I did get something done

I have been so chilled on this holiday. The kids came out for a week so didn't get any blogging done, need to sort out pics to share.
I did decide to create today and thought i would show you my two new ladies in my journals - no words added yet, that will come...

This is the larger of the two - copics and acrylics used to create this girl with no name.

and this is in my bag size moleskine - prisma pencils and scrapbook papers used to create her.

I have some videos to share- not sure if I can do it on here so will investigate.

I have to tell you it is so hot here but i am so GLAD I am not in cold England!

Will blog again tomorrow xxxx


peggy gatto said...

I can see your art evolving and becoming more beautiful as you create!!

Healing Woman said...

I love both of your lovely ladies. Those moleskins are fun to work in aren't they? Someone said to get the purple covers for collages because they have thicker pages.
Wish I were in Spain too! Have fun.


Barbara/myth maker said...

That first woman is very powerful; not somebody to be messed with, it seems. The second one is soft, maybe looking out the window after her lover has just left.
I like what you're doing.