Paris Journal page

Another journal spread, this one inspired by China's recent trip to Paris. Did it lighter than the others. Used acrylic paints, papers and stamps. The red flowers were colored with pens that you use to color stickers (don't ask me the name of them I can't remember) I liked the fact that they dried transparent so that the images underneath weren't lost.
One day I will go myself....

Went to watch Croydon Youth FC play last night, good game, although I wasn't impressed by the assistant referee, he should have retired long ago. Jazz scored twice and the team won 6-3 after going 2-0 down.
It was a long evening as we left home at 5 and returned after 11..!

Had my pancakes today, afte having them last week (got the day wrong) also. They were yummy - cinammon sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice made them perfect for me.

Got lots of things to share with you, I shall get them on camera tomorrow so that I can upload.... watch this space.

Wherever you are THANK YOU for dropping by,


Renee said...

I can't wait to see your pictures tomorrow.

But I want to tell you that I think you should do journals for a living. They are beautiful. Your work (I know you are bored with me telling you) is brilliant.

I just looked at the picture again with the keys in your hair and it is amazing.

I felt your hug. xoxoxoxo

SarahD said...

great Journal Dawn x

Renee said...

Dawn thank you for the wonderful comment. I am happy that it meant something to you too.

I think it is just how so many of us feel that I could have plucked it from your head too.

Now at my funeral I want no dancing, I want people bawling their heads off. Notice I have an ego problem. xoxoxo

One, together.