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101 Posts! Unbelievable really that I have done so many posts. Who would have thought it. I love my blog, I wish I managed to write on it everyday but sometimes other things take over and before you know it the day is over...
I am amazed when I look at my neo counter and see how many people pop by and look at the blog and the diverse areas that they come from.
I get quite a few e mails from people who make remarks about something that I have shared on my blog, the tend to think that as they do not have a google account that they cannot leave a message.
This is not the case, when you go to "post a comment" you may choose the google account option, nickname (put in a nickname) or anonymous button and hey presto you may leave a comment.
I have started to copy and paste the body of e mails that I receive on posts and then to put them in their relevant place on my blog - the reason for this is that I cannot keep all my e mails on my computer so hey ho put them where they belong.

Bloglandia allows us all to communicate and share with people all over the world and it allows us to use our brains as we write about our lives, thoughts and ideas - Long may it continue...

The countdown to Christmas is here and the excitement is starting to mount, I have slowed down with most of my projects, mainly because I have to pack my things up soon - but I have lots going on.
Paper Whimsy Banner I have completed 2 out of 4 the other 2 should be completed this week - that said the 2 that are done shall be in the post to the States on Monday.
I have a Coffee Table Chunky to carry on with and a Gothic Arch book so excited about this.
Also attempting to make a couple of arty Christmas Presents.
Whilst in Spain I should manage to complete the 3 Pay if forward pieces and to do a piece for Pauline who left a comment on my 100th post.
That's it for today. Well just to say that I am happy cos Real Madrid one, as did Amir Khan - now keeping fingers crossed that Ricky Hatton will win his boxing match in America against Mayweather

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paru's_circle said...

i won.. i won.. thanks dear!
have a great xmas!