Gothic Arch Swap

Over on Paper Whimsy yahoo group I have been involved in a Gothic Arch book swap. We had to do the front and back of 3 arches, this is what I did "Faith, Hope and Charity". This was my 1st gothic arches and I am pleased with the results.
I now have to start work on a fan which should be fun, Heather Robinson is in my group and has submitted her fan already check out her blog. This works like this, we had to make 6 blades then swap 5 with others in group and one goes for charity fan. The theme for my group is Victorian vintage sepia - "Sing me a song". I shall be working on them this week and hope to mail to States by Wednesday. Lots of other projects to keep me busy this month, so much to do and so little time - isn't that always the way.


altered melissa said...

ya know im really into the whole arch thing but i really like these!!

Dawn said...

Thank you Melissa x

paru's_circle said...

really awesome!!!