The theme for this weeks MixedMediaMonday is Wings. It is the time of year for Angels but I didn't go with this for my ATC I decided to incorporate it into my other love which is books.

I love to read, always have done. I hate it when I see books with corners turned down on pages to mark the place (buy a bookmark or better yet make one) and oh to see a book with a broken back breaks my heart.

Since getting into altered art I find that it is difficult for me to rip pages out of books, even to alter them, but now I am learning to tell myself that I am giving the books a new lease of life!!

Anyway Thank you for dropping by to look at my ATC hope you like it x


paru's_circle said...

this turned out really nice!!
i will look into this site the challenge is on right now!

Lincs Princess said...

Adore your artwork! I have problems with tearing pages from a book to alter... it plays havoc on the conscious the first time around (lol) It's part of being creative in the craft of Altering Books...I'm learning and..I'm enjoying... Charline

The Backporch Artessa said...

Hi Dawn! I try to look at my altered books as a "rescue mission!" I buy books that are worn out and broken to use. In my mind, they would just be thrown away otherwise. But I can rebuild them, change the binding, and make them glorious once again!

Eastjewels said...

Dawn...your ATC is precious, I am working on a series of 100 ATCs, called "I Wanna Be A Star" you may have seen some of them on my blog. I would love to trade one of them for one of yours if you are interested? Of course I'm not sure what I was thinking when I decided to make a series of 100, why couldn't I have done a series of 25? Oh well, my mother always said I was an over achiever. LOL
Linda (Okla)