3 down 1 to go!!!

The end is in sight,only my personal Y in FLY to go. Posted off the other 2 to American participants today so can exhale now!!!
Lorraine has hers as she is a neighbour and really good friend, her banner to me is absolutely divine. I shall post a picture when the L joins it (Lorraine did F)
No peace for the wicked got to get on with my other projects, may not get much done this week, Christmas shopping needs to be done and packing for Spain but I shall see how I go.
Ciao or should I be practising my Spanish and saying Adios.
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paru's_circle said...

this turned out real cool, dear..
could you change the blue words on the red background please, its kinda hard to read.

Dawn said...

Consider it done, hopefully it will be easier to read now, Thanks for pointing it out xx

Carrie said...

Hi Dawn - your banner is fab. I still havn't started mine but hope to over the weekend. I love the rich colours you chose. gorgeous work.