Happy 40th Trudy

Well here in Spain it was time to celebrate Trudy's 40th - a milestone not to be sneezed at. Bearing in mind that I see Trudy only when I come to Spain it was difficult to know what to do for her. I started one project, was full of self doubt about whether or not she would like it, so moved on to project No. 2.

I painted a canvas in her favourtie aquamarine color and than randomly stamped swirls and other marine images faintly on to it - then I added some Tiles (donated by my mate Sam - knew they would come in handy sometime Sam!).
I gave it to her with heaps of trepidation but surprisingly she loved it; my husband was soooo disappointed that I gave it away cos he fell in love with it! Sometimes simple is best (says I ).
We went to a lovely restaurant called "La Cova" to celebrate her birthday, really nice and stunning views over the harbour in El Campello.

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ingeniouslycreative said...

Ola Dawn, I am nominating you for the Nice Blogger Award....so richly deserved!!! Hugs, Carol