Relations through the post and on the net

Since I last blogged I have joined Facebook - much to the chagrin I think of my oldest son who thinks it is "a young persons" domain (his thoughts not mine).
I typed in the name HORNIGOLD for a random search and came across a number of people with this surname. Why my interest in this name you may ask, well prior to my father in law shortening the family name they went by the name of HORNIGOLD - hence the reason for the random search.
I received through the post a letter and copy of tree from a Ken HORNAGOLD (slight variation of spelling but name still relevant on the tree I have compiled) so I shall collate the info and then share with him what I have.
So apart from crafting genealogy is my other fave thing to keep me out of trouble.

I have spent a fair amount of time reading other peoples blogs, I find it addictive and love to read and see what other people create in their blogs - a wonderful thing.

I have been in and out of my craft room doing bits and pieces it is time consuming to say the least but in a fun way - far better than housework!!

I had a delivery from Artchix Studio which was really exciting and I am waiting for some stuff to come from a website called NavelJellyStudio - strange name but lovely stuff. Oh and I had some grab bags come with a wonderful selection of um rubber stamps.

Counting down to the 6 weeks hols which we spend in Spain, really, really excited about that! especially now as I have started to put my craft room together down there. Still gotta have fun when the family are doing their jetskiing, going to theme parks etc. mummy has to have her release too.

Tomorrow is another day and I seriously want to get stuck in to the book so that it is a fait accompli before I go away.


Which European City do you belong in?

Here is a fun quiz -answer questions and get an answer....

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Sneak Preview of My Wedding Book

Here is a sneak preview of one of the layouts for the "Wedding Guest Book" I am in the process of making. I am so pleased with this, hence the reason for sharing :-)
The idea for the book is that the guests at the wedding sign the tags etc. that are incorporated within the pages. I am aiming to give the bride in particular a book to treasure of the day that is far from the usual mundane wedding guest books.
It is time consuming but fun and I know that I would love to have had something like this on my wedding day. There are various pages, none the same so I can really go for it with this.
Anyway, glad to share this with you
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Arghh! is how I am feeling this evening; I spent the day totally doing gardening and I am sure suffering now! So this entry will be short, I will endeavour to do more tomorrow.

Continuing this entry.
I managed to have a little play around with my aluminium tape this evening, not a lot of brain cell activity required so perfect for chillin'

This should add a little dimension to the "Wedding Guest" book if I decide to use it.

It was fun adding the sakura pens to give the pieces a bit of color. The flower was done as a bit of indulgence - no need for it really, but it was fun doing (so what better reason to do it than that).

I am so enjoying belonging to the ArtchixStudio yahoo group and the ABAltered Book group too.

It is fantastic looking at work that other members have uploaded, awe inspiring in most cases.

That will be all for this brief entry.


Where does the time go??? Shopping for crafts, that's where!

So since the last entry in my blog what have I been up to?
Well Saturday morning I had a rare (and I mean rare) lie in -Lorraine my mate rang me about some goodies on QVC - my darling husband then bought me said goodies so now I am awaiting the arrival (hopefully some time this week).
Went to Bluewater and spent more on crafting goodies - so easy to do, but there is always some new tool or whatever to buy!
Then I ordered more goodies on line through various people on my Yahoo group (Artchix Studio, Della Warr, NavelJellyStudios and Vickie Enkoff) You see the trouble with me is I love it when the postman arrives with goodies and not just junk mail so I have to order stuff to keep me happy :-)
Today my Somerset Studio Gallery magazine arrived and it is beautiful, oh how I wish I was so creative! So Thank you Linda from LB Crafts for the prompt delivery.

My current project is progressing, I am making a Wedding Guest book for a friends wedding which is in September but as I shall be in Spain for 6 weeks prior to that I want to get it done and dusted. The concept is good, it is the construction that is taking so long, but I am enjoying it.
Once it is done I shall post some pics of it.

The rest of the weekend was great mainly because Real Madrid became La Liga champions and Lewis Hamilton won the USA Grand Prix - so I was a truly happy bunny.

That is it for today, gonna go and do some more internet perusing! oh and by the way check out
http://ingeniouslycreative.blogspot.com/ for a beautiful book created by the host Carol - stunning!

That's it for now peeps



Aging anaglypta

So today I had a bit of fun.
Take a piece of anaglypta wallpaper paint with "Modern Masters Metal Effects"
Pale Gold paint.
Let it dry, but before it is completely dry spray with "Modern Masters Rust Activator"
and Voila there you have it an aged piece of paper.
I haven't decided what I am going to do with this piece of paper yet but once I have
created something I shall share it on this space.

Very HAPPY with my day today.
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Decorating Ink Stand holder

So here was my 2nd project today, vamping up the board Gordon (my lovely neighbour)
made for me to hold my reinkers etc. Really pleased with the result - simple but effective.
I painted the board using my Acrylic dabbers and then randomly stamped on top of that.
Used some cut out shapes which I bought from artchix studio www.artchixstudio.com
fantastic shop to buy from.

So simple and effective don't you think?
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Chillin' Crafting Monday

So the weekend came and went and all my mates have put me to shame.
Lorraine went to LB Crafts and did a class, made some lovely pieces. Sam worked on her Ruby wedding anniversary card and it is looking even better - and me, what did I do? Zilch!!! Well I bought some bits to craft with, but did not actually getting anything done so had to remedy that today.
This elephant picture might seem loud but it is for my bedroom in the villa. It will go nicely with my indian four poster bed and all the furniture - pleased with the result.
That was the 1st thing I did today - good for the soul

F1, Real Madrid and my life

So it has been a couple of days since I last wrote on my blog. Friday night Stuart and I went to Prima Donna's in West Wickham with James and Angie for a lovely meal, made so by the company and the food.

Picked China up from Biggin Hill on the way back through with her friend; they caught the train up to London on Saturday for a girlie day out - first time that she has done this (my baby is growing up).

Stuart and I went for a mooch around Bluewater, bought a couple of crafting bits and headed home to see the qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix.

Straight after watched Real Madrid v Zaragoza. Real could have won La Liga if they had managed to beat Zaragoza but unfortunately they only managed a 2-2 draw. No nails left to bite as simultaneously Barcelona were playing Espanyol and were winning 2-1 till late in the game. I was running up and down the front room when Espanyol equalised in the 90th minute - jubilation! It will go down to the last match of the season now, and fingers and everything else crossed - Real Madrid will win and be champions so that Beckham can indeed leave with something to show for his time at Real (mind you Real don't want Beckham to go so who knows he could possibly stay for another season).

Lewis Hamilton secured pole position (his 1st) and duly took his position for the start of the Canadian Grand Prix. He made a fantastic start, whereas his team mate Alonso tried to hard and made a hash going into the 1st corner. This was a GP with a lot of incidents - safety car out 4 times. Kubica (the first Pole to race in F1) had an horrific crash, but fortunately he only broke his ankle!!! unbelievable http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nKDtWVHOic check it out if you did not see it!

Rest of the day just spent vegging in front of TV, till next time - Adios


Deers and Happy Birthdays

What a day today. My beloved daughter called me this morning and asked me to drop her P.E. kit off at school as she had forgotten it; I duly obliged. On the way back I was driving along at a sedate pace when all of a sudden there was an almighty bang and I saw a brown blur outside my passenger window. When I checked my rear view mirror I was aghast to see a deer lying down in the road not moving. I went down the road a little bit to find a turning point so that I could go back and check on it.
On my way back a woman coming down the lane flagged me and asked if I was the bitch who had just knocked down the deer; being in a state of shock the word "No" popped out of my mouth. I couldn't believe that she talked to me like that, as if I would have intentionally knocked down a deer! It just leaped through the hedge. Anyway when I got back to the deer I parked my car, called my neighbour to tell him that it was injured and asked his advise as I have never knocked anything before.
The deer was sitting up at this time, so I was thankful that it was not dead. More traffic appeared on the lane and out of one of the vehicles came a man, he proceeded to pick up the deer and rushed it back to his car. I told Gordon that I did not need his help now as someone else had taken over - I presumed that he had taken it to the vet.
I say presumed because when I told friends about it later in the day they all surmised that he had taken it to consume it!!! shock! horror!

When I checked my car I was totally surprised to see that there was not a mark on it - I think the deer clipped the car and broke his leg as he fell.

I then took Stamford (my lovely Staffie) for a walk through the woods; I just entered the field coming out of the wood when I was totally surprised by a big stag, he bolted. Not 15 minutes later I saw a female deer leaping and bounding across the field. So today the deer were like buses - three came along at once.

This evening we went down to Crowborough, I had picked up some shopping for Connie (Stuart's mum) and so the family took it down to her. Yasmin was there with Tyler as it is her 10th birthday tomorrow; spent a happy hour there then returned home.

A memorable day!
Hopefully tomorrow I shall get down to some crafting, the only thing I have managed to day was to make a card for Yas.
That's it for now, adios


Princess Diana

This evening Channel 4 have aired a programme about Princess Diana, I have not watched it at this time; I have Sky+ it and will decide whether I want to or not. It seems unbelievable that this year is the 10th Anniversary of her death.

I am asking myself, do I want to see this programme because of the photographs that are going to be shown in it - I think if it was the paparazzi talking about it and their witness accounts from the scene I would watch it, but the photos are putting me off - do I really want to see distressing photos of beautiful Diana?

David Beckham Superstar

This evening England had a crucial Euro 2008 qualifying game against Estonia in Tallin. Needless to say Superstar David Beckham assisted in 2 of the 3 goals in this 3-0 win for England. Joe Cole scored a magnificent goal in the 37th minute; it was highly reminescent of his team mate Didier Drogba - Droggie would have been proud of the goal.

Peter Crouch and Michael Owen got themselves on to the score sheet - both of these goals coming as a result of balls in by David Beckham. Beckham played on even though he sustained an injury to his ankle, here is hoping that he is fit to play for Real Madrid at the weekend. It would be nice to see him leave Real with a La Liga Champions win under his belt. Sadly the Real hierachy were talking about their BIG! mistake in letting Beckham leave to go to LA Galaxy.

Another fine clearance by John Terry in the 90ish minute saw England keep a clean sheet.

Still on the subject of football, but this time at the youth level, heard today that Christian H was scouted at a recent tournament by Man Utd! Holy cow, I even heard that pigs were now flying. Some people live in cloud cuckoo land. Still could be proved wrong, but I wouldn't put my house on him going to Man Utd.

Sadder news on the football front, darling Tim Lovejoy is leaving Soccer AM after 10 years on the couch with Helen Chamberlain. Boo Hoo - Saturday mornings will never be the same again. Won't apply to be a soccerette now cos I only wanted to do it to meet Tim (my kids will breathe a sigh of relief and say there is a God).

That is it for this football blog, I can go to bed with a smile on my face



My lovely daughter picked these poppies for me xxx
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IKEA and Laughs all around

So you may be wondering why on earth have I put a picture of a table on my blog, well it is my new purchase from IKEA today. Such value and do you see the fantastic drawers underneath - bargain of the day. Can't believe this was a flat pack, drawers and all and I managed to put it together!!! Krypton Factor where have you gone, I could have been a contender after putting this up ;-)

What a laugh it was at IKEA today, Lorraine and I whizzed around, got what we wanted and then went over to B&Q. Felt like 2 very naughty people tearing off large pieces of wall paper to use for crafting -see it on the table !

The fun part came when we left to go home - took a left turn instead of a right and went all around the houses trying to find our way back to Croydon - kept seeing other drivers turning left or right or going straight on and comments included "he/she looks like they know where they are going lets follow them" (could have been going to the moon for all we knew!) or Lorraine saying to me "why did I listen to you? should have done left/right etc." Me telling her that I thought we needed to do a magical mystery tour....hey what is life if you don't take risks right!

Also today Lorraine told me about Pauls accident and I shall quote now -

Paul told Lorraine that he went into the back of a car, she was like "Oh my God, how did you do that" and he was like well accidents happen. He said "This dwarf got out of his car walked back to me and said "I'm not happy" to which Paul replied "who are you then?"

Well called me wicked, but I have not been able to repeat this without cracking up in fits of laughter cos obviously it is a joke - (mind you not everyone who I repeated it to got that part) but Del and Mollymoo did - they cracked up like me. That really made my day, even walking the dog, driving the car whenever I thought of it I literally cried laughing.

This evening I had further reason to laugh, I watched a repeat of last Wednesdays Apprentice where the contestants had to sell items that they picked on Ideal World shopping channel - it was a total catastrophe for Ideal World cos the contestants were REALLY REALLY awful at selling and producing - but for us lucky viewers it was a classic, especially when one of the contestants (can't remember his name) was putting together a trampete and the way he was holding it in front of his crotch and screwing the legs on was comical - one of those things you would have to see to appreciate; Alan Sugar was not impressed.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Sam on the progress she has made on the Ruby wedding anniversary card she is making - it is looking fabulous, looking forward to seeing it finished.

Tomorrow I shall sit at my lovely new table and get down to some crafting - that's it for now from a very amused me.


Wii Fun

Today we went into Bromley and bought a Wii after trying every where yesterday to get one. Game had a delivery today so we hung about outside the shop from 10.45 until it opened at 11. The family verdict is that it was worth the effort. What fun it is, and oh so tiring - so if your kids beg you for a Wii do yourself and them a favour and buy one.!!!
I was absolutely rubbish at the boxing, but must have burned off a few calories! I managed to get back a smidging of respect by scoring 191 on the bowling (big smile). As I speak my husband and son are playing golf.
The sports bundle is great. I shall keep fit just by playing on this console.



Poppyfields in Spain

This beautiful picture was taken as we travelled back from Spain on Thursday. The soil in the area was a rich red and it is reflected in the richness of the poppies. I can imagine sitting in this field eating a flake, to be truthful I can imagine myself anywhere sitting eating a flake.
It was worth stopping just to take this photo

Time Travel - where would you go and why?

Imagine that you could travel back or forward in time 10 times - where would you go and why. Think about this, but remember wherever you go you cannot change events. This is harder than it may seem.
Here are my options.
1. I would go forward into the future to see the winning lottery numbers for a week; I would do this so that when I had done with my trime travel I would have a secure future for myself and family which would enable me to do all the things in life that my heart desires.

2. I would go back to the moment I came into this world to see for myself my arrival; I know I have had children but I would like to experience that wonderful moment for myself when I entered this life.

3. I would be with Princess Diana to see what really happened to her, all the speculation about her death would be laid to rest. I believe that she was killed so I would like to prove that my feelings are right- I cannot believe in my heart that it was just an accident that took her away from this world.

4. I love F1, I never understood why but after going to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone a couple of years ago my mum told me that I actually went to the Nurburgring when I was about 5 and was enthralled by it - so I would like to return there to see and feel what I felt and saw back then, sublimely I must have held onto that day for most of my life as I always wondered where my love for grand prix came from.

5.I would travel with the troops who liberated the Jews from the concentration camps; I have visited Bergen Belsen and Dachau and was devastated by the experience of going there. So to take the positive out of it I would like to experience the feelings of all those as they realised that they were free. I can't imagine how they felt so would go there for that reason.

6. I would travel back to the 50's and America in particular just to put some money in a juke box, order a soda and be a teenager in that era. The fashions, the cars all of it I love so just to have a time where I could live the life would be fantastic to me.

7. I would travel to the moon with the first astronauts to see if they did actually land there and do that famous moon walk. To see the world from the moon would be absolutely amazing!

8. The pyramids - I would have to go just to see how they built the pyramids, they are amazing (although I have never been there). I have always been curios as to how they Egyptians managed to create such magnificent structures so a visit would be a definite for me.

9. I would love to travel to the 1972 Olympics, to be there when Mark Spitz had the 7th Gold medal put around his neck - I have loved the Olympics since that moment in time. It is a passion of mine and I never miss it. They joy of that time and the sadness of the massacre is something that I will not forget, I would like to go and be there not just a TV spectator

10. My final destination..........I shall give this some thought and post at a later date.

So where would you go? and why?