Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's day to you all. I hope like me you are fortunate to have shared it with the person you love.

I find it hard to believe that Stuart and I have been together for 20 years now, the time has flown and we are still happy.
I thought I would share the pictures showing us 20 years ago and now...

We went to Bluewater today, Stuart bought me a beautiful pair of boots (he knows I LOVE shoes, boots and bags.)
I bought him a Tattoo Book as when he reached 40 he had his 1st tattoo and since he has had more - so this was the perfect present for him

Whilst at Bluewater I found these sweet little eggs in John Lewis and just had to buy them. I am going to alter them and then get them posted off to special blog land friends for Easter... will you get one? watch the post nearer to Easter!



Once Upon A Blue Crow said...

Did you find the fountain of youth and aren't sharing? You don't look like you've aged a day in those pics! You make a beautiful pair!
Happy Valentines Day!

Linda Manning Findley said...

Dawn great photo's ... you look like you did 20 years ago; how do you do it ....... Linda F

Renee said...

Dawn, you are beautiful. Totally beautiful, I thought you would be because I saw your side picture, but I didn't realize that you would be the bomb.

I love the pictures.

Okay, I will have to start begging soon for an easter egg.

Love Renee

SarahD said...

Gorgeous pics Dawn x x

Anonymous said...

You haven't changed a bit Dawn! You look just as beautiful as the day you married. I bet he's so thrilled about having a "hot mamma" for a wife. Congrats on 20 years.