Computer has crashed

So if you are visiting I am posting this to let you know that I have internet access issues at this moment in time.
Fortunately it was picked up this morning and fingers crossed it will be fixed soon. It is not until you can't just pick it up every day that you realise how reliant you become on having it to hand.
I miss just being able to check out blogs etc. and popping by to see how my friends are all doing :(
Just know that I am missing you all and will be back posting as soon as I can! I had backed up my computer so hopefully all my photos and online class videos will be safe and I will be able to put them back on.
China is still at college at the moment ( I had to amend that from school as I still think of her as my baby at school :) ) so I am using her computer to let you have this update. Believe me when she comes home she is on it and I don't get a look in, college work more important than mums socialising lol.
So take care and look out for me - in the words of Arnie "I'll be back"
hugs xxxx


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Oh Girl I feel for you on this one! My Computer Crashed about 2 months ago and it was horrible...my life line was broken! Everything will work out..be patient! LOL My thoughts are with you!

inventivesoul said...

~*Happy Charm Day!*~

Be back soon Dawn!
I extended some of the giveaways!


catworx said...

Miss you Dawn!!!!


catworx said...

We miss you, Dawn!!!

Susie Jefferson said...

You know I SO feel for you re computer issues! Keep telling yourself that this too shall pass...