David Beckham Superstar

This evening England had a crucial Euro 2008 qualifying game against Estonia in Tallin. Needless to say Superstar David Beckham assisted in 2 of the 3 goals in this 3-0 win for England. Joe Cole scored a magnificent goal in the 37th minute; it was highly reminescent of his team mate Didier Drogba - Droggie would have been proud of the goal.

Peter Crouch and Michael Owen got themselves on to the score sheet - both of these goals coming as a result of balls in by David Beckham. Beckham played on even though he sustained an injury to his ankle, here is hoping that he is fit to play for Real Madrid at the weekend. It would be nice to see him leave Real with a La Liga Champions win under his belt. Sadly the Real hierachy were talking about their BIG! mistake in letting Beckham leave to go to LA Galaxy.

Another fine clearance by John Terry in the 90ish minute saw England keep a clean sheet.

Still on the subject of football, but this time at the youth level, heard today that Christian H was scouted at a recent tournament by Man Utd! Holy cow, I even heard that pigs were now flying. Some people live in cloud cuckoo land. Still could be proved wrong, but I wouldn't put my house on him going to Man Utd.

Sadder news on the football front, darling Tim Lovejoy is leaving Soccer AM after 10 years on the couch with Helen Chamberlain. Boo Hoo - Saturday mornings will never be the same again. Won't apply to be a soccerette now cos I only wanted to do it to meet Tim (my kids will breathe a sigh of relief and say there is a God).

That is it for this football blog, I can go to bed with a smile on my face

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