Gifts and Buys

I promised to share with you the delightful gifts I received from Linda

She sent me the fabulous Betty Boop tin which she bought in San Franciso... inside the tin there was a Betty Boop bandana, perfect to wear when I go out in Stuart's TVR with the roof down - very Thelma and Louise stylie don't you think?!!!
Also in the tin was the beautiful bracelet with charms on it, and some gorgeous ribbons - diamantes and braiding, really pretty.There was also a wooden dowel with the most exquisite paper in a teal color with gold... The gifts brought a huge smile to my face THANK YOU LINDA for thinking of me xxxx

Remember I told you that we went to Rye and I bought a Mannequin and some bottles...

Well here they are... I have draped some of my costume jewellery over the mannequin, going to hang bracelets from the loops on the bottom.
And they bottles are fabulous. I am going to be doing a workshop run by Zeb on The Latest Trends in Mixed Media Arts
These is a really friendly group with lots going on...I don't always manage to do projects but there are always really cool ones to check out, and a great book by the same name can be purchased with wonderful projects in it.

The bottles are going to be altered with waxes... I will post when I have done them.

What else is new? Not much really. It has been a quiet week for me as it is Champions League week so football takes precedent. That's just me can't live without football.
Spent a really pleasant evening with Dwain and Charlotte; they are such a lovely couple :-) Dwain makes me laugh so much, he has such an abundance of confidence, brilliant.
He bought me 100 Classic Book Collection for the DS so I can always have something to read in my bag...wicked!

Keep waiting for the weather to get warmer, there have been a few rays of sunshine, but I want MORE!
I can't believe that we are nearly into March, another year galloping past - my mum always told me they go by quicker the older you get and she was SO right!

I am so tired this evening so I think I will finish of here...
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I know I always say it, but it means the world to me xxx

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Plain-n-Simple! said...

I never thought about putting my paints upside down, thats smart!!!