My Pressie from Lorraine

For those of you who have visited my blog in the past you will know
that I created a canvas for my bedroom here at the Villa with an Indian theme.
Lorraine my dear friend created this back in the Summer and lucky me - I received it off her for Christmas.
It is gorgeous, colors are so rich, perfect for my bedroom.
I also recevied a really gorgeous green satin bag with embroidery on it from my friend Sam and Natalie gave me a green cuff and earrings
- has anyone twigged that I have a thing about green! lol
THANK YOU my friends for your wonderful pressies.
My wonderful mum gave me some Betty Boop nightwear and some Cinammon lozenges (sent over from Ireland)
mmmm delish...

Today I received a package that I have been waiting for with bated breathe.
My ARTCHIX Charm Swap.
I shall take some photos and post pictures of the wonderful Charms I received, tomorrow with a little luck.
That is it for this post
Nearly a new year and resolutions to be thought about and an ATC to make before Sunday, fingers crossed I shall get it done.
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I won.....

How happy is this picture, this is me with my in laws - they have just presented me with a prize - for what you may ask.
Well this was taken on Boxing Day and we had had a guessing game to see what we would be having for lunch at their villa on said day.
Whilst they were at our villa on Christmas day we all had to guess what we would be having, because traditionally we always have bubble and squeak at theirs Boxing Day. When we arrived I noticed this fabulous looking present at my place setting with a label on saying "You won"!!
And my guess - curry. My mother in law Trish is a fabulous cook and she made a lamb curry with poppadoms, nan breads, rice, bombay potatoes and lots of different dips etc.
So even though we had been disappointed at the thought of not having the traditional dinner this was alleviated by the wonderful lunch that we did have.
And inside that wonderful box - the most scrumptious Valor chocolates.
Valor chocolates are from Spain, there is a chocolate museum in Villajoyosa and lots of Valor chocolate bars - if bars is the right word. Basically the menu is all things chocolate and one of the favourites is a cup of thick chocolate with churros (like a doughnut but long and thin) to dunk into the chocolate - very rich and mucho calorias!!!!
If you love chocolate you will love Valor...

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Twas the night before Christmas

And I just wanted to share with you all a very special card I received this year from 5 year old Rhosie - she did a picture of Mary and Joseph as you can see, and for a 5 year old I think it is wonderful. It is what Christmas is all about so I saved it for todays post.

I want to say to all the wonderful people who I have met in bloglandia, on yahoo groups HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you all.

Christmas wishes also go out to Gabby and John down in New Zealand, visiting their daughter Nic and her hubby Ryan as they celebrate the birth of Kade- 1st grandson - much love to them from me, sure I will have lots of pictures to look at when Gabby gets back.

My girlfriends - Natalie, Lorraine, Sam, Carol and Charline - all the best to you all; each and every one of you is in my life to keep me sane and I THANK YOU all for that!! You all have such individual special qualities that light up my life - so stay just the way you are all of you....

This Christmas I have been feeling quite melancholy - certain things make you stop and think about life....maybe it is the time of year.

Anyway the table is set, ready for tomorrow (minus the food of course - lol) the veg is prepared, I have beside me a small tipple of Plaisir d'oro (which translates to Gold Pleasure - appropriate) it is a delightfully, delicious blackberry drink - creamy like baileys and probably as many calories - but hey it is Christmas Eve.
Presents wrapped, all under the tree ready for the excitement in the morning - Samantha and Lorraine wondering what it is you have given me...not long to wait now.
My darling husband asked me what I wanted...so I told him my craft stuff i.e. paints etc. waiting for me when I get back to England so that I do not have to cart them back and forth anymore - my wish has been granted, the order has been placed - see you can have what you wish for sometimes...
Anyway MERRY XMAS to one and all HAVE A PEACEFUL AND JOYFUL XMAS and eat as much as you like ( I have profiteroles and pavlova for desert [homemade] so I just know that the calories are NOT being counted tomorrow lol
till next time
much love from me to you xxxx


Betty on the tree

Well I have had a bit of fun today, I decorated the tree, which is generally the 1st thing I do when I get here for Christmas - get me in the mood and all that.

Anyway the tree did have a traditional angel on the top but I changed it today! Check the photos - my daughter was sooooooooooo not impressed, lol, thinks it looks tacky! BETTY tacky!!! how dare she.......
I may take her down or I may leave her up, who knows - why not let me know what YOU think. Maybe I should have a poll.
The weather has been a bit cloudy today, but not as cold as England 18 degrees so I shouldn't complain...
I am going up to see my mates Rob and Tom at Cha Cha Muebles whilst here this time as they have had a new delivery since my last visit.
Christmas shopping still has to be done, important things got (what's that you ask) christmas crackers and cranberry sauce; turkey next thing to be purchased.
Yesterday went to the Carrefour (large supermarket like Walmart) and bought the best olives - they were plump ones stuffed with pimento and wrapped in a fresh anchovy (my little treat to me) extortionate price 27 euros a kilo!!! FOR OLIVES what is the world coming to?
needless to say I didn't buy a kilo just 7 euros worth.
What could you not live without over the festive period? Come on, tell me - it can be our secret lol.
That's it for now, going to disappear into art room to work on that Coffee table chunky book.
Later I am going to share with you all what the PW banner looks like with all three elements together, Carol has posted a picture so I shall blog it.


Dreaming of sunshine

Oh the weather outside is freezing, Jack Frost was busy last night and the evidence of his work lasted all day. It was really slippery when I was walking Stamford my dog, thought I was going to go over but I didn't.
The sunshine is beckoning, countdown to Spain begins here!!
I was trying to sort out what craft stuff to take with me, essentials are the pages for my coffee table chunky book. But after that anything goes, and boy you should see what I have to take because "I just might need it!!!!" This holiday my darling husband has decided he has stuff he wants to take, and they are LARGE!!!! items, so I am trying hard to condense....no mean task.
Decided I needed a break so checked out blogs and came across this new blog (well new to me) by Linda in Oklahoma I love looking at blogs and enjoyed Linda's - I shall put it on my blog list soon.
That's it for today, catch you all tomorrow - or next day time permitting x


PW Fairy Journal Page

My gorgeous Paper Whimsy Fairy arrived here in England from Peggy Gatto
She was carefully boxed and wrapped in this beautiful paper which is like a patchwork quilt.
I wanted to keep it so decided to incorporate her story into my journal and decorated the page with the paper.
P.G. as I have called my delightful fairy came in this wonderful watering can (2" high) and P.G. has the cutest acorn wings. She is standing
in a snail shell decorated with smaller shells.
P.G. will grace my window still in my art room, she can watch me and inspire me as I work.
Thank you so much to Peggy for this delightful fairy and to Paper Whimsy for organising this Anniversary Fairy project.
Oh and my "Bling Fairy" has a new home in Southern California - there have been fairies flying all over the world this last couple of weeks.

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3 down 1 to go!!!

The end is in sight,only my personal Y in FLY to go. Posted off the other 2 to American participants today so can exhale now!!!
Lorraine has hers as she is a neighbour and really good friend, her banner to me is absolutely divine. I shall post a picture when the L joins it (Lorraine did F)
No peace for the wicked got to get on with my other projects, may not get much done this week, Christmas shopping needs to be done and packing for Spain but I shall see how I go.
Ciao or should I be practising my Spanish and saying Adios.
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101 Posts

101 Posts! Unbelievable really that I have done so many posts. Who would have thought it. I love my blog, I wish I managed to write on it everyday but sometimes other things take over and before you know it the day is over...
I am amazed when I look at my neo counter and see how many people pop by and look at the blog and the diverse areas that they come from.
I get quite a few e mails from people who make remarks about something that I have shared on my blog, the tend to think that as they do not have a google account that they cannot leave a message.
This is not the case, when you go to "post a comment" you may choose the google account option, nickname (put in a nickname) or anonymous button and hey presto you may leave a comment.
I have started to copy and paste the body of e mails that I receive on posts and then to put them in their relevant place on my blog - the reason for this is that I cannot keep all my e mails on my computer so hey ho put them where they belong.

Bloglandia allows us all to communicate and share with people all over the world and it allows us to use our brains as we write about our lives, thoughts and ideas - Long may it continue...

The countdown to Christmas is here and the excitement is starting to mount, I have slowed down with most of my projects, mainly because I have to pack my things up soon - but I have lots going on.
Paper Whimsy Banner I have completed 2 out of 4 the other 2 should be completed this week - that said the 2 that are done shall be in the post to the States on Monday.
I have a Coffee Table Chunky to carry on with and a Gothic Arch book so excited about this.
Also attempting to make a couple of arty Christmas Presents.
Whilst in Spain I should manage to complete the 3 Pay if forward pieces and to do a piece for Pauline who left a comment on my 100th post.
That's it for today. Well just to say that I am happy cos Real Madrid one, as did Amir Khan - now keeping fingers crossed that Ricky Hatton will win his boxing match in America against Mayweather



The theme for this weeks MixedMediaMonday is Wings. It is the time of year for Angels but I didn't go with this for my ATC I decided to incorporate it into my other love which is books.

I love to read, always have done. I hate it when I see books with corners turned down on pages to mark the place (buy a bookmark or better yet make one) and oh to see a book with a broken back breaks my heart.

Since getting into altered art I find that it is difficult for me to rip pages out of books, even to alter them, but now I am learning to tell myself that I am giving the books a new lease of life!!

Anyway Thank you for dropping by to look at my ATC hope you like it x



Pay It Forward
Belinda, Jo, Janine,Nat and a number of other talented ladies have posted this on their site recently. Now it is my turn!I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF (Pay it forward) exchange.I'm not sure what that gift will be, so if you have any preferences, let me know.The only thing you have to do in return is to pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.So basically, if you’re one of the first 3 comments, I’ll send you something crafty that I’ll make!Once you sign up, copy and paste the above paragraph on your blog, and three other lucky people will be recipients of your handmade work.Pay it Forward!

Coffee Table Chunky Book - Travel Theme

I signed up with Cathy Johnson on Treasurearttrends yahoo group to participate in a Coffee Table Chunky book (dimensions 11"x8") - quite a large book. The theme is travel and I have to do 15 pages; my pages will have slight variations but on the whole will have the elements shown in the picture - a few surprises will be added, don't want to give it all away before the other participants receive it!
I thought that I could add a layout of the page in my journal and so that is what the second picture shows.
The reverse of the book page will be the Spanish flag - simple but effective I think, and as I think there will be lots of Paris pages and possibly Asian I thought I would go with Spain as I spend so much time there.
Today I have also been working on some Christmas Cards for a swap with another girl called Dawn, I am not going to post pictures at this moment in time as it will spoil her surprise.
That's all for now, Thank you for dropping by xx

2nd Banner Completed

I got busy with the second banner and completed it, subtlely different from the 1st one - different Whimsy girl on this one and the back fabric painted slightly differently too. The crystals really catch the light when they are hanging, very effective. I know now that I shall have them completed before I head of to Spain so one less thing to pack. I shall leave them in the capable hands of Lorraine to post for me.
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PaperWhimsy Banner Project

The images show my contribution to the PaperWhimsy Banner Project. Let me explain; I am part of a trio - the other two are Carol and Lorraine - and we have to create a banner that we will share. Our word was FLY so Lorraine is doing the F, Carol the L and I am doing the Y. When these three elements come together we shall all have a hanging banner for our home/studio or wherever to display. We all have to do 4 of our chosen letter, this is my first Y.
The front is constructed with tissue paper and deep purple velvet down the edge with swarovski crystals. Flowers, and purple beading. The back is gold fabric, with part of the pattern highlighted with sakura pens and some more swarovski crystals and a couple of sequin butterflies.

Other words that other members are using are ART and JOY.
What a fun project it actually is, can't wait to see what Carol and Lorraine come up with, I just know there letters are going to be fantastic.
I may not do all of mine the same, there may be slight variations but the color scheme of purple, green and gold jewel tones shall remain the same.

If you want to check out Paper Whimsy group do so here. They are a great group of girls and do some amazing stuff.


Mixed Media Monday Challenge - GOLD

Here is my entry into the MMM challenge for this week, the theme is GOLD. I used crackle paints and stamps on this with a few embellishments, it is a present for a friend to encourage her to Journal, going in the post today!


Button Challenge

Another submission by me for the Mixed Media Monday Challenge, this challenge had a button theme. Here is my entry "Graduating Finishing School".

I have used fabric,transparency from Tuscan Rose, buttons, sticky lace and image.from
Enchanted Mercantile
Hope you enjoy it.

Got to get on now with my ongoing projects a Coffee Table Chunky Book and a Banner, more on these as they progress.


New Technique - Forever Friends

Well if you are a bit of a dummy like me and have never been to any art courses/classes what are you to do? Buy ARTIST TRADING CARD WORKSHOP by Bernie Berlin and then have fun - serious fun.

I created this little piece from his Gold leaf resist lesson and then added the Paper Whimsy image. I have other lessons in various stages dotted around my studio (not a study anymore) and have decided that I shall do a little book with all the lessons in them for future reference. This is the 1st page (oh my another 1st -my life is full of them at the moment lol)

I shall post each piece as I do it...

Another 1st - Charm Swap

So another 1st for me, I signed up for the Charm Swap on ARTCHIX and this is my contribution.

I so enjoy creating new and different things, I feel like I do at least one fulfilling thing for ME in a day now which is wonderful and stops me just doing housework, being a cab service,dog walker etc. This time is so valuable and I love that I can get inspiration from different groups to create....

NGS Square Challenge

Hi I did these spreads in my Journal for the NEXT GENERATION STAMPERS group as part of the November Square Challenge.

The background is actually deep purple with gold writing and scrolls and looks more striking in real life!


Mixed Media Monday Challenge NUMBERS

Hooked up to this site after reading about it on various other blogs. Anyway the Challenge for this week was to create a piece with NUMBERS so following on from my previous blog I decided to do one in homage to Remembrance Sunday .

I tried to change the flowers to look like poppies.

Look forward to the next one on buttons.


Remembrance Sunday

Today being Remembrance Sunday I spent time reflecting on those killed in past wars and those who are still being killed in present wars - and I had a deep sadness in my heart.
But this evening I started to watch "Saving Private Ryan" and I felt physically and emotionally drained at the start of the film. This is so graphic and it made me think of all those who lost their lives so brutally; I think the graphic nature of this made me realise what soldiers have to endure. How is it that one man can do this to a fellow man?
So for what it is worth, my admiration and prayers go out to those serving and I pray that they return safely to their families and live happy fulfilling lives, not blighted by memories that they will carry with them.
For the Fallen
With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children,
England mourns for her dead across the sea.
Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit,
Fallen in the cause of the free.
Solemn the drums thrill: Death august and royal
Sings sorrow up into immortal spheres.
There is a music in the midst of desolation
And a glory that shines upon our tears.
They went with songs to the battle, they were young
Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncountered:
They fell with their faces to the foe.
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.
They mingle not with their laughing comrades again;
They sit no more at familiar tables at home;
They have no lot in our labour of the day-time;
They sleep beyond England's foam.
But where our desires are and our hopes profound,
Felt as a well-spring that is hidden from sight,
To the innermost heart of their own land they are known
As the stars are known to the Night;
As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust,
Moving in marches upon the heavenly plain;
As the stars are starry in the time of our darkness,
To the end, to the end they remain.

Laurence Binyon



Thought I would share with you the ATC I have made for the "JOURNEY" Lottery on the Artchix group.

Mine depicts a "Journey of the Soul" hope you like it.
I enjoy these lotteries as they stimulate the mind and give you a topic to work on and a deadline.

NGS Group challenges

The picture to the left is of my 2nd zentangle - I would say if anyone wants to do something to unwind then zentangles work brilliantly; well they do for me.
Adults and children can do them, ideal for us mums whilst sitting outside school waiting to pick up children.
This is from my journal, the images have been changed by rubbing brasso round the edges to lift the ink - really fantastic results can be achieved; I shall play with this some more because these are my first efforts and I am sure that I can improve on them.
Give it a go - but remember to do it in a well ventilated room.


Square Challenge

On Next Generation Stampers one of the November challenges was to create a piece using the image of the two girls, another part was to do something square, so I combined the two and created this piece called Window Shopping for mothers present - with the two little girls trying to decide what to get mum.

Hope you like it, it is pretty basic, but it was fun to do xxx


Gee it's good to be back home!!

Here I am back in England, left Spain 8 am Friday morning and got to the Eurotunnel at Calais at midnight, then on the 1.30 train back to England. After such a long journey the last thing we needed was the French customs debating whether or not to pull the car to pieces; luckily they decided against it [I was glad about that cos of all the art stuff I had in boxes and bags lol] and just had the drug dog run around the van and sniff it inside and out. No surprise that there was nothing to find - so heyho on our way.

Got back to find that I had some more ATCs delivered, namely from Peggy, Melissa and Carol for the Happiness Is Lottery on Artchix - just goes to show the delay due to the recent postal strikes - but better late than never.

The colours here at home are magnificent - the trees are all shades of red, gold and brown, a sight to behold. In stark contrast to the blue of the sea and the mountains in Spain.

Done my entry for the Tea Time Lottery when I got home and posted it to the artchix site, will have to get my stuff unpacked so that I can then get down to some serous work - so much to do and must find the time to do it!
That's it for this post
Take care



I was sitting watching TV last night and was wondering what to do in my journal; decided to do a zentangle, don't know if I have done it de riguer but hey I enjoyed it and loved the effect I achieved. More to the point I did a page for the journal and tried something new.

As it is Halloween today I would like to wish all those that take such joy out of this holiday a very Happy Halloween - hope you get lots of treats and don't have to do too many tricks!!!

Tomorrow here in Spain it is a national holiday, being All Saints Day or the Day of the Dead. All of Spain treats this as a national holiday so my last day here will not be spent shopping. Packing will be the order of the day in preparation for an early departure on Friday.
Today was spent in Alicante going around all the shops, husband and son went one way, me and daughter went around all the perfume, make up and fashion outlets - FUN!!!!


Homepage Art

Well I was in a state of shock this morning when I checked my mail and saw that I had been chosen to grace the Homepage of http://groups.yahoo.com/group/artchixstudio/ what an honor for me....Thank you....I shall smile all day....!!!!
There are such fantastic artists in this group and for that reason I am amazed that something by me has been chosen. My family think I am nuts but hey so what, maybe I am, but I don't care.


Ribbons and Lace

Today I got up determined to make it into the merceria in El Campello, and I did. China came with me and was totally bemused by my excitement at so much choice in Ribbons and Lace. To be honest I could have spent so much more time and money in there but didn't because I felt guilty. Not guilty for buying the ribbons and lace mind you, more guilty because a few people came into the shop just as I started to make my choices and as there was only one lady serving I felt that I should hurry it up and make my choices quickly; the upshot of this is that I shall have to return.....mmm that will be so hard for me!!!

I think because there is not such an aladdins cave of ribbons and lace where I live I should make the most of what is available to me whilst here.


This afternoon, I went for a walk up into the hills behind the house with Stuart and Stamford, took some photos of the villa from a totally different perspective.

Looking at this picture, The taller tower on the roof is my art room, for those of you who have never seen my villa before. That is where I go for my me time - sea views and mountain views and endless sky, what more perfect place could there be to work than that!

And here is my gorgeous dog Stamford, who absolutely loves the freedom here in Spain, he is such a big softyhe has come home and collapsed with exertion of running around in the hills. That is him settled for the night and that is the end of my entry for today. Going to see about doing a bit in my journal now, even if it is just prepping backgrounds.


Journal entry

Well I did say that I would try and do a journal page everyday, and so today I did just that.
I had thought of doing a page full of eyes because that is what I felt I should be doing. However,
once I started it all changed and I ended with the rainbow and random thoughts that popped into my
head. To be fair I am quite pleased with this page because I didnt get stressed doing it, I just went with
whatever I had a feel to do, so there you go Journal page 25th October.
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Journal pages

I bought myself a lovely journal a while ago, and ever since it has scared me....I dream of lots of things I want to do with it, but then I get scared about spoiling it so it never gets done!!!

Anyway now I have managed 3 pages and thought I would share them with you all - I have made a promise to attempt to do a bit of journalling everyday, hopefully I will succeed.

This is the start - so each day should hopefully see an improvement......

Well it rained.....so I finished the canvas

So with the rain persisting and hubby stuck up a mountain somewhere between here and Alicante I decided I could finish off the canvas shown in previous post.

Here it is, a small homage to LOVE....hope you like it.

So what have I been up to today

This morning I was determined to create "SOMETHING", I didn't want to let another day go by and go to bed wishing I had created a piece. So as the family were all out doing their thing I thought I would make a start. I have brought some canvas board with me to Spain so I applied some gesso to that and then painted over it with yellow ochre.(it actually looks beige in the picture but it is ochre, believe me). Then I stared at the canvas and decided that I would bite the bullet and try and do an image transfer. I selected an artchix www.artchixstudio.com picture to use and crossed my fingers as I applied it to the canvas. Hey ho it worked, the image transferred. I was so cock a hoop; I am still grinning as I write this lol.
Looking closely I realised that the clock and little bit of script was back to front, but hey in the scheme of things that is not so bad, at least the transfer was successful - and the piece has inadvertently named itself "If I could turn back the hands of time" - now I just have to develop it.

I also prepped a page for my journal which I am trying to develop.I have been inspired by Patty van Dorin (http://ramblingrose.typepad.com/journal/) who does such beautiful pages and Suzi blu (http://suziblu.blogspot.com/) who takes the fear out of journalling with some great tutorial videos. Another piece to develop!!!

Oh yes, whilst I was waiting for the gesso to dry etc. I created a little piece using artchix products again entitled "Mother Nature" which is at the top of the page next to the image transfer picture (must get the hang of putting pictures where I want them lol....)

This morning I am hoping to get to the merceria (haberdashers) here in EL Campello to pick out some laces, beads and ribbons such a beautiful collection is available, then I want to make a start on a matchbox advent calendar to decorate the villa at Christmas.

I am going to escape to my art room first as the rain is coming down so much, my lovely husband has gone out on his quad again, can't see him being out for too long so I shall do what I can whilst I can. I shall have a mountain of muddy clothes to wash when he gets back...boys and their toys!


Glorious sunset

Hi, I thought I would share this most glorious sunset with you, taken from my patio on Monday 22nd October, the sky looked as if it were on fire - absolutely breathtaking. My little piece of heaven in Coveta Fuma.

Lovely to be back here; the drive down was one of the best yet. France was like a ghost town, no traffic on the roads which was surprising as there was a strike on the public transport system, but hey, it could be that the French people were enjoying the Rugby World Cup final even though they were not finalists themselves.

China was on top form, singing all the way down, hence she had no voice by the time we arrived LOL. Jazz flew out on Sunday night as he played football for Croydon Juniors (beat Coney Hall 4-1).
When we got to the villa there was signs of all the rain that the area has had in the last few weeks, flooding in parts of the villa so insurers to send out assessors this week - seems to have been so much rain that it came off the mountain too quick and caused flooding - it will get sorted.

Brought lots of stuff with me to do crafting, shall get on to that tomorrow. Got a couple of projects that I need to start work on.
That will be it for this blog entry - just had to share the pic, xxxx


My Family


Thought I would share a picture of my family, taken at Steve and Toni's wedding.
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