OWOH Extra Giveaway for the Draw

Well hello to all you happy people out there in blogland, can you believe that we are nearly at the end of the journey on the Gypsy Caravan... my cut off point is tomorrow evening at midnight GMT. So get your comments on to the post at the top of my blog.
I thought I would share these pictures of the 2nd giveaway that I am including. A small pendant with the words Cherish and Believe; as there were so many comments left on my blog - for which I am thankful, I thought it would be mean to have one person win.
So enter your name in the comments above and Good Luck


Sherry Goodloe said...

Oooooooh, a 2nd chance at winning! Yes, please enter me :) Thank you xoxo

Renee said...

Super awesome.

Dawn, there is so much pressure on these young kids (only 16) to have boyfriends.

I know just like you that your daughter (especially with red hair) will have a boyfriend, but trying telling a 16 year old that, they won't believe it.

Why is everything so much harder for us Moms when the kids are sad.

Love Renee

Haloquin said...

These are very beautiful!

I guess we're entered into it from the other post?

I know what you mean about feeling mean! I wish I had time to put something togather for a few other people at the moment!

inventivesoul said...

Thank you SO much for your added kindness.I am so HAPPY!
It will be cherished and worn much!
And I ~*DO*~ believe!
Amber Dawn

Fiona Whitehead said...

Wasn't it fun meeting all these talented creative people. Thanks for stopping by my blog -

Debrasdezinez said...

Thank You Dawn for your colorful blog and the chance to win a pretty prize I just found your website and hope I am not to late ! I live in California and I am a polymer clay artist and I love Steam Punk anything vintage ! Thanks Again ! glad to have found you! Happy Blogging! :) dgibson@bak.rr.com