I am glad that I didn't resolve to write everyday because I would have fallen in the 1st 5 days... Resolutions are often broken aren't they... so my choice of the word endeavour was apt.
Just thought I would write quickly, the weather here is awful, snow has immobilised much of England and it has arrived here in my little corner of the South East this evening...bah humbug! I much prefer snow when it is in pretty pictures or in the movies.
Shouldn't moan really, it is just one of life's little foibles and today I was reminded how tenacious our grip on life is when I heard of the death of a young mum, she was only 30. She had asked me before Christmas to paint pictures of her girls in the New Year, over the holiday period she got flu, it developed over Christmas and on the 2nd January she was hospitalised and put on a life support machine, she died yesterday morning - septacemia. What a tragedy for the whole family and such a shock... I just hope her girls and her husband find the strength to get through this awful, awful time!
It made me stop and take stock and sit down and wonder about the frailty of life. I cannot believe it and keep remembering the last time I spoke to her. A Mass was held for her this morning as she was a staunch Catholic.
I gave my family extra hugs when they came home this evening and ask that you do the same, treasure each and every moment because they are all precious... That is it for this sad post. Take care and stay safe if you are experiencing horrible weather.
Peace x


Itch2stitch.com said...

Oh Dawn how absolutely awful. I read another blog today telling of a 2 year old boy who's parents found him dead on christmas morning. You are so right, life is so fleeting, even if you live to a ripe old age, but we have to always be aware that we have no control really, and how precious our lives and the people who are in them, are. My illness has brought this keenly home to me. How horribly sad for her family, and what a shock for you too.

As an after thought, the email I said I had sent you was through face book, as didnt you ask me for my address?

Suzie. xxx

Renee said...

Oh no darling I am so sorry.


ARTifact & whimsy said...

Dawn Thank you for reminding us all to be grateful for the people we have in our lives as they could be gone in a flash. I am sooo fortunate to count you as one of my very best friends and think of you as a sister really and wish i could put into words how i truely feel! My cup over flows with love I have for my family and friends and the feeling i receive back from them. I will pray for the family's who have lost someone during the holidays and will light some candles at church for them. I usually light a candle for my dad and then one for people i do not know to cover prayers for anyone who is having a hard time. Thank you for always being there for me and if you ever need me I will always be here for you!! sending much love and hugs,
Dawn Marie

Kaz said...

this is awful, that poor family. how sad... it really does make you think how lucky you are, I've been moaning about the snow for weeks, and it seems daft now.
hope the family get through it all ok xox

Jeanie said...

That's so sad, Dawn. I'm sorry for your loss. Yes, it does prompt a reality check, doesn't it? Are we living our lives the way we like? How sad we take stock because of something so sad.