Ribbons and Buttons





Had a blast today, went to my favourite merceria (Spanish for haberdashers) and picked out all these delight laces, ribbons and buttons...
Can you see all those glorious buttons, my favourite are the distressed looking ones with the red flower on - divine!!!
Anyway thought I would share with you...
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Another face

Sketch for next canvase. Really difficult sketching without a rubber! or maybe it helps cos you have to go with what you have done...


Spent the day by myself so thought I would try another face. Sketched her out first and then painted on canvas. Let me know what you think please... Thank you
This was done with burnt umber, titanium white, ultramarine blue and a bit of red. Finished it off with carandach pencils...
The background needs to be completed, text to add at some point and got to work on the dress.
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Face it....and try again



Not been happy with my faces, the eyes have proved difficult to me, they always seem to be drooping, not open and clear if you know what I mean. So this morning I sat and sketched out this face and then just colored it with my c'arandach pencils. Little pleased with the result, but more practise definitely needed.....
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Another Face


So here I am attempting my 2nd face, these are so hard to do, getting the shading done etc. I think I will work on these at home. This is because the heat is so intense here that the acrylics dry so fast and speed is essential to achieve any sort of result. Never mind at least I have tried.

(added this picture a few days later - as you can see the eyes look "better"; can you spot the difference?)just looking at work and then going back to it can help to see what needs doing, just a bit more tweaking required on this face... and this sort of reminds of Penelope Cruz???

The holiday is less stressful now but I seem to be spending more time watching the Olympics - always had a passion for this and find it hard to drag myself into my art room to create. My family think I am nuts when they see my crying as medals are handed out, but hey you gotta admire all these amazing atheletes for their achievements.

I will have to sort through and upload some holiday pics to share with you all, hope the Summer is treating you well wherever you are. PEACE
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My Muse has left me

Oh dilemma... I came on holiday with lots of supplies to create and apart from the faces canvas and a couple of birthday cards for China i haven't done anything but lounge and read. Maybe it is the heat, I don't know but I wonder up to my art room and hope for inspiration and is it there....no! my muse has done a runner.
So far this holiday there have been a number of stress factors.
It took us 30 hours to drive here instead of the usual 17. We had thought it would take a bit longer as we were towing a trailer with a quad down but 30 hours - horrendous. The reason it took so long was because the transporter we came in lost the 5th gear by Valencia so we had to poodle along with fingers and toes crossed hoping that we would make it. Thankfully we did.
Then when we got here Stuart's Corvette had decided to leak gear box transmission fluid all over the garage floor!!! nightmare,another vehicle out of commission. The transporter got fixed at a cost of £3,500 euros (the Corvette has yet to be fixed). Then my Betty boop jeep decided she wanted to join in the fun and was misfiring; as i write this Stuart has taken her to the garage to see if she can be mended!
To top it all (yes there is more disaster) when he went down to the beach with the kids to go on the Jetski the steering had seized so the jetski would only go in a straight line.... so you've guessed it that too is in the garage. Things can only get better (or so "they" say lol).
So maybe this will explain why my muse has gone - I need some wooza time and then maybe it will come back.
I have "Vintage Women with Wings" Altered book to work on, I shall give it a go and also a Ball gown to make for PW.
Hopefully the next time I blog I will have some art to share with you all.
Take care xxx


China trying to hold it together

So China really wanted a watch for her birthday; had to share these pics of her trying to hold it together when she opened a cheap watch and bracelet which cost all of 8 euros!!!! NOT the watch she had dreamed about (the bracelet was an added bonus so she wasnt expecting that anyway)This was the watch she had dreamed about

and here is the bracelet she got with the cheap one at the top and the D&G at the bottom... the slide show illustrates so well her trying to hold it together and look happy with what she got....sooooooooooo funny xxxx

Priceless moment captured in these pics... and amazing she made it to 16!!!! all the trials and tantrums and she got there....MIRACULOUS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHINA XXXX

China's 16th Celebrations

China has never had so many cards on her birthday, she was amazed to receive them all. Thanks to Carol Sweeney, Sue Curtis, Cat Dodt-Ellis, Germana for sending cards, I am sure she will have others arriving and I will post when they get here.
This Sweet 16 was absolutely delighted... little things can mean so much xxxx



Barbara Burkard gave this award to me, Thank you Barbara xxxx

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