Mistakes...I made a few!

Isn't it funny when we set out to do something
and it turns out differently to what we expected. I sprayed
a sheet of 140lb watercolor
paper with adirondack color
wash in terracotta and green.
I put it outside to dry and then
forgot about it! This morning
I found the paper and where
it had rained overnight it
produced the effect that
you see.
I always spray inside a cardbox
pizza box and where the paper
had been protected it stayed
speckled like when I sprayed.
The big yellow areas are where
the paper was exposed to the rain.
So by mistake I ended up with
this lovely effect which can be cut
up and incorporated into ATCs or
whatever else might need a back
ground - HAPPY mistake!
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Carol ~ Spirit's Journey Designs said...

I love when that happens...a real flopportunity! Now how are you going to re-create it? LOL xx