Spain and OWOH update.

just a quick note to let you know that I am in Spain for a flying visit, only here till Saturday.
Stuart and I flew down yesterday and although it is strange without any kids or the dog here it is fine.
I was soooooooooooo suprised when I checked my mail this evening to see how many people have dropped by my blog for the OWOH event... amazing and so I shall have to create another prize as I did say that for every 100 comments left I would add a giveaway...!
To be eligible to enter do not comment about the giveaway on this post but on the post with the OWOH pink magic carpet button.
I wonder if some kind soul reading this could tell me how to make the OWOH POST stay at the top of my blog for the duration of the OWOH event... pretty please.

I am going to get so behind with blog hopping as I left the charger for my computer at home so I know that it will run out sooner rather than later. I am actually writing this on Stuart's laptop but as it is his I am being allowed to "loan it" sure he won't be pleased if I monopolise it blog hopping.
To be honest I don't really feel up too much, keep feeling faint, checked bp today and it was 102/69 which does not seem good to me, must get checked out when I get home... anyway enough of that... go and blog hop some more and have FUN on the magic carpet xxxx Love you and Thanks for dropping by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Another day Another Post

Weekends in my house I don't actually get a lot of creating time as I spend it with the family. I baked cakes this weekend which went down well, then decided I needed to get on the Wii Fit, have to remind myself that I am 49 this year and that the body needs to be serviced with exercise more so these days.... trouble is though that since I have started baking I am really enjoying it and it is so hard not to sample the offerings for the family, after all I wouldn't want to give them something I wouldn't want to eat myself, now would I? :-)
I was rather upset at the weekend too, had to wake up to the fact that my baby China is growing up and that Jazz is not going to be a teenager much longer.
China has been looking at going to Greece with her friend Kim this summer, I am glad that she is going, but sad at the same time, the long 6 week family holidays have come to an end, now I realise the kids will be doing there own thing, so adjustments needed.....she has promised to save a week of her holiday to come to Spain and Jazz is going to come for a week, maybe 2. Life!

Here is a spread in a Journeying Journal that I created for Mariette. Cupid draw back your bow is the title for this one.

This one is for Denice's journal, the 2nd spread I have done for her. Wishing on a star is the title for this one.

New Year, new project on HANDS AND HEART NING, this is for the Zodiac Journal.

I have signed up for Suzi Blu and Misty Mawn classes too... everyday is a learning day so I thought what the hell and joined these fantastic classes, I will sort out buttons for the side bar as these classes are so worth looking at and joining xxx

And make no bones about this (sorry about that) but I LOVE this swap piece I received from the lovely Val Foster, we agreed to swap for a while and finally got around to it... I love all the texture going on with this. Val is so creative with the materials she uses and the ideas she comes up with. THANK YOU Val and prayers coming your way from me xxx



Painting in Denice's Journeying Journal... The Poem reads

The birds that sing on autumn eves
Among the golden-tinted leaves,
Are but the few that true remain
Of budding May's rejoicing train.

Like autumn flowers that brave the frost,
And make their show when hope is lost,
These 'mong the fruits and mellow scent
Mourn not the high sunned summer spent.

Their notes through all the jocund spring
Were mixed in merry musicking;
They sang for love the whole day long,
But now their love is all for song.

Now each hath perfected his lay
To praise the year that hastes away;
They sit on bough apart, and vie
In single songs and rich reply.

And oft as in the copse I hear
These anthems of the dying year.
The passions, once her peace that stole,
With flattering love my heart console.

By Robert Bridges

Hope Denice likes the picture and the words. The left page was covered with a serviette and the lady is wearing a metal leaf dress, for a lift to the pages. A few bird stamps and scrolls and there it is.


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I have been busy with other things but for now they are surprises so can't be revealed at this time.
The snow is getting on my nerves now, I just want to be able to get out and go to the Post office, the shops, you know the normal everyday things. Much as I think the world looks pretty bathed in white enough is enough, seriously!

Not long now till the start of the annual ONE WORLD ONE HEART EXTRAVAGANZA... if you are new to this, click on the Magic Carpet button to the right of this post.

Once again, Thanks for visiting xx



I am glad that I didn't resolve to write everyday because I would have fallen in the 1st 5 days... Resolutions are often broken aren't they... so my choice of the word endeavour was apt.
Just thought I would write quickly, the weather here is awful, snow has immobilised much of England and it has arrived here in my little corner of the South East this evening...bah humbug! I much prefer snow when it is in pretty pictures or in the movies.
Shouldn't moan really, it is just one of life's little foibles and today I was reminded how tenacious our grip on life is when I heard of the death of a young mum, she was only 30. She had asked me before Christmas to paint pictures of her girls in the New Year, over the holiday period she got flu, it developed over Christmas and on the 2nd January she was hospitalised and put on a life support machine, she died yesterday morning - septacemia. What a tragedy for the whole family and such a shock... I just hope her girls and her husband find the strength to get through this awful, awful time!
It made me stop and take stock and sit down and wonder about the frailty of life. I cannot believe it and keep remembering the last time I spoke to her. A Mass was held for her this morning as she was a staunch Catholic.
I gave my family extra hugs when they came home this evening and ask that you do the same, treasure each and every moment because they are all precious... That is it for this sad post. Take care and stay safe if you are experiencing horrible weather.
Peace x



I haven't actually made any resolutions, I have never been able to stick to them as such... but I am going to endeavour to make a blog entry every day of the year, circumstances permitting.
So it is the 1st day of January, 2010.. the start of the One-der decade... here's hoping it is a great decade.
Early plans for the year include completing 14 items for a Valentines swap, getting RR Books home to their owners.
15th January I am doing a Misty Mawn online class, Faces again, I was pleased with how I developed with this throughout the latter part of last year and want to see where it will take me this year.

I look forward to creating lots of different and new ideas this year, swapping with like minded people and just having fun... hey if you want to do a swap at some point during the year then leave a comment and I will connect with you to see what we can come up with.
There is nothing more fantastical (is that a word? if not it should be) than getting art in the post out of the blue, it really has a way of lifting the soul... this piece was sent to me by Debi Minter Gorgeous isn't she!

And as I have said before and will say again ONE WORLD ONE HEART starts soon... Click the magic carpet button on the side bar for more info...
So this is it the 1st brief post for the Year, back tomorrow to share more art with you...
HAPPY NEW YEAR and Peace be with you wherever you are xxx