More Beads (couldn't resist)


couldnt resist showing these beads, I wrapped gold thread round two of them and then the bumpy ones had seed beads and tube beads sprinkled on to them when the utee was wet. Loved the way it changed the whole look of them.
Thats all folks....:-)
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Paper Beads

Wowza!!! had a lot of fun today trying something new, paper beads for the challenge or should I say lesson on the Artists Circle yahoo group.

The first thing I did was take a brown paper bag and then I randomly painted it with my acrylic dabbers in greens and copper. When it had dried I stamped on it and left to dry.
Once it had dried I rolled it round straws and stuck it down with glue. After this process I dipped it in utee to give them a glassy look.

This is what I ended up with, the utee melt pot I have had for a while but never really used it. I have lots of the paper left so I shall make some more beads, and try and add different embellishments to them.
I will have a stash of beads to hang on fibres etc. to decorate projects.I will cut some of them down so that they are smaller, I am so proud of myself - another 1st, I seem to be having a lot of them lately, but hey it's good to do something new as often as possible

ART from the HEART Book Giveaway

How would you like to win this book, the winner (there will be 2 winners) will walk away with this book courtesy of the author Catherine Matthews Scanlon
Go to her blog and read how to enter...GOOD LUCK!!


ATCs for Lyric Swap

I had to create 3 ATCs for a lyric swap on the yahoo ATC_group here are my submissions.

This 1st one is from the song "Ha Ha Said the Clown by Manfred Mann. It is a simple ATC with the image added to the background.

The second one is from a song called Sideshow, it is a song I have always loved, can't remember who sang it but the lyrics have always stayed with me.

The last one is Tears of a Clown by Smokey Robinson, I just used a polymer clay face on which I drew some tears then drew on the hat and ruffle.

Hope you like them.


Vintage Fan Swap

So another project is complete! I had to create 6 fan blades for a swap on Paper Whimsy the theme being Victoria Vingtage Romance - Sing me a song being the theme of my group.
Now I have to get them in the post and eagerly await my blades from the other participants in my group.


Shadow Box Doll


Here is my latest creation, I am posting it on my blog for those of you who are not in the Paper Whimsy to see.
It is a shadow box paper doll. My shadow box was a tray to hold childrens blocks in its former life. I covered the box with papers from Tuscan Rose I then made the paper doll using Paper Whimsy girl and ribbon, mounted on to thick cardstock. I gave the doll her own dolly to hold, this was found in the childrens craft section of a local shop. I cut out a Paper Whimsy face and stuck it onto the dolly. The edges were trimmed with lace and then flowers, buttons and beads added for embellishment - and there you have it; the only thing left to do is to put the small dowels and wire for hanging (made by my lovely neighbour, Gordon).
Then it will be flying across the ocean to live with Linda East in Oklahoma. I have written a "poem" on the reverse introducing Betty and her doll Boop to her. This was fun to make - on to my next project a fan (of course I will post pictures when it is completed).




Gothic Arch Swap

Over on Paper Whimsy yahoo group I have been involved in a Gothic Arch book swap. We had to do the front and back of 3 arches, this is what I did "Faith, Hope and Charity". This was my 1st gothic arches and I am pleased with the results.
I now have to start work on a fan which should be fun, Heather Robinson is in my group and has submitted her fan already check out her blog. This works like this, we had to make 6 blades then swap 5 with others in group and one goes for charity fan. The theme for my group is Victorian vintage sepia - "Sing me a song". I shall be working on them this week and hope to mail to States by Wednesday. Lots of other projects to keep me busy this month, so much to do and so little time - isn't that always the way.


A couple of ATC's

I have been working on my coffee table chunky (for treasurearttrends) so have not really done much else lately - anyway the pages are going into the post today. I decided I wanted to do something quick just for a change so created these 2 ATCs. I now have to do a set of gothic arch pages but trying to decide on look I want to achieve. I will post when done.
I joined ZNE this week, don't know who invited me - but happy to join as they have a fabulous UK group within the group.
My daughter had the results of her mock exams yesterday and she did better than she thought she would so now she is ready to move on to face the real thing. Hallelujah! she is so full of self doubt that the results actually have done her the world of good.
That's it for this post x


Shoes....don't you just love them!!!


Oh my gosh I am so excited because I bought these beautiful shoes, I absolutely adore them. My daughter thinks they are awful but hey what does she know?!!!
A girl can't have too many shoes now can she? when I saw these they shouted out at me to buy them, I tried one size on (my normal size) and they were too big so my dh said try the smaller size, I did, not holding out much hope that they would fit...but think Cinderella - those shoes were made for me. So I rushed to the cash desk to pay and walked out of the shop one happy bunny! Just had to share with you :-)
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Birthday Present

This is for my friend
for her upcoming birthday, I am posting because I know that she will not have
the time to look at my blog before the weekend.
I have basically painted the cover in "Bottle" arcylic dabber and then added
some copper pearl ex to Golden Glass bead gel applied that and then when it
dried dabbed some of the bottle over the top. I used rusty vines from Paper Whimsy
the image was from Tuscan Rose. (The collage sheet is 390 Dwell in possibilities) Patty has some wonderful images on her website and her blog which can be found by clicking here is full of inspirational imagery. I wrapped copper wire round the image and then
added some copper letters on the top of this. Down the left side I have put some
clear beads.
The back is decorated basically the inside jacket covers are decorated with directory
sheets and I will add some fibres to the spine and that will be it.
I am actually pleased with this because I have worked with limited supplies so to put it together is a bonus for me.
Edited post: I looked at the image on my blog and thought the book looked to plain so I added ribbon and fibres to the spiral spine. I also thought I would share the inside front, back covers and the back cover. Done deal!!!

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Mistakes...I made a few!

Isn't it funny when we set out to do something
and it turns out differently to what we expected. I sprayed
a sheet of 140lb watercolor
paper with adirondack color
wash in terracotta and green.
I put it outside to dry and then
forgot about it! This morning
I found the paper and where
it had rained overnight it
produced the effect that
you see.
I always spray inside a cardbox
pizza box and where the paper
had been protected it stayed
speckled like when I sprayed.
The big yellow areas are where
the paper was exposed to the rain.
So by mistake I ended up with
this lovely effect which can be cut
up and incorporated into ATCs or
whatever else might need a back
ground - HAPPY mistake!
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1st Promise kept

At the end of last year I promised someone (I mention no names) that I would create a piece for them.
Bloglandia is a wonderful place, it enables us all to communicate with like minded people, make new friends
and share art.
The person who this journal is for is one of the people I have met through bloglandia and have connected with.
I have the persons name ready to go on the cover of the journal but don't want to spoil the surprise at this moment
in time so have taken the photo before adding the name.
I have another 3 pieces to make for different people so that is why I say 1st promise kept.
The year has started of with so many exciting projects to get involved with and I can't wait to get started.
I am restricted at the moment because I have left all my acrylic dabbers, crackle paints, ink pads, re-inkers etc. in Spain
I am now waiting for the replacements to arrive so that I can crack on. The post man is going to be sick of me rushing out to see if there is any post for me.
On this cover I painted with gesso first, then applied crackle paint. I then decided to put some Golden glass bead gel mixed with silver pearl ex over the top of this randomly. I sprayed Tim Holtz grungeboard hinges with moonglow and adhered with Golden heavy matt gel.
After that it was just a case of adding the other embellishments. The image is from Tuscan Rose (collage sheet 345 Fragments 5)Inside I have aged the edges of the pages and voila a project accompli.
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Benidorm Palace

Just thought I would share these photos of our night out at Benidorm Palace, this is such a fantastic value venue.
Superb food and the show - AMAZING!!!! The dancers do everything from Flamenco, Chorus Lines, Irish style River dancing and everything in between it is a wonderful night out.
China, my daughter amazed me with her beauty on that night - she dazzled and was so full of confidence (she normally is a self doubter) but she felt good because of the way Hach had done her make up and because of her dress (which she chose after much parading in and out of changing rooms with different styles).
Jazz and Hach were so happy as a couple, loves young dream then, but not now, seems my son can't be faithful due to the distance of where we all live. Shame !
Others in photos are Bruce and Trudy, Bill and Stuart and myself.
Spot the teeny weeny one - I am the midget in the family now.
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Mr. Picassohead

If you want a little fun go here and see what sort of Picasso masterpiece you can come up with.
I did one (goldbettyboop and one dawnie g)
It is cool application.

Mr. Picassohead