A litle girl

adorns this butterfly canvas, thought I would attempt to create a child for a change.
I used a rose flower napkin for the backgroun, painted the face,arms and legs with acrylic paints and then finished face with c'arandache crayons.
The butterflies are a mixture of textured (the large ones) and K and Co dimensional ones.
I think I prefer to paint adult women rather than children but it was a fun exercise.

Time to see what else I can play with and to watch the rest of the Grand Prix followed by England v Japan (a warm up for the World Cup)

Thanks again for dropping by



I have been oh so busy collecting and putting together some items for a piece that I am creating.
It has been such fun hunting down pieces that would be suitable for my little project... I will be able to share it with you soon.

The postman came with a delivery for me today, I received this gorgeous tag from MaryBeth Janisse, what a lovely surprise. She is a Canadian who is part of the Paper Whimsy group, THANK YOU
so much for this surprise. It is the unexpected RAOK in this life that has the ability to make one smile, and I did smile....
I am sooooooooooo looking forward to the World Cup and think it is funny that England's 1st match is against the U.S.A. hope friendships aren't lost cos of it hehehe.
I am going to sign off now as THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST is coming on TV.... the annual night of watching singers from all the EURO countries trying to impress and then me getting really narked when the scores are given out cos the Eastern bloc countries all vote for their neighbours!!!! but hey it is FUN! and I have watched since seeing Sandy Shaw singing all those years ago!
Ciao people, love you xxxx


Meeting up and a Wall hanging

OH WOW! What an exciting day for me today, why? well I met up with one of the girls who I met on blogland a few years ago now. She had let me know her and her DH were coming over to London to connect with a cruise and asked if we could meet. Of course I said "Yes" and ever since have been counting down the days.
Today was the day, I travelled by train up to London and made my way to the hotel they were staying at. Right near Buckingham Palace and all of the wonderful sites we have here in England.
Got to the reception, asked if they had checked in and was told that they had, about 10 mins prior to my arrival.
The front desk then rang her room for me and handed me the phone to speak to her. Anyway she was amazed when I said I was downstairs in the lobby and said they would be right on down.
I had no problem recognising her, nor she me, and straight off we got on. It was just so amazing to be actually sitting down talking with her and her DH, the time flew by, hard to believe that we spent almost 2 hours together and it flew by... what a relaxed pleasant time it was.
We exchanged gifts and I was so blown away but what she gave me, a piece of her art, I can't share it with you until she gets back to the States, but I promise I will once I know they are safely home. If you read this, and you know who you are, THANK YOU for meeting up with me and for being such a lovely lady in real life as you are on blogland xxx

I have been busy creating a wall hanging, I actually hand sewed some lace, so proud of myself lol....there is a crucifix, hearts, lace etc. The words are

If a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn…
If a child lives with hostility, he learns to fight…
If a child lives with fear, he learns to be apprehensive…
If a child lives with pity, he learns to feel sorry for himself…
If a child lives with ridicule, he learns to be shy…
If a child lives with jealousy, he learns to feel guilt…
If a child lives with tolerance, he learns to be patient…
If a child lives with encouragement, he learns to be confident…
If a child lives with praise, he learns to be appreciative…
If a child lives with acceptance, he learns to love…
If a child lives with honesty, he learns what truth is…
If a child lives with fairness, he learns justice…
If a child lives with security, he learns to have faith in himself and those about him…
If a child lives with friendliness, he learns the world is a nice place in which to live.

I am sharing this collage for now, hope to be able to take better pics of it tomorrow....
Anyway, I am still beaming and I hope that wherever you are that you are as happy as I am today,


I'm Back

and want to Thank those of you who expressed your condolences on the passing of my dear Father in Law Charlie. So sad, and hard to believe he has gone, he is in a better place and the family are consoling themselves with that. He had a fantastic send off over in Spain, sure he would have been watching with a smile on his face.
I haven't been creating recently, sure you will understand why but I have received some wonderful art pieces that I would love to share with you.

Would you look at these cigar boxes... I was in the post office sending off the room I created to Karen O and chatting to the Post Master about what I was sending this time (he loves to know) I mentioned about the rooms and he said "hold on a minute" then disappeared upstairs. When he came back down he gave me these boxes and said "you will make good use of these so I would love you to have them" HOW LUCKY AM I!!!

Next I invite you to feast your eyes on this beautiful piece created by Cheryl Dolby if you have never visited her blog well I urge you to do so, she is uber talented! I saw this and had to buy it, in real life the texture and colors are AMAZING! Thank you Cheryl for giving me the chance to own a piece of your art xxx

and last, but not least I was blown away to receive my "Room" from the PAPER WHIMSY swap - my room created by my friend Barbara Burkard. So appropriate for me to get this room as one of the greatest loves of my life is to read, I have to have a book to hand to read, I get twitchy if I don't. Funnily enough I was talking to Barbara on Skype and said to her "let me see the book you created for the PW swap" and when she showed it to me I fell in love with it... that bird took her 4 hours to create! that's dedication. Anyway Gale the owner of PW randomly gave us a swap partner and Barbara had to send to me - it was destined to fly over to England I think! SO THANK YOU BARBARA, I will treasure this always xxx

So even though I have not been creating I have been receiving art... plan for today? to create something, so guess what, I'm outta here... THANKS AGAIN FOR DROPPING BY



This will forever be a sad day for me, my beloved Father in Law Charlie passed away at 8.30 this morning. He was one amazing man and has gone to a better place, he will meet up with his son who died age 14.
He was fortunate in his life, he lived his dreams and you can't ask for more than that, but I will miss him terribly - he was a better father to me than my own ever was and a proper gentleman...

Goodnight Dad, God Bless till we meet again, Love you xxx


A little Bird told me..

On Gale's Paper Whimsy Blog there is a little competition going on.... want to know more click HERE

These are my 3 ATC's and as in the title of this post is "A Little Bird told me" the name of this little set of ATCs is the same.
So if you want to join in the fun pop over and see if you can win yourself some PW goodies and another Prize (you will have to head over to the blog to see what the prize is....)
Over on Gale's Blog I also read about a couple of books

What amazes me is the price that these are now going for, well the first one at any rate, and the fact that they are not available at this time.... check out Amazon to see what the current prices and availability are.... The Madame B one had some asking $968.... I was fortunate to get them on Amazon UK for £9.50 and £29.00 respectively.
They are delightful picture books with some text and now I will have to wear gloves when wearing them lol.

This book was a gem that I came across on Amazon.
The book is about Joseph Cornell who used to create Shadow boxes of found items etc.
The book is presented in this shadow box to encourage you to create your own... what fun, and a lovely little book too... don't miss out, go get yourself one!

The box also has small pieces to get you started...
That's it for today going to go do some journalling
Thanks for dropping by