I have been oh so busy collecting and putting together some items for a piece that I am creating.
It has been such fun hunting down pieces that would be suitable for my little project... I will be able to share it with you soon.

The postman came with a delivery for me today, I received this gorgeous tag from MaryBeth Janisse, what a lovely surprise. She is a Canadian who is part of the Paper Whimsy group, THANK YOU
so much for this surprise. It is the unexpected RAOK in this life that has the ability to make one smile, and I did smile....
I am sooooooooooo looking forward to the World Cup and think it is funny that England's 1st match is against the U.S.A. hope friendships aren't lost cos of it hehehe.
I am going to sign off now as THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST is coming on TV.... the annual night of watching singers from all the EURO countries trying to impress and then me getting really narked when the scores are given out cos the Eastern bloc countries all vote for their neighbours!!!! but hey it is FUN! and I have watched since seeing Sandy Shaw singing all those years ago!
Ciao people, love you xxxx

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Hi Down,
Thank you for visiting.
Glad to see you ! :)
Big hug