The morning after...

Wow! what a day yesterday was, how amazing was THAT wedding. I cannot believe how relaxed the HAPPY COUPLE were, they were so confident in their LOVE that it made every part of the day so SPECIAL.
Here is the Wedding Cake
The Royal Wedding Cake
Detail on cake
The Royal Wedding Cake

and the alternative cake - Rich Tea biscuits and chocolate that William loved at the Palace as a boy.
The McVities Chocolate Cake

and the people came...
Crowds gather outside Buckingham Palace

and so the Happy Couple partied in to the night as did I, a wonderful end to a beautiful day

maybe not a Royal kiss but a kiss from my Prince none the less.
Thats's all for now - can't wait to hear where they will honeymoon, me I never had a honeymoon couldn't afford it lol, but through the good times and bad times we got to where we are today x



Waving to the crowds

So we have a new Princess in the Royal family and what an addition she is. William and Kate/Catherine are so obviously in LOVE and married for this reason alone and I am so HAPPY for them both.
Their day was amazing, she looked so beautiful, he was so handsome and together they are amazing!
Princess Di made the sun shine on her boys day, she wasn't going to let anything rain on the parade and it didn't.
It was a pleasure to witness and to share the moment especially on Facebook and Twitter. Just some quick pics will do another post with fave images later
The Duke and Duchess leave the balcony

the Queen and Prince Phillip with Pippa, Kate's stunning sister

The Balcony

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge


Charitable causes

Time flies I have discovered, before you realise it Poof! it is gone...So Easter has been and gone, the weather was glorious and it was so nice to relax at home with the family.
We went to an Ovarian Cancer fundraiser at the Manor Farm Barn on Saturday. One of the staff, Craig volunteered to be waxed for £10 a strip... he was in a bad way...
and for all his bravery he ended up looking like this

 - I would not recommend getting waxed by anything other than a qualified waxer! So sore!!!!
I joined in a swap in the Latest Trends in Mixed Media Yahoo group, my 1st for a while... had to make an ATC which had to have handwriting and ribbon, here is what I created

More goodies to add to the Art Is...You auction
Mind the Gap tin sign...love this
And one of the Brit items was Liberty fabrics so here are a few lots....
 These 2 packets have 10 assorted 12 x 12 Liberty fabric pieces
 2 random pieces

and the 3 smaller pieces have what it says on the label, "30 Liberty scraps" so hopefully they will go towards boosting the funds for the Charity Sarah's House a worthy cause.

I think I have everything sorted now for the donations to the Charity, I now need to work on swap items...
So instead of staying on here, I will head off to my art room.
Have fun and enjoy whatever you have to do today xxx



Today the postman arrived with a package from the U.S. of A.
This was the address label - Betty Boop, with the sender, Betti Zuckers address, THANKS for that Betti, made my day x
And what was inside the package? Let me show you...

This egg is covered with all things Dr. Seuss, this is the theme for Art is... in October, so everytime I look at this darling egg I shall be thinking about October.
 Then there was another Easter egg, beautifully decorated and holding a secret inside. The paper bunny.
 Not just a solitary bunny hopping across the pond, but a bunny with a host of friends... so cute, Love it.
I have some new additions to the items I am putting in for the Auction at Art Is... and here they are

This will be accompanied by some tea bags.. well we English do LOVE our tea - not me though I am allergic to it, truthfully I am.
 And it was funny that over on the Art is... forum how many people mentioned "MIND THE GAP"
This comes over the tannoy on the Underground to warn about the gap between the platform and the train...so
I found this game, it is a bit like Monopoly - you have to visit London sites and shop, eat, go to theatre etc... so I hope it is enjoyed as an auction Lot.

I will have other items to share over the next few days... I will show you more each day.

The sun is still shining, we had 24 degrees here in Kent today, absolutely heaven..I wish for you the sun shine we are experiencing because the sun makes everyone happy bunnies...
Till next time, take care and Thanks for visiting.


Putting together items for Auction

Not to get boring or anything but as you know I am off to Art is...You in October. Now as much as I shall be having an amazing time the ladies and gents who attend Art Is help to raise money each year for a chosen Charity.
This year it was going to be for Honeycomb Cottage but this has been put on hold and another Charity put forward... that Charity is Sarah's House - the following is a piece written about the Charity ...

"In Danbury: Sarah's House will be a welcoming, friendly, comfortable and cosy home away from home built on the grounds of the current Cancer Treatment Center in Brewer, Maine. A home where families and patients undergoing treatment, can come to for healing, connecting, love and support. Initial plans reflect a home consisting of private one and two bedroom apartments with large open communal lounges, dining rooms, activity rooms and even a wonderful Wellness Center. Sarah's house is the passion of Stan Petersen who is a part of our wonderful Navel Jelly StudiosFamily. Many of us had the honor of hearing first hand about the plans for Sarah's House, last summer at Art in the Rough and we all agreed this was something too special, not to support. We hope you do too."

So for the auction that is held to raise funds I thought I would add some English pieces - started collecting things and here are the 1st items to be put up for lots..
Let me explain these 1st 3 pics - Pamela one of the ladies on the Art Is group mentioned Benjamin Pollocks; I didn't recognise the name but it is a toy shop in Covent Garden, London and I have been there just never noticed the name... any way as that was one of the things that she liked about London of course I had to get something to go in the Auction and this is it....

 A Paper Dolls house... so Thanks Pamela for the idea.

Then of course there is Tea, here is some Earl Grey and I shall be adding some PG Tips too
 And as you are aware there is a ROYAL Wedding in a couple of weeks and I found this bunting today... it is GORGEOUS, and it is made of WOOD  and as you can see the back is blank so imagine how you could personalise this once you own it... well hopefully someone will bid on it...
So that is just the start for what I am going to put into the Auction, as I get new pieces I shall share. Need to post again tomorrow as I have some catching up to do...hope you come back



2 days of glorious sunshine and I LOVE the sunshine; the sun shines and I want to create... Happy days.

I was so pleased with what I made today... do you want to see?


This is a mirror from IKEA that I altered. I have to say I really enjoyed putting this together, my daughter might have it or someone may want to buy it - thinking of putting it on my Etsy, haven't put anything on there yet so now might be the time to bite the bullet and see what happens.

And because the sun was shining and my mood was a HAPPY one I then made this one...

So there you have it my creations for the day.

My friend Sam came back of her holidays today and I gave her a Sue Pelletier "Party Dress" canvas - SHE LOVED IT.... when it is hanging I will get a picture and share it with you.

China's tatto was started yesterday, she is so much braver than me - I couldn't put up with the pain lol.
She has included hibiscus on her tattoo for her Granddad who passed away in May last year - he loved these flowers at his villa.
Once it is complete I will post a picture..you will be amazed -  I was!

So that is my post for today, THANKS for dropping by x



and in honour of the sun I decided to decorate another IKEA wooden dish with a sunflower.
I painted the bowl first in a sage green ( colour not really true in this photo) and then I "cheated" by using a napkin - this is a great way to create if you are not very good at drawing, me I was just be lazy.
That said once I stuck the cut out sunflower on the plate I then painted over it with yellow paint to make it pop...The next part was putting the border of dots on to the plate and then finally I painted it with the crackle glossy accents.
I am pleased with the results and you can do this too....

And just had to share with you in all their glory by Blog books - so now I have from 2007 - 2010 in book form courtesy of Blog2Print I am so happy that my kids can share what I have done in years to come with their kids. Plus it has made me blog more regularly as now it doesn't matter if I don't have visitors who leave comments as the reason is still to share but now it is knowing that I will have another book at the end of the year.
It is really funny picking the books up and reading the posts, and seeing what I was creating in the past - give it a go, you will love it...

China is off at the tattoo parlour getting a tattoo down her side, the subject - Hibiscus in memory of her Granddad who had them around his villa in Spain.
That's it for today, going to enjoy the sunshine.


HAPPY 70th Mum

Today is my mum's Birthday, she is over in Singapore spending time with my eldest sister who works there.
My mum is a wonderful lady and here she is with her 2nd husband. We joke about how cosmopolitan she is, my father is Jamaican, and that was a big deal back in the late 50's when they married. She was brought up by her nan in Ireland, and lots of uncles. She met my father when he arrived in Ireland from Jamaica in the Merchant Navy.
Lots of people from miles around actually came to see the black man as they had never seen one, funny how things change.
She is now married to Ezie and he is an Indian Jew - so now you see why she is so cosmopolitan!
Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM, sure you are having a wonderful time and I look forward to speaking to you when you get back home on Friday.

Yesterday when I nipped in to town I found these heart hangers, so I thought "I can alter those"

 Had fun, used some wallpaper for the background, a delightful Paper Whimsy image and then some vintage mother of pearl buttons to decorate and some muslin with script stamped on to it.
Really happy with the result, and I am now thinking that I will do the other one with a male face in it so I have his and hers hangers.

No time to be wasting on here, because.... THE SUN IS SHINING and it is 70 degrees outside, absolutely brilliant - hope the sun shines for you...take care x


A blue palette

Mothers day was this past Sunday here in England and Jazz and China bought me a Pandora bracelet and Charms, such a lovely surprise x

I have been playing in my art room, I created this box with a Paper Whimsy image; the buttons were from a broken necklace that my friend Sam gave me.

Then I took a wooden Ikea plate, painted it, added some stamps and then the heart. The image is transferred on to a Ranger Fragment and I did it because of a challenge on Inspiration Journal, the challenge was to use a Fragment in a project.
Linda Cain who does amazing work directed me to the site from her blog - THANKS Linda, you got me playing...here is what I created.

So if you like a challenge go and check it out.

Right I really must go to the bank and do all the other exciting things that have to be done today, wherever you are HAVE FUN!


Back online

I had no internet from Wednesday afternoon through to Friday so have not been able to blog. I really hate it when I can't connect, surprising how quickly I have come to rely on the net.
Anyway I didn't waste time, I managed to do some creating.
The Art Is...You  group is having an Egg Swap organised by Betti Zucker.

I created this one with a plastic egg, the type that you get a toy in. It was a garish pink so I covered it in paper and then painted with Paper Artsy paint in Vintage Gold, I then added the wings of a butterfly that was hanging in my art room; added a flower and then some Distressed stickles and a flower to finish.

 This is a smaller egg, the bird was cut out of a paper napkin, then sequins were added.
 This one again was created by using a rose from a napkin.
and this one is covered with a green and gold paper, some blink added and then a pair of earrings on front and back. My photography is not up to much, they actually look better in real life.

I went shopping too Bluewater with Stuart last night, well not shopping exactly had to go and exchange some faulty goods - a jumper, some wellies and a purse.
I had to ask for some more of this paper
it is a tissue paper with script on it as you can see, it is what they use to wrap purchased goods in in the All Saints store - my Stuart was laughing, and said to the bloke "You don't know how happy some paper has made her" Oh well, not bothered cos it was my gain :-)

I have started to gather my supplies for Art Is... early I know but I do have lots going on before then so thought I should organise myself.
Here are some of the delightful goodies for the Ruth Rae class I will be taking...

Finally, 2 more of my blog2print books came this week. I just LOVE looking through them and reminding myself of what I have done in the past.
It's funny because I used to get lots of comments left on my blog, this has diminished but I still keep blogging because the books are an incentive now... I love the fact that my children will have a record of what I have been up to in the future.
That's all for now, Till next time - take care xxx