February Girl of the Month - Asian Theme

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This is my piece for Lyn Wareham over on UK Art Swaps
Lyn chose an Asian theme. I have also done an ATC to go with this piece. Hope she likes it.

I used a lens necklace bought from Small Studio Productions Ginny has lovely stuff for sale over there. If you haven't dropped by I recommend a looksee, you will love the gorgeous pieces she has - and for inspiration check out Linda Cain's blog (she is one of the design team and her work is fabulous!)
I am off to bed now, hope you are having a good day whereever you may be x


Gifts and Buys

I promised to share with you the delightful gifts I received from Linda

She sent me the fabulous Betty Boop tin which she bought in San Franciso... inside the tin there was a Betty Boop bandana, perfect to wear when I go out in Stuart's TVR with the roof down - very Thelma and Louise stylie don't you think?!!!
Also in the tin was the beautiful bracelet with charms on it, and some gorgeous ribbons - diamantes and braiding, really pretty.There was also a wooden dowel with the most exquisite paper in a teal color with gold... The gifts brought a huge smile to my face THANK YOU LINDA for thinking of me xxxx

Remember I told you that we went to Rye and I bought a Mannequin and some bottles...

Well here they are... I have draped some of my costume jewellery over the mannequin, going to hang bracelets from the loops on the bottom.
And they bottles are fabulous. I am going to be doing a workshop run by Zeb on The Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts
These is a really friendly group with lots going on...I don't always manage to do projects but there are always really cool ones to check out, and a great book by the same name can be purchased with wonderful projects in it.

The bottles are going to be altered with waxes... I will post when I have done them.

What else is new? Not much really. It has been a quiet week for me as it is Champions League week so football takes precedent. That's just me can't live without football.
Spent a really pleasant evening with Dwain and Charlotte; they are such a lovely couple :-) Dwain makes me laugh so much, he has such an abundance of confidence, brilliant.
He bought me 100 Classic Book Collection for the DS so I can always have something to read in my bag...wicked!

Keep waiting for the weather to get warmer, there have been a few rays of sunshine, but I want MORE!
I can't believe that we are nearly into March, another year galloping past - my mum always told me they go by quicker the older you get and she was SO right!

I am so tired this evening so I think I will finish of here...
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I know I always say it, but it means the world to me xxx


Paris Journal page

Another journal spread, this one inspired by China's recent trip to Paris. Did it lighter than the others. Used acrylic paints, papers and stamps. The red flowers were colored with pens that you use to color stickers (don't ask me the name of them I can't remember) I liked the fact that they dried transparent so that the images underneath weren't lost.
One day I will go myself....

Went to watch Croydon Youth FC play last night, good game, although I wasn't impressed by the assistant referee, he should have retired long ago. Jazz scored twice and the team won 6-3 after going 2-0 down.
It was a long evening as we left home at 5 and returned after 11..!

Had my pancakes today, afte having them last week (got the day wrong) also. They were yummy - cinammon sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice made them perfect for me.

Got lots of things to share with you, I shall get them on camera tomorrow so that I can upload.... watch this space.

Wherever you are THANK YOU for dropping by,


Fish and Chips in Rye

What did I do today? No crafting I'm afraid but I did have a lovely day. Stuart bought a TVR Griffith on Thursday and knowing that he was going to buy one he joined the TVR Owners Club. They were having a run to Rye today for Fish and Chips, so he spoke to Nick who runs the Club to get the arrangements and that was it, Sunday organised.

We had an early start, up early to walk the dog (well Stuart walked the dog) so that we could be at the meeting place for 8.45 a.m.
I have to say I was amazed when we arrived to see so many different TVRs there in the car park of Tesco's and then to "hear" more turning up - I say hear because they sound wonderful (and no, I am not a petrol head lol).

The collage shows just a selection of the cars... after everyone had arrived at Tescos we drove to the next meeting point in Maresfield. We arrived later than everyone else as Nick who had organised the meet had a problem with his alternator so never made it to Rye... he broke down just outside Pooh Village. Anyway when we arrived at Maresfield there were more TVR owners - in all there were 28 cars out for the day.
I must admit to thoroughly enjoying the experience, yes, I am surprised that I did but hand on heart it was a great day.
Driving through the beautiful Kent and Sussex countryside in the company of such lovely cars was fantastic...

Rye is a picturesque seaside town.

Thoroughly enjoyed the fish and chips and then went for a walk....
Took some photos of a couple of doors, bought some vintage bottles and a wire form mannequin.

Headed home really happy, a great day out. Will have to return to Rye though as there was so much to see but I felt guilty because Jazz had gone to Canterbury and China was at home alone...


Home Sweet Home Journal Page

Here is my 2nd Journal page. A journal is supposed to reflect what you are thinking, what is important in your life at any given moment right? Well I was thinking about family and home today. Got a bit stressed with Stuart loosing a wheel key for his new car. I was fine until he started loosing it and pulling everything out to look for his lost key... me trying to tell him to stay calm, loosing his temper wouldn't solve anything yada, yada, yada! Jazz not helping by making jokes etc. so not the right time... anyway the key turned up, as I knew it would and peace was restored!
I can't believe how stressed I got and needed something to calm me down so I picked up my journal. And this is the result.
Notice the keys in my hair, all right they are not the wheel nut key he was looking for - but they are keys and symbolised the cause of the stress today :-)
Home Sweet Home are on the lips of the girl as this is what I found myself muttering sarcastically when the house was in uproar looking for said key.
Then as I started to work on the journal images of what is conceived as a perfect home jumped out of my stash to be used - so I went with it.
I loved the man and woman in the kitchen and the little saying "Knowledge is more than equivalent to Force" true words indeed!!!

So what makes a home in your opinion?


Completed Journal Page

Picture me sitting here writing this post in my blog, I have a quiet smile on my face. I feel satisfied. Here it is my 1st "proper" journal page. One that has layers and texture, doodling, and stamping, images and text all put together by me and it feels GREAT
I can't tell you the times I have looked at books and magazines and dreamed of creating my own journal just like the beautiful pages I have drooled over.
I see this as a start... looking at it I'm wondering is it too busy? does it gel? does your eye follow the page or does it look garbled? Having said that I am not despondent, far from it - so that's a start.
I really, really must sit and practise writing, different fonts etc. to express myself *laugh* as I don't know about you but it is quite scary to write on your pages... to accept your own handwriting, again something I hope to improve on with each page I do.
I used a moleskine as previously mentioned and was pleasantly surprised at how well the pages held up, considering there was a lot of wet put on the pages in the form of paints, water and medium they did a great job. I also liked the fact that the book stayed flat to work on...

Anyway Thanks for listening again, and if you have anything to say then please give me your input - I welcome it xxx


Journalling - making a start

So if you follow my blog you may recall that my word for the year was JOURNAL
With this in mind I signed up back in January to do a Journalling Online class run by Pam Carrick over on the Ning Creative workshop (if you click on the title to this post it will take you to the home page telling you about this group)
I have also joined one run by Paulette Insall this is also a Ning group. I think that by doing the 2 classes where the artists both have different styles I will learn more.
I have a moleskine and decided to use this as my first journal. The above image is the start I have made; I am pleased with the colors, they loose their vibrancy in the photo but I can look at it and see the depth of color and I like the result. I have started 3 different background pages and will see how they develop.
The Ning classes have printable information sheets and videos - worth checking out these sites if you want to do a reasonably priced online course.

Talking of online courses another NING group I belong to is Artistic Avant Garde there are courses on there currently - on is by Christy - Digital Journalling; another by Peggy Alborn, Faux Finishes... so check it out if you wish.
Online classes seem to be improving all the time and becoming more popular in the current economic climate...I am happy as it means I can learn new techniques visually and have a forum to ask questions. Classes in England are few and far between so this works well for me.

I also started to make a pendant out of bottle caps today and will share that with you when it is finished...

I am going to keep this post brief but Thank you once again for dropping by x


PW Quote Challenge

Decided to join in the Quote Challenge over on Paper Whimsy. Basically will be getting a Hilda Conkling poem to interpret every fortnight. Along with the poem Gale supplies a Collage sheet with the required elements on... you can add embellishments also and have to use another PW image not on the collage sheet.
The idea is to build up a book of 5 x 5 collages over the course of the year. As I don't have a bind it all, but do have a book that was handmade with mulberry papers I decided that it would be nice to make the collage and than mount it into the book.
So above is the collage that I came up with. The single image shows that the doors open to reveal the girl.

I had to share this photo of snowdrops with you as they are a sign that Spring is arriving, the earth is warming and these sweet flowers are ready to show off their beauty. It has been milder over the last couple of days so making the most of this brief respite from the cold, I say brief respite becaues apparently it is going to get colder come the weekend.
As always Thank you so much for dropping by.


Here are 2 of the prizes I won in the OWOH Giveaway event, from Jennie at StampAttack and Astrid - Thank you ladies.

This spread is for an Inspirational Women RR that I am currently involved in with the I.C.E Yahoo Group
I chose Indira Gandhi, India's 1st and only woman Prime Minister.
I have also been working on spread for another RR with the I.C.E. group - Things I love being the theme, pictures to follow when it is complete.

Still doing a lot of blog hopping and discovering gems...
Best thing to do really when it is cold out, I hate cold, so being indoors is the best thing for me.
I did venture out today to the supermarket. Brought ingredients to make a Crab Pasta dish, when I got to the checkout found I had left my purse at home - nightmare! Left the food, dashed home and got purse and them prepped for the dish.
It was absolutely beautiful and so quick and easy to make.

Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday so pancakes will have to be eaten in my house, I hate the way they kitchen ends up all smoky so I cheat and buy ready made ones to put in the microwave. I love mine with just sugar and lemon, mmm delicious. What about you do you eat them in your house and if so how do you like yours?
However you have them ENJOY!


Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day to you all. I hope like me you are fortunate to have shared it with the person you love.

I find it hard to believe that Stuart and I have been together for 20 years now, the time has flown and we are still happy.
I thought I would share the pictures showing us 20 years ago and now...

We went to Bluewater today, Stuart bought me a beautiful pair of boots (he knows I LOVE shoes, boots and bags.)
I bought him a Tattoo Book as when he reached 40 he had his 1st tattoo and since he has had more - so this was the perfect present for him

Whilst at Bluewater I found these sweet little eggs in John Lewis and just had to buy them. I am going to alter them and then get them posted off to special blog land friends for Easter... will you get one? watch the post nearer to Easter!



Box of Delights for me :-)

I wanted to share with you the Box of delights that I received from Cat A while back we were both in a Secret Sister swap on the Paper Whimsy Forum
we had different partners and Cat contacted me to ask if we could do a one on one swap, I readily agreed because I think it is fun to swap stash...

So the answer to the riddle is shown below in the pictures...

The beautiful cherub acted as Guardian for all that was within, and what a great job she did!

The ballerina gracefully danced her way out of the box, she couldn't wait to show off all the ribbons and lace, fibres and labels that were concealed inside..

This beautiful cahier is wonderful don't you think, I love the Paper Whimsy girl and the butterfly she used to decorate the cover, and what fun I will have filling this book!

A girl loves to be charmed and oh I was by these beautiful charms, the hearts, and flowers, the mini b-b-q and oh so many others, I love these..

And how about this tag that Cat decorated, didn't it turn out wonderful... and look at those beautiful ribbons, ah! they are so pretty.

and me, well I know what the cat feels like when he gets the cream...the fan came in handy as I was swooning with delight *grin*
(There are so many items in this box, papers and labels, pegs etc. they aren't all in the photos, happy me)

I won... twice, two lovely items for me, how fantastic. So you are wanting to know what I won right? well I am going to tell you.
The first was a set of 15 medieval tarot rubber stamps from Astrid Yipee...!
And then I received an e mail from Jennie to say that I had won her canvas... Yippee! Yippee!
Now you may have visited these 2 ladies as part of OWOH BUT if you did not manage to then drop by and see their creativity.. When my goodies arrive I will post pics :-)
Once again THANKS for dropping by, I really appreciate it



So the journey has reached it's end, and what a journey I have been on along with many others... travelling from one blog to another, picking up new friends on the way.
I have met fairies,hags and dolls, backpackers, artists extrordinaire from all corners of the globe.... Lisa is a STAR for organising this now annual event so magnificently - THANK YOU LISA....You are a briliant ambassador for BLOGLAND....


And now the end is here and the Winners have been picked. Jazz pressed the generate button for the 1st prize which went to RENEE - blog owner CIRCLING MY HEAD Congratulations to you... I feel like I have made a friend in you so was pleased for you when I checked the name beside the number and da dah it said RENEE.


China couldn't be left out so pressed the generate button on Random.org and the name that matched the number -87 was Amber Dawn so a big round of applause to you Amber Dawn, Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and Pleased that you won my 2nd prize

I hope to share the journey with you all again next year


OWOH Extra Giveaway for the Draw

Well hello to all you happy people out there in blogland, can you believe that we are nearly at the end of the journey on the Gypsy Caravan... my cut off point is tomorrow evening at midnight GMT. So get your comments on to the post at the top of my blog.
I thought I would share these pictures of the 2nd giveaway that I am including. A small pendant with the words Cherish and Believe; as there were so many comments left on my blog - for which I am thankful, I thought it would be mean to have one person win.
So enter your name in the comments above and Good Luck


Winter sun and fun

ONE WORLD ONE HEART carries on and it introduces us to new bloggers with their own special talents.
I cam across one such blog Green Paper owned by Mary Green
What Mary likes to do is Journal pages using just glue and paper, nothing else - no embellishments, no stamps just glue and paper so I gave it a go and here is my effort. I will play with this a bit more because it was fun, Thanks Mary.

Thought I would share the picture below taken whilst walking my dog, just loved this Winter sun...

And what is snow without a snowman, this one was spotted whilst walking the dog, enjoy!