Suzi Blu Inspired

I am am member of Suzi Blu's Petite Academy and had signed up for the Goddess class. I haven't really done any of my ladies a la Suzi, instead opting for my own style. I have learned so much from her class though in respect of getting the facial features right. Anyway thought that I would have a play last night when everyone was at football and this is the Goddess I created.
I must admit to having such fun doing this. Just to release myself and do the hair green and bright and then to add all the finishing touches was a blast. Strange doing this but I did enjoy creating her. I enjoyed the challenge.

As mentioned previously Stuart and China went to watch Jazz playing, Sutton United were winning 4 -2 and with about 5 mins to go Stuart decided to leave for home, China had driven her brother to the game so had to wait for the match to finish - lucky for her she did because Jazz had to take a free kick. He came home buzzing about the most amazing goal he felt that he had ever scored in his life, 35 yards out, with a 4 man wall in front of him and he struck it into the top right hand corner of the net....I have seen him score some amazing goals but to him this was the best ever. I knew about it before Stuart due to the wonder of Twitter! He was gutted that he missed it - that's what happens when you leave a game before the end! Lesson learned methinks.
I am busy working on a piece on board at the moment and I am pleased with the progress so far, look forward to sharing it with you all.
That's it for today, I try to keep posts brief so as not to bore you - but hey, Thanks for dropping by BIG HUGS XXX

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Christy said...

She is very cute... but glad you are developing your own style, I can spot a Suzi student in a heart beat because no matter what they still resemble Suzi's style. Love the green hair choice, I don't see why you can't play with color with hair or such... just look at some of mine (green faces of all things LOL). I'm doing really good on the comments here I gotta say hehe! Have a happy day and congrats to Jazz.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what joy you get out of copying the same sad-sack eyes from a mediocre artist???

Dawn said...

Anonymous as you see I published your comment - free speech is allowed but I would have had more respect for you if you had put your name to the post.... so why didn't you?
I said it was Suzi Blu inspired and it was but if you read the post and checked out my other faces/people you would see I do my own thing anyway

barbara burkard said...

LOVE you and LOVE your art...i see a dawn twist in that lovely art...and how can i not love LAVENDER eyes!!!
It was great fun skyping today!!! Give Enzo a pat on the head for me! lol...and can't wait to see pics!
As for the "missing the highlight of the game" Robbie bowled since he was 4 years of age...i was at every saturday morning lesson and games...the ONE WEEKEND I HAD TO WORK....he called and said he had bowled a PERFECT GAME!!! AND I MISSED IT!!! i totally understand!


Anonymous said...

Dawn....this is lovely. I love the colors and I love the inspiration. You're REALLY coming into your own. I've been watching what you've been doing...and I can see that you're getting comfortable with your muse and starting to let go and really coming up with some great paintings. Keep going!

Christy Laudig

Julia said...

Your Goddess is fab Dawn, I love the colours. Every time I look at what you have done and how you're progressing and improving I get a little bit nearer to having a go myself with painting. You're an inspiration Dawn.
When I see one of your paintings I immediately know it's yours but it's good fun to see you try another style :o)