Benidorm Palace

Just thought I would share these photos of our night out at Benidorm Palace, this is such a fantastic value venue.
Superb food and the show - AMAZING!!!! The dancers do everything from Flamenco, Chorus Lines, Irish style River dancing and everything in between it is a wonderful night out.
China, my daughter amazed me with her beauty on that night - she dazzled and was so full of confidence (she normally is a self doubter) but she felt good because of the way Hach had done her make up and because of her dress (which she chose after much parading in and out of changing rooms with different styles).
Jazz and Hach were so happy as a couple, loves young dream then, but not now, seems my son can't be faithful due to the distance of where we all live. Shame !
Others in photos are Bruce and Trudy, Bill and Stuart and myself.
Spot the teeny weeny one - I am the midget in the family now.
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AnnieElf said...

Hello Dawn, It's Annie from the ATC Yahoo group you recently joined. Thought I would drop in here and say hello at your blog as well. Please stop by and visit me as well. Welcome to atc world, AnnieElf.

Eastjewels said...

Dawn...China is so beautiful...she looks so much like her Mom, no wonder she is beautiful. When you are that young you don't need make-up...but they think they do....
Linda (Okla)