Dreaming of sunshine

Oh the weather outside is freezing, Jack Frost was busy last night and the evidence of his work lasted all day. It was really slippery when I was walking Stamford my dog, thought I was going to go over but I didn't.
The sunshine is beckoning, countdown to Spain begins here!!
I was trying to sort out what craft stuff to take with me, essentials are the pages for my coffee table chunky book. But after that anything goes, and boy you should see what I have to take because "I just might need it!!!!" This holiday my darling husband has decided he has stuff he wants to take, and they are LARGE!!!! items, so I am trying hard to condense....no mean task.
Decided I needed a break so checked out blogs and came across this new blog (well new to me) by Linda in Oklahoma I love looking at blogs and enjoyed Linda's - I shall put it on my blog list soon.
That's it for today, catch you all tomorrow - or next day time permitting x

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Eastjewels said...

Dawn...where in Spain are you going? Don't forget your scissors and glue.LOL Thanks again for your compliments. Can't wait until you get back from Spain to see all of the treasures you collect for your future art work.
Linda (Okla)