Fish and Chips in Rye

What did I do today? No crafting I'm afraid but I did have a lovely day. Stuart bought a TVR Griffith on Thursday and knowing that he was going to buy one he joined the TVR Owners Club. They were having a run to Rye today for Fish and Chips, so he spoke to Nick who runs the Club to get the arrangements and that was it, Sunday organised.

We had an early start, up early to walk the dog (well Stuart walked the dog) so that we could be at the meeting place for 8.45 a.m.
I have to say I was amazed when we arrived to see so many different TVRs there in the car park of Tesco's and then to "hear" more turning up - I say hear because they sound wonderful (and no, I am not a petrol head lol).

The collage shows just a selection of the cars... after everyone had arrived at Tescos we drove to the next meeting point in Maresfield. We arrived later than everyone else as Nick who had organised the meet had a problem with his alternator so never made it to Rye... he broke down just outside Pooh Village. Anyway when we arrived at Maresfield there were more TVR owners - in all there were 28 cars out for the day.
I must admit to thoroughly enjoying the experience, yes, I am surprised that I did but hand on heart it was a great day.
Driving through the beautiful Kent and Sussex countryside in the company of such lovely cars was fantastic...

Rye is a picturesque seaside town.

Thoroughly enjoyed the fish and chips and then went for a walk....
Took some photos of a couple of doors, bought some vintage bottles and a wire form mannequin.

Headed home really happy, a great day out. Will have to return to Rye though as there was so much to see but I felt guilty because Jazz had gone to Canterbury and China was at home alone...


3rdEyeMuse said...

that car is a stunner (and you look quite nice next to it) - what a great little town. thanks for sharing the little adventure.

barbara burkard said...

okay..must ask...(and i'll probably go..."i should have known that!" after you tell me...but what is a TVR....the pictures are splendid...!!! and i LOVED the mini vacation thru them!

hugz!!!! and love!!!

Renee said...

I still don't know what a tvr is but I get the picture.

By the way you look stunning. You look like a young girl in your 20s. Now stop that. har har.

I am 52 and since this cancer I look like I am 72. Can you believe one lady once asked me if my Mom (who is on oxygen) was my sister. NICE.....

Love Renee

Quilted Cavalier said...

OK - looks like I'll have to be a regular reader of your blog from now on! Even though I'm in the U.S.A. (Wisconsin), I am a HUGE fan of British cars (I had a Triumph way back in the 80's) and I am drooling over your TVR!!! OMG - it is beautiful! By the way, you are lovely too and yes, I agree, you look like a young girl, especially next to that roadster... LOL! Love the picks of your beautiful country.

MrsETaylor said...

What great pictures. There is nothing better than being able to travel through the lens of someones experiences. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. It is so appreciated.
PS- love the collage layouts of the shots!

catworx said...

WOW...what a fabulous ride!!!! And you look super standing beside it, Dawn, you lucky girl!!!
Rye looks like such a unique towne, steeped in antiquity!!!
Thank you for sharing all the pix!

Jennie said...

Love Rye, and btw got your message, been an awful week or so, so didn't get to call you back. Glad you liked the canvas :)

Sinderella Studio Designs said...

Love the trip to Rye. My husband has been in racing for over 25 years. Drove long ago, has managed trans-am teams and did Champ Car/CART for 5 years. Will now be doing LeMans Grand Am Series and is looking forward to getting back to France. It is a Jaguar team and am happy he is back to road racing! Love it. Did a vintage race last summer and saw many cars like yours there.
aka sinderella-studio