Getting Organised

With my limited resources I am trying to be organised. I keep asking myself
should I leave all my paints etc. in Spain and buy new when I get home? I shall decide as it gets nearer time to go home. This
cupboard is glass fronted and Trudy was going to put it on the skip - no chance when I saw it - LOL. Every bit of storage in the art room is
utilised now - whats a girl to do....!
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Well the doors were in situ and the pillars waited patiently!

Here are a few pics showing them in situ- this one to the left shows the top of the pillar
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Inspiratin for canvas - Lorraine

Thought I would write about the canvas for my bedroom. As you can see from pics my bedroom has an Indian theme. My other half bought the wood carvings on the wall at the head of the bed and the goddess walk plaque. I wanted to create a wall hanging (having altered the jewellery box). Today was the day! I used gesso, acrylic paint, gold paint, glitter glue mesh and gold paper to create the background. I then did swirls with acrylic glue added a picture of Rama and Sita and just had fun playing. The colours are more vibrant in real life and I am so pleased with the result - I am allowed to say that aren't I? Lol! Now I just have to get the old man to hang it, I think he likes it because he said "that's nice" - he has a way with words LOL.
One good thing about working over here in Spain, because of the heat everything drys so quick so it is gratifying to be able to start and finish a piece in a few hours.
Lorriane don't think mine is anywhere near as good as your Ganesh but once again you inspired me to give it a go - so THANK YOU. When I get back to England I am gonna get you set up with a blog of your own because you really need to share your creativity with the world; for all you unfortunate people out there who have never seen Lorraine's work it is sublime.
That's it for now, Adios till next time

Canvas for bedroom

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Small canvas

So the family disappeared to the waterfalls outside Benidorm which left me with time to create something.

Since I joined the artchix group artchixstudio@yahoogroups.com I have just been lurking, so thought, what better opportunity than the time I had today to make something to post.

Bearing in mind that I am on holiday so don't have all my stuff with me my options were limited. I think this may have helped ultimately, because I had to come up with something with limited resources! The above canvas is what I created. I called it "Lavenders Blue Dilly Dill" because the colours used were Lavender and Blue. I used an artchix image and painted the background with acrylic paints then embellished it with vellum butterflies and some stamps and hung the charms on the bottom. Sari ribbon was used so that I can hang it.
Voila, no longer an artchix virgin.
When I posted it for the group to look at I had a response from Carol Stocker http://www.sjdgallery.com/ and her blog http://www.spiritsjourneydesigns.blogspot.com/ who made some lovely comments. She is new to the group too and suggested that we could do a 2:2 personal swap, so I am thrilled that I shall be participating in my very 1st swap, and an international one at that!!! I shall post the swaps when I send and receive at the end of September. THANK YOU Carol xxx The theme of the swap is to be based on where we live so I shall have to get my thinking cap on...watch this space!
That's it for today, a day of 1st's. Let's see what tomorrow brings


Chest of Drawers for Art Room

How beautiful is this chest of drawers for my art room - aren't I a lucky girl!!!! Look at the handles I am in love with them.....Thank you Rob and Tom at Cha Cha Muebles xxxx
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Four Poster bed

As promised here are some pictures of my new four poster bed, imported from India by Cha Cha Muebles of Altea - check out their wonderful furniture http://www.chachamuebles.com/
Rob and Tom will always take time to show you around their wonderful showroom.


My peculiar aristrocratic title

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Entirely Miss Reverend Lady Dawn the Recumbent of Happy Bottomshire
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The Nice Matters Award is a new friendship award started by Bella Enchanted.This award is for those bloggers who are NICE people; good blog friends and those who INSPIRE good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a POSITIVE influence on our blogging world.
I was nominated by beautiful Carol, and people you really need to check out her contribution to paru circles "Feet Challenge" (http://paruscircle.blogspot.com) Carol is one of my creative friends. I have 2 friends who are sooooo creative but they don't do blogs so they can't have an award so drum roll please......I would like to nominate these people for a NICE BLOGGER award
(Gabby and Lorraine if you did blogs I would give you both awards xxxooo)
(in no particular order)
Linda Man(is she) Friendly http://theartsook.blogspot.com/
I could go on but I shall leave it there for now, nothing to say that I can't give out more awards i due course.
So to all the wonderful ladies who I have awarded THANK YOU for brightening my day with your blogs xx00xxx

Altered jewellery box

A while ago I purchased a battered faux white leather jewellery box from a charity shop with the intentions of altering it. Time has moved on condsiderably since then and I have finally started to alter it. I thought
it would be perfect to use in the villa to store my junk jewellery. Hence the reason for the bright colours, elephants etc. My indian four poster bed is being delivered on Saturday, so once I put the room together this box will be perfect.

Lorraine knows that this was gonna be a treasure chest at one point, all pirates stuff but it evolved into the indian box. Still I am pleased that I have made a start on it.
I shall finish off the inside edges and then run a critical eye over it.
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1st ever ATC

Here is my 1st ever ATC, made for the paper whimsy yahoo group. I have made little ATC style cards for birthdays etc. but never one as part of a larger group of people with a theme.


Happy 40th Trudy

Well here in Spain it was time to celebrate Trudy's 40th - a milestone not to be sneezed at. Bearing in mind that I see Trudy only when I come to Spain it was difficult to know what to do for her. I started one project, was full of self doubt about whether or not she would like it, so moved on to project No. 2.

I painted a canvas in her favourtie aquamarine color and than randomly stamped swirls and other marine images faintly on to it - then I added some Tiles (donated by my mate Sam - knew they would come in handy sometime Sam!).
I gave it to her with heaps of trepidation but surprisingly she loved it; my husband was soooo disappointed that I gave it away cos he fell in love with it! Sometimes simple is best (says I ).
We went to a lovely restaurant called "La Cova" to celebrate her birthday, really nice and stunning views over the harbour in El Campello.


Amazing how a little sun can make you smile

Ready to go to a restaurant, feeling happy cos the sun is shining - so glad to see the back of all that rain and gray weather!!!!
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Craft Room at the Villa

As promised some pics of my craft room at the villa. See my lovely new table to work at, the views are heaven - sea directly in front of my mountains behind.

The lovely dark wood drawers hold all my papers and a multitude of embellishments etc.

I have another glass fronted cupboard and a chest of drawers waiting to go in to.

It is up on the roof and is so peaceful - my little sanctuary!!! NO KIDS ALLOWED!!!!

I have started work on a couple of projects but as they are works in progress not submitting any pics yet lol.