Up to the mountains

Today Stuart and I went out on a magical mystery tour - we headed up into the mountains to see where we would end up

We then passed this wonderful old house - this one looks like it has been recently abandoned; there are lots of abandoned fincas - some with collapsed roofs etc. The reason these beautiful old houses are abandoned is because the water supplying the homes has run out - imagine that you have a natural well where you water comes from, once this has gone it is impossible to continue to run it as a home.

I took lots of video footage and then we headed back to the coast to a pretty fishing village called Villajoyosa (pronounced Villahoyosa)
I love Villajoyosa, it is more built up now but there are still many quaint fishing homes still there to see - I believe it is a Spanish heritage sight.
Let me tell you about the fishermen's homes; as you can see they are all different colors. Why? well basically when the fishermen returned from a stint at sea and stopped of at a bar before heading home they could identify their homes by the colors - oh and when they were at sea they could identify their homes in this way too.

Can you see this quaint little door, see how tiny it is - the Spanish people for a long time were a tiny race - better diet has made that this generation is taller than their great grandparents and grandparents

The Spanish are very religious - especially in the small communities and a lot of the houses have religious images on like this one...

so there you have it - some photos from our lovely day, before I go let me tell you that we stopped at a lovely little Spanish restaurant - a very popular one judging by the number of clientele frequenting it... I really liked every about it, the food, the ambience... but I didn't like this..

this is a sparkling water that Stuart had with his lunch - I had a still water. However, I drank my bottle and as we were leaving I thought I would have a mouthful of Stuart's - believe me he nearly wore it, it took all of my will power not to spit it out - it was gross, like drinking alka seltzer or aspirin YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

Hope you enjoy the photos and if you want to use any then feel free to do so
Thanks and hugs till next time



So this is my creation today - using Caran D'ache crayons and prisma pencils - funny when you have to work with what you have to hand - no acrylic painting to speak of this holiday - one thing it is just easier to sit on the patio instead of going into my space to create...
I have a thing about Sassy and Angels going together - it works for me, what do you think?

another thing I LOVE is seeing Beach umbrellas... they always make me smile, the bright vivid colors with the blue sky as a backdrop - just an image I love, think I might have to do a painting one of these days...

and hey I thought I would share a painting I did about 1995 of my mother and father in laws villa - they love it and it hangs in their villa.. I took this photo as it was hanging on the wall.
Back in 1995 I went along to some water color classes with my friend Gabby and had fun doing it - but never believed that I produced anything noteworthy.... but this, I was pleased to give it as a pressie...

I can't believe that I have been here 4 weeks now... :-( one to go before I head home, looking forward to it cos the family are there but I would truly love to stay and live here FOREVER!!!!

Thanks for dropping by...

Hugs, Dawn


I did get something done

I have been so chilled on this holiday. The kids came out for a week so didn't get any blogging done, need to sort out pics to share.
I did decide to create today and thought i would show you my two new ladies in my journals - no words added yet, that will come...

This is the larger of the two - copics and acrylics used to create this girl with no name.

and this is in my bag size moleskine - prisma pencils and scrapbook papers used to create her.

I have some videos to share- not sure if I can do it on here so will investigate.

I have to tell you it is so hot here but i am so GLAD I am not in cold England!

Will blog again tomorrow xxxx



Today I have been married to my DH Stuart for 19 years... I love him dearly and guess what he is in England so this is the 1st Anniversary we have spent apart. He will be back with me tomorrow.
Went to a Quiz night with my mum in law and the parents of my sister in law. We got there and I said we have to sit at table 3 cos it is my anniversary. Proved to be a lucky table - we won 8 prizes on the raffle, a prize on the Bingo/Lotto and then we got a prize for coming 3rd - woop woop. Could have come joint 2nd actually because one of the questions was on the Wizard of Oz - What did the wicked witch of the West write in the sky with her broomstick (answer at the end of this post) my Stuart LOVES this film - I hate it, and he watches it whenever it is on, which is too often for my liking!

it did get embarrassing when our winning raffle tickets kept coming out - but hey we put in our 4 euros to support the dog charity and you have to be in it to win it!

I have been busy with my copic markers, practicing - trying to work out the best skin tones so the only way to do it is trial and error...

This was my 1st creation - done in the copic pad as the paper is bleed proof - I liked the tones on this but still need to practice with the layering and blending - to stop the harsh lines.

This one I drew in the pad and then cut around the girl and pasted it to scrapbook paper and added the text - in a moleskine journal.
The colors on this photo are not true - it is not as dark but looking at it I should have stuck with the colors I used for the 1st attempt - but like I said trial and error.

That's all for this post folks
Love and hugs DAWN XXX
OH yes and the answer was "surrender Dorothy"



My beautiful daughter China is 18 today and I am so proud of her. She is such an independent person, doesn't suffer fools gladly and is most definitely not a follower.
She does her own thing, her fashion style is hers - she doesn't conform to the norm, she wears what she likes and that is that! In her year book when she left school she had 2 awards - the 1st "THE MOST UNIQUE PERSON IN THE YEAR" and the 2nd "MOST LIKELY TO BE A MILLIONAIRE" so not bad really.

She is a loyal friend, she has had tough times where she has been bullied (mainly due to her hair color in the past) and gets hurt very easily. She hates a liar, she would rather you told her the truth - and if you do she doesn't judge you; so always be honest with China.
She is a generous soul too.
She can be moody at times, and won't EVER back down if she is right.... she will have the last word if she thinks she is right. If she is wrong she is quick to acknowledge and apologise.
Her bedroom, well that is a different story - China could be a nomad - she could live out of a suitcase - oh wait she does when she comes off holiday, I have known her to take 3 months to empty a suitcase.
She is a talented singer, she used to love art till her art teacher drained her so much that now she doesn't bother - she loves photography.
She is loved by her 2 big brothers Dwain and Jazz, woe betide any boy who hurts her!
Daddy's girl too - wraps him round her little finger - BUT they have moments when they clash big time and I have to step in to be referee....

So for the 18 years of happiness my daughter has given me, I salute her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHINA - LOVE YOU MILLIONS XXXX



Life is about dreams and making them come true if you can don't you think. If it is not within your power to make a dream come true for yourself then maybe someone somewhere will make your dreams happen.
I have had a dream for a while now that for my 50th I would visit the U.S.A. and attend one of the many art retreats that I read about on other people's blogs. I sit and day dream about doing it, not really believing that it could happen - but the dreaming, well that is a part of me.
I was chatting to my DH the other day and he knows that he is having a MAJOR surprise for his 50th this year, kids harp on about how he will love it etc. etc. but he hasn't got a clue what his surprise is... but it is HIS DREAM that I am making a reality.

Imagine my surprise when I told him about my dream and his response was "well you better look into it then!" I was totally gobsmacked, my DH God love him, loves me around, hates to be apart so I never for a million years BELIEVED that he would say it would be okay to live my DREAM.
I AM SO EXCITED.... Okay my 50th isn't till next July but hey if I find the perfect Art Fest to go to whether it is before or after then I shall have the chance to go.... so I need your help here folks, if you could recommend anywhere then let me know asI don't know where to start!
I am so hoping that I will have the chance to attend with some of YOU my online friends.

I created this journal page

and guess what folks I transferred it from my camera to my mac and then uploaded it here to blogger so I am mighty proud of that achievement!!!! maybe I can get to like this computer after all!
Now all I need to do is work out how to sharpen it.... I have photoshop so maybe I should have a play.
Anyway I hope to get some feedback from you all

Hugs till next time....Dawn