Here are 2 of the prizes I won in the OWOH Giveaway event, from Jennie at StampAttack and Astrid - Thank you ladies.

This spread is for an Inspirational Women RR that I am currently involved in with the I.C.E Yahoo Group
I chose Indira Gandhi, India's 1st and only woman Prime Minister.
I have also been working on spread for another RR with the I.C.E. group - Things I love being the theme, pictures to follow when it is complete.

Still doing a lot of blog hopping and discovering gems...
Best thing to do really when it is cold out, I hate cold, so being indoors is the best thing for me.
I did venture out today to the supermarket. Brought ingredients to make a Crab Pasta dish, when I got to the checkout found I had left my purse at home - nightmare! Left the food, dashed home and got purse and them prepped for the dish.
It was absolutely beautiful and so quick and easy to make.

Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday so pancakes will have to be eaten in my house, I hate the way they kitchen ends up all smoky so I cheat and buy ready made ones to put in the microwave. I love mine with just sugar and lemon, mmm delicious. What about you do you eat them in your house and if so how do you like yours?
However you have them ENJOY!


Renee said...

Dawn, what is a women's RR?

The colour you choose is very pretty.

I don't do Shrove Tuesday, I don't really know much about that at all.

Love Renee

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn
Well what's all this about shrove tuesday , i think you may of lost a week somewhere along the way , i do know we were only talking about forgetfulness just yesterday , but come on now ....lol
I will enjoy my pancakes next week...lol on shrove tuesday.
Love Lorraine xx

Dawn said...

Lorraine told you I was forgetful.. but this time I blame the supermarkets as they had all the pancake stuff out when I went in so thought it must be pancake day....
oh well, there is always next week to have 2nd helpings!

Sharon said...

Dawn I don't care what day it is you have made me hungry for pancakes with lemon and sugar. Good grief I am going to have to make them right now. I love your art. I am trying to get into this type but I just can't give up my stitching. Love your Betty Boop, ow poop a doop!! Off to make pancakes (a week early). Sharon