in the frame was called "The School Room" and I thought "That is it, I need to use that picture" I have a penchant for schools, read my blog you will know this lol.... I hanker after school days, I LOVED school, I loved the Little House on the Prairie and the little school. I loved Boarding school and have fond memories of it, so maybe that is why I am drawn to this subject matter.

So here it is - Apart from using the aforementioned picture I used a PW girl and some Prima flowers I bought from the PW shop.
Also on this piece are items cut from a Navel Jelly Studio Collage sheet called the Crayon Box. Some glitter was added to lift the piece,some Tim Holtz tag elements and ta dah the end result! CLICKING ON THE IMAGES ENLARGES TO SEE MORE DETAIL

Not sure how much creativity is going to be done by little ol' me as the Winter Olympics are on for the next fortnight, I love it. Not being a person who will ever going skiing I do admire those who find their calling in participating in Winter Sports. Sadly one of the athletes from Georgia died in a training run yesterday, heart goes out to his family....

OWOH ends tomorrow... Winner announced on my blog on Monday, Good Luck to all who entered and if you haven't done so already there is still time....
Love ya, Thanks for dropping by xxx


Dreaming of Spring

I created this in my moleskine, a practise session again... what with the cold weather I wanted some Spring in my life and I have come to realise that I love to put flowers in my work.
Some of the flowers, sure you can see which ones are hand painted and the others are stickers which I covered with matt medium to tone down the shine (a tip picked up from Suzi Blu)...I liked the way her hair turned out too... I normally try to avoid hair but need to bite the bullet and go for it more!
All that I need to do to it to finish it is to find an appropriate poem or words and then I will be happy.
So take care and once again, Thanks for visiting - Love Ya!


Valentine Gifts

I just love it when the postman delivers mail that is not bills or junk - but wonderful goodies from across the pond.
I was lucky enough to be invited to participate with 13 other ladies in a swap hosted by Barbara Burkard and here are the delightful goodies I received. I was fortunate enough to find this bird cage at the weekend in a local florist for £15 (a bargain don't you think?) and thought it would be perfect to showcase the lovely art. The Betty Boop was courtesy of my "mom" Linda East she sent me it before Christmas and it was supposed to adorn my tree but alas as you may well know we didn't make it to Spain - never mind I can look at in hanging in my art room xxx
So a BIG THANK YOU to Barbara, Mija, Tamara, Angie, Catie, Heather R, Sanna, Paula,Sandee, Martha, Theresa, Peggy, and Cheri.

then I received this delightful card, atc and earrings from Karriann Elkins as a THANK YOU for a spoon pendant I sent her as part of a blog giveaway I had - so sweet, Love them.

Then the postman brought me a card from Carol Stocker, I wanted to share this from an e mail Carol sent out...

Hot Shops is an Art Center near downtown Omaha. It's a really cool old warehouse that houses 80 artist studios and four galleries. One of the gals I got to know through SJ Designs decided to host an art challenge and invited me to participate. I submitted a 16" x 20" canvas and it was selected by the jury to be one of the pieces that would be shown during the month of February. :-)

The Gallery Open House is this Friday night from 6-9 pm and I can't wait to see all the other pieces. Cross your fingers that sometime during the month my canvas sells! I would sure hate to have it left hanging there when all the other pieces are gone! lol

Anyway, here is a link to the challenge info. CLICK HERE
and attached is my submission along with a copy of the invitation and note that the sponsor wrote to me.

I'm looking forward to seeing my art on the gallery wall and honored to be included!

Carol is very talented and she was the very 1st person I ever did a swap with on the internet... I am so pleased for her xxx WELL DONE CAROL xxx

I'll try to get some photos of the event. xoxo Carol

Before I go I just had to share the wonderful step ladder shelves I bought in the same florists that I purchased the Bird cage, I fell in love with this but as it had plants on I didn't realise it was for sale at first, then when I saw the ticket and the bargain price (I LOVE a bargain) I just had to have it; funny thing is, now that Jazz and China are working and have to give me "housekeeping" I have disposable income that is all mine, and these two purchases were bought using that money... whoop whoop, there is an upside to the kids growing up

The ladder has 4 shelves and is just so perfect.... now that is it for this post, I hope you stayed with it and didn't drop off lol, I have been busy blog hopping so have neglected to post myself and this is a catch up xxx
Take care, Love Ya xxxx


Self Portrait

I had a bit of "fun" last night drawing myself! OMG have you ever tried to do this? I had the mirror and thought "What the heck just do it" so I did.
It is really hard to do yourself, well I found it was but I wanted to be accurate and it was a challenge.
The hair I am going to work on as I am not happy with it but to be honest it wasn't down, it was tied back so I drew it quickly as I knew how I looked like with it down... does that make sense?
I now want to do a painted version and possibly a color pencil one too.
Other works in progress as we speak but unfortunately got to go to shops etc. today and then out for dinner tonight (the out for dinner bit is good, no cooking).
Still taking time out everyday for OWOH, no way am I going to visit everyone in the limited time, but at least the links stay up after the date.
Once again Thanks for looking, need to grab a bite to eat as my tummy is rumbling!
Till next time, take care and enjoy your day xxxxxxxxx


New Piece

So I signed up for the Suzi Blu class to learn a new way of doing faces. I was excited to use Prisma pencils for the 1st time. They are lovely to use and I had fun creating this piece.
The BG was done using another supply for the 1st time, Shiva paint sticks. Anyway from this humble beginning with the pencil and with the tutelage of Suzi I hope to be able to create more using pencils.

And I just had to share this piece of art, No it wasn't created by me (wish it was) it is entitled "Natural Beauty" and is the work of Dyanne Parker in Florida. I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her and had to have her.This is an oil done on board.
The funny thing is though that I originally purchased another painting which I can't share with you now as it is for China as part of her 18th celebrations in August. Then I saw this Natural Beauty and kept going away and coming back to her, and hey, she had to be mine. She makes me smile everytime I look at her, and that is about a hundred times a day! so I am a truly happy bunny!
The OWOH event continues at a pace...it has passed last years 911 participants and currently stands at 935.
I am making a second giveaway at the moment as I have had over 100 comments left on my piece...AMAZING!
Don't forget if you want to have a chance to win leave a comment on the OWOH post which will stay at the top of my blog until the end of the Event xxx
Thanks for dropping by... xxxx