I saw lots of women proposing to their fellas on this special day today, not in person but on T.V. I don't think I would ever have the nerve to propose to a man, I would fear the rejection too much - so glad that I don't have to worry about that.

What else is new as month ends.... Art Is...You posted the Workshops for Octobers retreat, oh my days, so much choice.... still not ruling out going, but we will have to wait and see.
I must admit that I would find it difficult choosing the classes to take...so for now I will just go over and over them so that I am prepared..lol

I seem to have created a lot of faces this month, nothing wrong with that, my muse spoke to me so that is what I ended up focusing on.

Such a thrill to sell a piece, she arrived safely in her new home in the U.S.A.
So as not to bore you but so I have a record for when my blog goes to print at the end of the year I thought I would share my ladies here...
if you are on Facebook you would have seen them there, but like I said this is for my blog book -

Work in Progress, final result at end of post

 Completed a piece I started at Art Is...You, a fabulous class with Nancy Lefko, she is teaching again this year.

The postman came with a package from Francine, this fabulous bust was part of the package as well as PINK BETTY BOOP HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!

My Soul sister Barbara sent me this lol, as an homage to the mice who ate some of my papers in the Boop Pad


A Xmas tree for my Pandora from the beautiful Francine xxx

Tried to go with darker skin tone with this lady

My Goddess page for the LifeBook 2012 project.

Ruffles and Hat

My fave picture for the month xx

So thanks for dropping by, an new month tomorrow and a give way to sort out!


that means off to the hairdressers to get my hair done, being a curly top I prefer it straight, we always want what we don't have right? I always feel "human" again once Richard has done his magic..

Yesterday I was over in The Boop Pad, Stamford came with me for a nose, he started to get really excited, trying to get behind boxes etc...anyway I found evidence of a mouse in the house, as there was ripped up papers - so today I had to get a mouse trap. I have no problems sharing my space with a mouse if it behaved, but chewing my stuff is not a good way of being welcomed!!!

Spent time sorting out in The Boop Pad - I love my paints, especially my PaperArtsy Fresco paints
all muy lush new colours

So I promised a giveway once my blog roll showed 22500 visitors - well when I checked it was at 22499...so a giveaway is just about in order.

I have a few ideas for the Prizes...yep, that is a plural - and will do a post about it tomorrow.

For today I will share what I created..

Work In Progress

(this post was started on Friday but couldnt add photos, hence the delay)


Catching up...

Where oh where do the days go, they zing past! But hey ho lets crack on with an update.

The weekend saw the weather still bleak, so what to do on Sunday, Stuart went to meet like minded petrol heads with R8s at the Woodman, China and I stayed indoors and made this for her room...
We decorated the letters we bought at the Creative Stitches/HobbyCraft show at Bluewater the other weekend. It was fun and we were pleased with how they turned out.

Stuart and I went for a walk wit the dog to Trosley Country Park

It was cold as you can see but it was lovely to just walk and chat, quiet time for the 2 of us.

I have been busy painting and drawing and here are some of the pieces I have done since my last post


This was done again with the Twinks

I also did this piece too, I was quite pleased with the simplicity of her

It was fun using the Twinks, like water colours so I enjoyed the process.

Then Valentines day I went to the hospital with mum Connie for an ultrasound on her 
Thyroid, whilst there I finished off a piece I had started the night before, the 1st time I have worked on a piece in a public place, I didn't feel as awkward as I thought I might. She was done with Prisma pencils and was called Jacqueline (you have to say it with a French accent) by my friend Ian.

and these chocolate covered marshmallows hark back to my childhood.
When we lived in Germany we used to get these, well over on Facebook there is a group called British Forces Brats, for all us children of servicemen, they were chatting about stuff we used to like and I learned you could buy these in Lidl's. There is not a Lidls where I live but my mum in law Connie asked if I could take her to her Lidls whilst I was done there...is the Pope a Catholic - hell nothing was going to stop me going just to look for these yummies! and lo and behold I got some and I am so happy - it's the little things in life don't you think?

Today my friend Natalie came to visit with my God-daughter Rhosie, that was a joy - and she loves my new home. Much chinwagging later she left.
I received some goodies in the post

A gorgeous handmade book from Jean Toms as part of a Pay it Forward on Facebook 
And some Valentine goodies from my sweet hearts in the States Maddy and Maxx and of course Nonnie, Barbara - do you see the beautiful bracelet...I am one lucky lady THANKS GUYS!

And finally as I am catching up, my last piece to share this Fairy Dreamer

 Here she is, what do you think? Tried to photograph to capture the shimmer of the Twinks.
This picture was taken through the magnifier of my craft lamp just to see what would happen, if the Twinks would show, I like the way it turned out.
Well guess what people, I am not going to bore you any more...Yay, so until next time have fun out there xxx


Okay here we go again, sharing some new pics - what have I been doing? Well  here is the first picture,


I LOVE Poppies, always have, Poppies and Pansies my 2 favourite types of flowers.
The Twinkling H2O red was called Poppy, but I actually wasn't to sure if it was too red, so mixed with a ruby red too, any way this is the end result.

The next challenge was to try and create a group of white flowers, daisies to be exact..just to see how easy it would be to do - here we go, not the easiest, it is more about the shadows. I will give it another go, but I think I will use masking fluid next time.

Harder to do than I thought but I did enjoy the challenge.
Finally, got some irises to share with you..it was far too cold to go out any where today so obvious what I have been doing eh?

CLOSE UP trying to capture shimmer of Twinks

I have to confess I was a bit dubious about putting background
shading on this one, so I have left it at is it. I could go back to it but for now it is staying as it is.

and this was it on the creative front today a practise alphabet as part of the Joanne Sharpe Letter Love 101 class.

It was so quiet and relaxing here today as the builders are all done, the wall is complete - so no more making lots of tea. Very icy out so didn't venture far - don't normally go out at all if it is bad but the main roads were clear.

Another week has come and gone, not sure what the plans are for the weekend but we shall see...wherever you are, whatever you are doing - have fun...


Progress in Classes

I have posted pictures from the classes I am taking on my Facebook page, but as I like to make my blog in to a book at the end of the year I still post them here...the get lost on Facebook, with a book you can take it of the shelf and see progress made as you look back.

I have been enjoying the Mastering Twinks and the Letter Love 101 classes I have been taking on line, it can be a struggle to keep up, especially doing 2 classes back to back but I am endeavouring to get somethings done.

Part of the Letter Love class is practising alphabets, fonts etc. so I decided to incorporate the 2 classes in to one piece

Letter Love 101 (on left) Mastering Twinks (on right)

I have to admit I was really pleased with how the spread turned out.

Here are some more pictures of the flowers...

You don't really see the shimmer that the Twinks give this piece but it really shimmers.

As I develop my alphabets I will share the pictures with you here.

The "Great Wall of Wrotham" as we have nicknamed it is getting there, not much more to do now - one half of it is 25 metres long and the other near double that, so it has been a lot of hard work.
The cold weather hasn't helped, but keeping the builders in tea keeps them going.
Stuart has a need to have CHICKENS...can you believe it, fair enough the garden is big enough for us to keep them, but I just know I will be the one caring for them. There is a really large plot behind the garages which is wooded so that is where they will go, and I might even try to grow some veggies too..I am not the worlds most green fingered person, but hey ho - worth a try! Will let you know if that ever gets of the ground.

I am thinking that it will be time for a give way soon, haven't had one for a long time, I think when I have 23500 visitors I will go for it, so watch this space - that's it for today, gotta go and do some more lessons - till next time, BYE and Thanks for dropping by.


Weekend fun

Let me tell you about my weekend.
Yesterday China and I went to Bluewater for a Creative Stitches and Hobby Craft show. This was the 1st time anything like this had been held so close to home, so of course I had to go and dragged China along.

Started upstairs in the Creative Stitches section, mainly because I would love to be into sewing, but even though it is not something I do I love to see what others create...


Finger Knitting

 China and I got a finger knitting kit each and sat happily doing it at home last night, fun and quick.
Finger Knitting

Buttons - I love Buttons

Fibre Art

Fibre Art

More Fibre Art
Then we moved downstairs...lots of stands, lots of people, walked around the corner and spotted these 2 Ladies..
PaperArtsy stand with Lin and Leandra
I had to get me the new Fresco colours - they added another 26 to the collection, Love these paints, great for journalling.

We had a great time, it was wonderful to spend a couple of hours mooching, hope they come back.

On the creative front these are my latest additions 

Twinkling H20 flowers

Close up of Flower

Butterfly with Twinks
And then I have been busy practising writing letters.

 The practise gave me the confidence to write on this lady...

So that is it for that side of things.

The snow arrived last night, woke up to a white blanket so thought I would share the pictures...

So that is my weekend thus far - till next time HAVE FUN xx