Catching up...

Where oh where do the days go, they zing past! But hey ho lets crack on with an update.

The weekend saw the weather still bleak, so what to do on Sunday, Stuart went to meet like minded petrol heads with R8s at the Woodman, China and I stayed indoors and made this for her room...
We decorated the letters we bought at the Creative Stitches/HobbyCraft show at Bluewater the other weekend. It was fun and we were pleased with how they turned out.

Stuart and I went for a walk wit the dog to Trosley Country Park

It was cold as you can see but it was lovely to just walk and chat, quiet time for the 2 of us.

I have been busy painting and drawing and here are some of the pieces I have done since my last post


This was done again with the Twinks

I also did this piece too, I was quite pleased with the simplicity of her

It was fun using the Twinks, like water colours so I enjoyed the process.

Then Valentines day I went to the hospital with mum Connie for an ultrasound on her 
Thyroid, whilst there I finished off a piece I had started the night before, the 1st time I have worked on a piece in a public place, I didn't feel as awkward as I thought I might. She was done with Prisma pencils and was called Jacqueline (you have to say it with a French accent) by my friend Ian.

and these chocolate covered marshmallows hark back to my childhood.
When we lived in Germany we used to get these, well over on Facebook there is a group called British Forces Brats, for all us children of servicemen, they were chatting about stuff we used to like and I learned you could buy these in Lidl's. There is not a Lidls where I live but my mum in law Connie asked if I could take her to her Lidls whilst I was done there...is the Pope a Catholic - hell nothing was going to stop me going just to look for these yummies! and lo and behold I got some and I am so happy - it's the little things in life don't you think?

Today my friend Natalie came to visit with my God-daughter Rhosie, that was a joy - and she loves my new home. Much chinwagging later she left.
I received some goodies in the post

A gorgeous handmade book from Jean Toms as part of a Pay it Forward on Facebook 
And some Valentine goodies from my sweet hearts in the States Maddy and Maxx and of course Nonnie, Barbara - do you see the beautiful bracelet...I am one lucky lady THANKS GUYS!

And finally as I am catching up, my last piece to share this Fairy Dreamer

 Here she is, what do you think? Tried to photograph to capture the shimmer of the Twinks.
This picture was taken through the magnifier of my craft lamp just to see what would happen, if the Twinks would show, I like the way it turned out.
Well guess what people, I am not going to bore you any more...Yay, so until next time have fun out there xxx


Barbara said...

oh never a bore to visit!!! so happy it made it!!! (and ALMOST on time!!)

Anonymous said...

2nd attempt! I love your blog Dawn! Did you know that Lidl's also sell fab moisturisers and eye creams and very cheaply too!! They also sell bratties and other German foods that my husband Ian loves! Mandy x

Anonymous said...

Glad it arrived safely Dawn .


Anonymous said...
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Samantha Crowe said...

Love your blog Dawn, especially your latest stuff, and the CHINA artwork.
love Sam xx

Carolyn Dube said...

So much fantastic art in here! The letters are divine!!!!! Your painted ladies wonderful!!!! Hope you are all settled and comfortable in your new home- it was great to meet you at Art Is You in October.