Computer has crashed

So if you are visiting I am posting this to let you know that I have internet access issues at this moment in time.
Fortunately it was picked up this morning and fingers crossed it will be fixed soon. It is not until you can't just pick it up every day that you realise how reliant you become on having it to hand.
I miss just being able to check out blogs etc. and popping by to see how my friends are all doing :(
Just know that I am missing you all and will be back posting as soon as I can! I had backed up my computer so hopefully all my photos and online class videos will be safe and I will be able to put them back on.
China is still at college at the moment ( I had to amend that from school as I still think of her as my baby at school :) ) so I am using her computer to let you have this update. Believe me when she comes home she is on it and I don't get a look in, college work more important than mums socialising lol.
So take care and look out for me - in the words of Arnie "I'll be back"
hugs xxxx


Every little helps...

I am posting a piece from Izabella in respect of Joanna Pierotti's husband Ron. I would like to stress that I have posted the widget to the sidebar to contribute BUT and I cannot stress this enough, having posted this I do not want any one who visits my blog to feel that they HAVE to contribute.
Times are hard globally at the moment and for some people monetary aid is a no no BUT
PRAYERS are FREE and so I hope that if you are struggling at this time that you can keep Ron and Joanna in your prayers. THANK YOU

The following is what Izabella had to say...

"So today, I ask you once again to put your prayers and good thoughts into action - this time for Ron Pierotti, husband of beloved ZNE member, JoAnnA Periotti. Ron has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and this week he and JoAnnA were informed that without immediate surgery, Ron could die within the month.

This is an unthinkable terrifying situation, complicated by the fact that due to the economy, Ron was recently laid off, and he is without health insurance. JoAnnA needs our words of support and encouragement, you can find her ZNE Page, here:


And fellow ZNE-er Izabella Pierce put together a Chip-In widget for those of you who can contribute even a dollar or two - these donations will go directly to the Pierotti's to assist in the expenses they face right now."

blog can be accessed by clicking on her name



You would not BELIEVE how lucky I was today... I saw the Postman coming up the path with an arm full of parcels ALL FOR ME....JOY OF JOYS!!! Not a bill in sight.
I just have to share with you what he brought from near and far....

So this was from SarahD here in England an ATC Block which was part of a PW swap that Sara hosted and a gorgeous bottle decorated with beeswax,lace, mesh and soldering with a delightful image on it too... THANK YOU Sarah I will treasure them ALWAYS.

And from DAWN MARIE in the U S of A I recieved a box of never ending artful creations and art supplies.
The cardbox had lavender scattered in the bottom, can you close your eyes and smell it? beautiful; there were music sheets used to wrap the gifts within and old ledger pages... wonderful, so useful too!
Another small package wrapped in vintage wallpaper and tied with the softest, prettiest ribbon held these flash cards and these wonderful bird stamps - can't wait to use them... ooooooooooh!

Ribbons and lace wrapped so lovingly in the music papers, a vintage cotton reel with gorgeous beaded thread and finished off with a button - such attention to detail xxxx
the art work - firstly this miniature canvas with Queen of Hearts on it - is that me lol...
and this one with the most delicate ribbon and I LOVE the color of the canvas. the tiny stars, the gorgeous girl - the sentiment "Believe in You" how could you fail to love this?
and still there was MORE.... this double sided heart creation,STUNNING - can you believe all these goodies - I was in shock, happy shock though :-)

This dye will be fun to use...

Dawn included some paint swatches - the little cards to help y0ou decide on the color of paint you want, well let me tell you here in England the swatches tend to be inchie size if you are lucky or slightly bigger rarely. Now Dawn sent me the swatches but the next 2 pictures show art work she has created using them as backgrounds - AMAZING, LOVE THEM!!!

AND just got to show you the box that all these goodies fit into - soft delicate, lady like paper, with a jewelled centre piece, how pretty is this? and can you see that hessian sachet - filled with lavender! Dawn has thought of it all

In the box of delights there was also a little doll and a HAND MADE Leather journal, the pictures came out blurry so I will add pictures tomorrow when I have the light to take a quality picture.


Today I have been..

I started by making this ATC Shrine; I purchased it a while back from SSP - Small Studio Productions Have you visited the shop yet? if not you really should you will be in for a treat. This little shrine has been decorated with Graphic 45 papers - the papers from here are absolutely to die for, the papers really lend themselves to so many projects and the quality is superb.
This particular paper is called Eden's Symphony from the Botanicabella range. Again if you have never seen these papers then you are really missing out.



and then as the family was out at football I thought "I know I will make my tussy mussy" and so I set to work. Tussy Mussy? what is that? you may ask. Well for those of you this side of the pond it is an american tradition and I will quote Janella here as to the tradition

May Day dates back to early Rome where it was a celebration of "fertility". It was celebrated every year about the same time, honoring the Goddess of Spring ~ FLORA. Over time, the tradition changed somewhat. Americans use the day a bit differently. The custom became more romantic. A basket or cone was filled with flowers and sweet treats and left at a "special someones" door. The presenter rang the doorbell and ran away. The recipient was then supposed to catch the giver and give them a kiss.

So here we are on another PW Project and here are some images of mine...

The inside of the cone is filled with goodies, a marzipan rabbit, a hand painted egg, flowers and more marzipan.

The cone was made using a Graphic 45 paper, some flower ribbon, PW GIRL and lace flowers from the PW shop.

So that has been how I have spent my Easter Monday, hope you had fun too...


And the Prize is...

this Journal.
This is what Jan will be receiving as her prize for leaving a comment on my 300th Post.
I used Golden glass bead gel on the cover and painted it lilac with a metallic paint from Plaid crafter. Strung some beads on to some copper and added ribbon for embellishment.Added some copper paint and stamped the words with a lilac stamp. Used distress stickles for the wings of the little baby. The image is one I got from Patty Van Dorin.
Inside used a page from a vintage Schoolgirl magazine and stamped on it.
The back cover was painted with copper crackle paint - I love this stuff! it crackles almose immediately.
The front and back covers really shine, lost in the photo but Jan will see it...
So that was my happy couple of hours today in my room creating...
Happy Easter xxx



This cheery lollipop lady was made for me by Rhosie one of my best friends daughter so I had to share her with you

JAN... Well done Jan, I shall be sending you a gift as the winner of my 300th Blog post give away. The winner was picked used Random.Org but I couldn't figure out how to put the image on here (possibly to late for me).I shall be creating something - won't say what for you :)
For all you lovely ladies who left a comment e mail me your address and I will create an ATC for you all. THANKS for visiting my blog it means the world to me xxx

Over on Facebook I joined in a 5 Giveway which basically meant that the 1st 5 people to leave a comment about the Giveaway on my page would receive a piece from me, this is the 1st one I have completed. An ATC Block with a Gypsy theme (sure you worked that out for yourself!) These are fun to make and on this particular block I like the crystal ball I made and the eye transfer I put on to it (used one of Tim Holtz acrylic tags)
Easter is with us, can't believe it actually and I shall be posting pics of Rhosie making the most delightful Easter Bonnet hope you can drop by to see it.

That's it for this post - once again CONGRATULATIONS to Jan.


My first E bay listing

Here it is my 1st ever piece of work listed on E bay..!!! Can't believe I have done this, but I have... if it sells it sells, and if it doesn't C'est La Vie.
Clicking on the title will take you to my page on E bay.
I loved creating this piece A Mother's Dream... inspired by a mother daydreaming about her daughter's future.
It is a mixed media canvas and I love all the elements of it. I will let you know if it sells :-)The picture on the left shows the colors better.

What is this picture all about you may ask...let me tell you

China went camping last night, with her college mates. Loaded the car up and headed of to the activity center. Got there and asked where the campsite was. "Go through the center with your hazard lights on and then you will see a hill down and then up.
So I drove and came to this "hill"!!! Well let me tell you I DO NOT do roller coaster rides and when I saw this hill it put me in mind of one. I sat there looking at it, turned to China and her mates and said "girls out you get, you have got to walk it, no way can I drive that!!" China was like you are joking mum, but I think the look on my face told her I was not...
Fortunately for them (and me) another girl camping said that she would take them up to the field where they were camping - huge sigh of relief from me I can tell you!!
So off they went into the depths of the woods and I went home... China had a good night but came home and slept, guess they didn't do much sleeping.

Today I posted of some dominoes, over on Facebook their is a group called Heart Collective and there are 87 participating in a domino swap. So here are mine for you to see... they are wrapped in the organza bags - can't wait to see what dominoes I receive in return, don't you just love swaps.
Loved using my dremel for this, it has lain dormant in a box for oh such a long time!

I shall leave it there before you fall asleep, Thanks again for dropping by xxx




If you are a regular reader of my blog you may recall that I met Sally on my recent Art Weekend. Sally, Gabby and I dared each other to take a photo of our art space as we got home... I actually did mine the next day. This is where I work, I try to clear up before I start any new work and then I pull stuff out to determine what I am going to use... so this is it.
Boxes, boxes and more boxes! Bags to unpack, sides teeming and the cupboards brimming - BUT it is my little space and I love it. Stuart gets stressed if he goes in there, but like I say to him there is nothing that you need in there so don't go in and you can't stress - makes sense don't you think?
There are eggs I have painted currently on the table, wanted to get these out for Easter - don't know if I will get any to the States in time but I shall try.
So there you have it a brief post showing my room - gotta see yours now Sally and Gabby!!!

Don't forget to leave a comment on the post titled 300th Blog post to be in with a chance to win a little something... still don't know what!
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300th Post

Here I am at my 300th post, I can't believe it but it is true. How time has flown...
And the wonderful Val gave me this award...

I shall put some names at the end of this posting of some fabulous blogs (although it is hard restricting to just 2,3 or whatever - so I might just add a few names)
Been a while since I last posted (well for me)so what have I been up to?
Little bits of this and that really. Interupted time in the art room; the reason being is that we have some work being done outside so I have been supplying the builders with tea and coffee. In between doing the usual household chores. We are STAYING here in our home of 20 years...I am so glad about that, so the intention is to spend some money on the house and see if we can get permission to extend - time and the planning office will tell us whether that is going to happen. To my mind staying put is the best option, Stuart has now come to realise that we can do things together now and in the future with the income we have - without the worries of a mortgage. Phew!

On the creating side of things I finally decided how I was going to display the WOWs we made on PW a while ago (another indication of time flying)

I bought some paints when I was on my art weekend, Ferro paint by a company called Viva. The beauty of this paint is that it has iron filings in it and is multifunctional i.e. can be used on paper,ceramic, wood, stone even plastic. The color I used on the tic tac toe frame was Iron and it made it look like old rusty iron.
I have been busy decorating easter eggs also to get out in the post...I am using a beautiful metallic paint, but you will see when I post pictures :-)
Let me think, what else? A few dresses were made for a banner swap over on Treasure Art Trends

I embossed the top using my cuttlebug and then painted and sprayed with glimmer mists. A metal buckle, some rick rack ribbon and there you have it.

Now back to the Blog Award


I am not going to tell you anything about the ladies I have awarded... go visit and enjoy their wonderful blogs - each unique, each special in their own style and content.
Thanks for visiting, don't forget about the Giveway