Betty on the tree

Well I have had a bit of fun today, I decorated the tree, which is generally the 1st thing I do when I get here for Christmas - get me in the mood and all that.

Anyway the tree did have a traditional angel on the top but I changed it today! Check the photos - my daughter was sooooooooooo not impressed, lol, thinks it looks tacky! BETTY tacky!!! how dare she.......
I may take her down or I may leave her up, who knows - why not let me know what YOU think. Maybe I should have a poll.
The weather has been a bit cloudy today, but not as cold as England 18 degrees so I shouldn't complain...
I am going up to see my mates Rob and Tom at Cha Cha Muebles whilst here this time as they have had a new delivery since my last visit.
Christmas shopping still has to be done, important things got (what's that you ask) christmas crackers and cranberry sauce; turkey next thing to be purchased.
Yesterday went to the Carrefour (large supermarket like Walmart) and bought the best olives - they were plump ones stuffed with pimento and wrapped in a fresh anchovy (my little treat to me) extortionate price 27 euros a kilo!!! FOR OLIVES what is the world coming to?
needless to say I didn't buy a kilo just 7 euros worth.
What could you not live without over the festive period? Come on, tell me - it can be our secret lol.
That's it for now, going to disappear into art room to work on that Coffee table chunky book.
Later I am going to share with you all what the PW banner looks like with all three elements together, Carol has posted a picture so I shall blog it.


Eastjewels said...

Hi Dawn...Ilove your Betty Tree Topper...what do kids know. lol
I looked at the banners and they are just lovely. Those olives sound delicious...Merry Christmas to you guys, I know you will enjoy being a little warmer in Spain.
Linda (Okla)

paru's_circle said...

looks cool.. shes a star aint she? ;-)

Dawn said...

Yay!!!two girlies after my own heart - yes she IS a STAR!!!

paru's_circle said...

btw.. if you want the recipe for bottled olives (not the stuffed ones) please let me know, these though, take a few months to be adible

Tracy said...

Whee I love your sweet tree and Miss Boop to boot :)

Have a beautiful Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Dawn.

In January I will be renovating my Etsy shop by first having a 50% off everything sale ( maybe even 75% on the things that don't sell ), then I'm clearing out the shop entirely and will be focussing on making one type of item. At least this is how I'm feeling right now ;)

Take care Dawn, thanks also for your happy comments, Tracy :)

Gaby Bee. said...

I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season!

Linda Manning Findley said...

Betty looks so cute on top of the tree .... hope your Christmas was super .... here's to a great 2008 .... Linda F