The Beauty around me..

I thought I would share these photos with you, taken whilst walking my dog Stamford. We have had a long old winter but now the signs of Spring and the coming Summer are starting to appear.
At this time of year it is magical to walk through the woods and to see all the Bluebells that have been dormant waiting for the warm rays of the sun to awaken them. Well that time is now, and what a sight it is to see the blue haze, because that is what it looks like, of the Bluebells.
It is a joy to walk and listen to the birds, to see the squirrels jumping from tree to tree and the occasionally deer (if you are lucky). So I say Thank you for this and wanted to share it with you...

Not been very creative the last week or so - working on a canvas when I get the time but on the whole, very quiet.
I did make this ATC this morning for the April lottery over on Paper Whimsy, there are some beautiful cards for this months lucky winner, the theme is Flowers.

I bought the Tim Holtz paper stacks, they are gorgeous let me tell you. I used one of the papers (which was ATC sized)for the background, put crackle paste on it and let it do it's magic, I cut out a chair for the girl to sit on and the words are rub ons, embellished with flowers and swarovski crystals.

So there you have it my completed ATC.

Whatever you have been doing, Hope you have had fun xxx


Eggs and Survivor....

I was walking past a florists in town the other day, it was closed but in the window I spied these twigs and these nests on sticks... fell in love with them and was gutted that the shop was shut. I finally managed to get back in on Tuesday and the twigs were in the window but the eggs in the nest were not.... I walked into the shop and asked the lady if the twigs were for sale, she said they were window decoration but could let me have them for a £1, what a bargain I thought, so of course I had to have them. I then mentioned the eggs in the nest and she stated that they were window dressing for Easter but they were in her store room. She said that there were only 3 but if I wanted them I could have them for £1.99 each, I was so excited and totally agreed on the price . I was egg-cited to see them wrapped up knowing I was taking them home with me.

This is my lastest canvas, a 16 x 16. I started her a while ago but was not happy with her nose so it sat there until I decided the time had come to sort it out.
This piece is my Survivor Goddess, it is for all those women who have had Cancer and survived it... that is why I have done it in the pinks. The headscarf is a paper napkin, I then painted flowers to make it upbeat.
I must admit to taking pleasure looking at it now as I managed to correct it....
That is it for this post as I really must go and do some food shopping (hate food shopping!) but the old man is moaning about being bored so I shall take him with me for a change.
Thanks again for dropping by xxxx


PW Swap and a Canvas

WOW! what a delightful swap gift I received in the post, you may recall I was in a PaperWhimsy "Whimsy Word Journal" swap... well my Journal came today and I LOVE it, check this out.... wouldn't you just love a Journal like this, I love that Lynda Ozzauto personalised it for me, Lynda if you drop by and read this I have to say A BIG THANK YOU for creating such a magnificent Journal xxx

My car was in for a service today, so living where I do it meant that I was confined indoors. Well within the limits of my house and garden. The sun was shining it was such a mild, sunny day that I decided to cut the grass.
I also thought I might see what I could come up with today. I started off sticking papers to a canvas, like a patchwork and following on from the theme of my last endeavour I decided to do a Patchwork Quilt in homage of Nature.
Once I started I couldn't stop. I then painted a Frida Kahlo-esque lady on it, not Frida but inspired by her. Then I added painted butterflies, added strips of shredded paper with text on as a nest, some birds, some flowers and I ended up with a piece that I think is quite good.
I used some jewel beetle wings that I got from Hannah Grey Curiosities The bird at the bottom in the middles was from Kristin Hubick and I just thought it might work on this piece.
Added prima flowers which I got from Paper Whimsy few stamps and rub ons and voila a finished piece.

So that is it for another blog post, Thanks again for dropping by BIG HUGS XXXX



I was wondering who would be the winner of my Giveaway, there were 27 in the pot and I used Random.Org to choose the Winner....

The number 22 came up - who was the Winner, I counted through and found the name that was alongside No.22....
So I would like to Congratulate the Winner, she will be receiving a copy of Tim Holtz's new book "Compendium of Curiosities" and then something created by me of her choice....what will she choose, a canvas, a shrine, an altered piece - the choice is hers.

A bouquet for the Winner and MANY, MANY THANKS to those of you who visit my blog and share my journey with me... I love to touch base with you all through my blog SO THANK YOU!

Now you are probably wondering who was the winner....without further ado I announce the winner as


so Trish CONGRATULATIONS - you need to e mail me with your snail mail addy and to let me know what it is you would like....
ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU ALL - some time soon I will have another Giveaway, but for now, Thanks for entering xxxx


Blessed by Mother Nature

On a recent dog walk with Lorraine we regularly passed a skip as a house was being cleared out.

I rescued this old wicker pram, I was so happy to give it a home.
I also managed to rescue some boards, you know the type that backs wardrobes, I struggled home with them must to the amusement of Lorraine. I then asked my neighbour Gordon to cut them up to workable sizes and today I decided to use one to paint on.
After gessoing it a couple of times I then painted and collaged this piece, as you can see it says "We are Blessed by Mother Nature". I just felt like doing this piece as all around I see the signs of Spring, snowdrops and daffodils (sure Dana sang a song starting off with those words)birds busy collecting for their nests, buds on the trees and it makes me feel so HAPPY.... so as an homage to the beauty of all that is around us I created this....

I am relatively pleased with the results, as I look at it I see places where it could be tweaked, but on the whole - yeah I like it.
Today is supermarket shopping day, banking etc. so don't think I will get much done, oh well the joys of life lol.
Whatever you are doing, whereever you are doing it have fun and accept my THANKS again for visiting xxx Dawn


Suzi Blu Inspired

I am am member of Suzi Blu's Petite Academy and had signed up for the Goddess class. I haven't really done any of my ladies a la Suzi, instead opting for my own style. I have learned so much from her class though in respect of getting the facial features right. Anyway thought that I would have a play last night when everyone was at football and this is the Goddess I created.
I must admit to having such fun doing this. Just to release myself and do the hair green and bright and then to add all the finishing touches was a blast. Strange doing this but I did enjoy creating her. I enjoyed the challenge.

As mentioned previously Stuart and China went to watch Jazz playing, Sutton United were winning 4 -2 and with about 5 mins to go Stuart decided to leave for home, China had driven her brother to the game so had to wait for the match to finish - lucky for her she did because Jazz had to take a free kick. He came home buzzing about the most amazing goal he felt that he had ever scored in his life, 35 yards out, with a 4 man wall in front of him and he struck it into the top right hand corner of the net....I have seen him score some amazing goals but to him this was the best ever. I knew about it before Stuart due to the wonder of Twitter! He was gutted that he missed it - that's what happens when you leave a game before the end! Lesson learned methinks.
I am busy working on a piece on board at the moment and I am pleased with the progress so far, look forward to sharing it with you all.
That's it for today, I try to keep posts brief so as not to bore you - but hey, Thanks for dropping by BIG HUGS XXX

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The postman came today and left me a parcel, I was bemused because I wasn't expecting anything,and it had an American postmark. Curiosity was piqued so I opened it excitedly and this is what I found....

this delightful flower pot with oh so pretty flowers made out of buttons. So cute. Let me tell you about how I got it; over on Facebook there is a group called Craft it Forward. The idea is that you join the group, post that you want to Craft it Forward or sign up under someones comment that you want to be a part of their Craft it Forward and hey presto you could end up with something magical like this in your postbox. Oh yes, and if you do decide to Craft it Forward you commit to making whatever it is that you wish by the end of the year, simple.
Thank you to Helen Slabodukh who is a Craft Project Co-Ordinator for Blumenthal Lansing Company - more than buttons some fabulous stuff on their website.

Then I thought I better do a bit of catch up with my Zodiac Journal, did a quick spread for Aquarius - here she is

Thought I should get the paints out for this one.
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you never know it could be you winning.
Thanks for dropping by, I couldn't do my blog without you - you make it all worthwhile by visiting xxxx



I didn't have a car today so had to stay in.... what to do, what to do? I decided to whizz through the housework and then get into my room and draw. I created this lady in my watercolor moleskine... love my moleskines. I wanted to draft a painting and this is where my journey took me.
I used my caran d'ache crayons to create my angel and then I cut out some of the Paper Whimsy backgrounds that were surplus to another project and used them for the wings and the plaque. They were printed on Claudine Hellmuth's sticky back canvas sheets and I felt that they would give the piece some dimension.
I wanted to try and get her to look petulant, you know, as if she is saying this is me... take it or leave it. I think it works, what do you think?

I was thinking about it and I think that I have got back into my people cos at the moment I feel like a non person at times, I say something and get snapped at, I question whether I am allowed an opinion - so I find solace in my art. I have my music on and go off into my own little space and come out the other side feeling happy, and hey, that is what it is all about isn't it - creating our own bit of happiness.

I am amazed to see that I have had 18,001 visitors to my blog since I started it - I never dreamed that when I first started that I would have so many people drop by, it is fantastic... and so in honour of that I am having a GIVEAWAY....YEP a good old giveaway.... The prize, mmm not sure yet - well not sure of all of it BUT this is part of the prize click on the hilighted words in brown to see the book....which is part of the prize.
I have 2 copies so one can go to a new home - AND there will be something else - YOU DECIDE. Would you like one of my paintings? a hand made journal, a piece of altered jewellery.... leave a comment to be in with a chance,ON THIS POST and don't forget to say what you would like if you won.
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who visits, and GOOD LUCK



Secret Smile

Here is my current work in progress, in a journal. I haven't picked up my pencils since I did the picture of Renee and today I promised myself that come what may I would do so.
Oh what a joy it was to hold the pencils in my hand, this is what I created. My lady has a secret, will she reveal it as the piece progresses or will it remain a secret. I haven't decided yet, I will just go with the flow.
I created her with Prisma pencils and inked the flowers.
I will leave her alone while I decide what more to do with her.

This weekend for me has been mainly about football. F.A. CUP semi finals, Chelsea won yesterday 3 - 0 against Aston Villa, so they go to Wembley for the final. Tottenham playing Portsmouth as I write for the 2nd place in the final, would love to see Portsmouth go through, they have been relegated had awful money worries so a bit of good news would be nice for the supporters.
Jazz is still doing well with his football, played for 1st team on Thursday (Sutton Utd) after winning with the Reserves in the Cup final on Wednesday.... then a trip to Canvey Island yesterday, even though he didn't play. His passion is still there.

My beloved Real Madrid lost the El Clasico against Barcelona so I hope that does not mean that they end up runners up in the League, time and matches will tell.

That's it for this post, Thank you for stopping by - big hugs xxxx



So here I am partaking in another PAPER WHIMSY project. This time we had to make a room based on a favourite poem, childhoodstory, character. I chose Cinderella as this has always been my fave of the Disney movies, it enchanted me as a child so I thought as I am making an Enchanting Room what better subject for me.
And here it is...

if we pull back the cover to the box we can reveal the inside...


VIEW FROM THE SIDE with GUS I adored Gus in the film, such a cutie!


such fun to create and this is for a swap, so I just have to wait and see who my swap partner is going to be.
If you want inspiration to create your own room(s) this is the book for you it is fabulous, lots of Paper Whimsy images and artists were used in the making of this book, along with others - I am so proud of all my friends.
IMAGINE the fun YOUcould have creating a whole house.... give it a go, it's a blast.

Glad to have been able to post about this project as my internet has been on/off since last week, a pain in the backside, but seems to be sorted now....
I have more to share but will keep this post for the project

THANKS AGAIN for dropping by xxx