The postman came today and left me a parcel, I was bemused because I wasn't expecting anything,and it had an American postmark. Curiosity was piqued so I opened it excitedly and this is what I found....

this delightful flower pot with oh so pretty flowers made out of buttons. So cute. Let me tell you about how I got it; over on Facebook there is a group called Craft it Forward. The idea is that you join the group, post that you want to Craft it Forward or sign up under someones comment that you want to be a part of their Craft it Forward and hey presto you could end up with something magical like this in your postbox. Oh yes, and if you do decide to Craft it Forward you commit to making whatever it is that you wish by the end of the year, simple.
Thank you to Helen Slabodukh who is a Craft Project Co-Ordinator for Blumenthal Lansing Company - more than buttons some fabulous stuff on their website.

Then I thought I better do a bit of catch up with my Zodiac Journal, did a quick spread for Aquarius - here she is

Thought I should get the paints out for this one.
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Christy said...

Your button pot is adorable. What a great little gift!

Debby said...

Dawn, what a sweet gift, it is so colorful and so unique, love it. Your new painting is also very beautiful.

Diane said...

Hi Dawn, just coming over from Suzi's site--I have to follow your blog--I love your art!!

inventivesoul said...

That button flower pot piece is SO COOL!
~*NICE!*~ surprise!!!
~*Have a happy day!*~

barbara burkard said...

what fun!!!! sweet button blooms!!!