Box of Delights for me :-)

I wanted to share with you the Box of delights that I received from Cat A while back we were both in a Secret Sister swap on the Paper Whimsy Forum
we had different partners and Cat contacted me to ask if we could do a one on one swap, I readily agreed because I think it is fun to swap stash...

So the answer to the riddle is shown below in the pictures...

The beautiful cherub acted as Guardian for all that was within, and what a great job she did!

The ballerina gracefully danced her way out of the box, she couldn't wait to show off all the ribbons and lace, fibres and labels that were concealed inside..

This beautiful cahier is wonderful don't you think, I love the Paper Whimsy girl and the butterfly she used to decorate the cover, and what fun I will have filling this book!

A girl loves to be charmed and oh I was by these beautiful charms, the hearts, and flowers, the mini b-b-q and oh so many others, I love these..

And how about this tag that Cat decorated, didn't it turn out wonderful... and look at those beautiful ribbons, ah! they are so pretty.

and me, well I know what the cat feels like when he gets the cream...the fan came in handy as I was swooning with delight *grin*
(There are so many items in this box, papers and labels, pegs etc. they aren't all in the photos, happy me)

I won... twice, two lovely items for me, how fantastic. So you are wanting to know what I won right? well I am going to tell you.
The first was a set of 15 medieval tarot rubber stamps from Astrid Yipee...!
And then I received an e mail from Jennie to say that I had won her canvas... Yippee! Yippee!
Now you may have visited these 2 ladies as part of OWOH BUT if you did not manage to then drop by and see their creativity.. When my goodies arrive I will post pics :-)
Once again THANKS for dropping by, I really appreciate it


Genie said...

Lucky girl. all looks wonderful!

B.Valianti/myth maker said...

A box of fun!

Way to go on winning 2 OWOH giveaways!

Renee said...

Dawn this is a lovely and whimsical post. Just like you it appears.

I do remember the tarot stamps, I loved them. What an awesome prize.


I also won a prize, it has my house number and it says destiny, that you and I should become the best of pals.

Love Renee

Glennis said...

Weren't you the lucky one! Amazing what can be crammed in to one small box, So interesting, how delighted you must of been when you opened it.

catworx said...

I'm so happy that you liked it all, Dawn, it was such fun to spoil you!!!