and in honour of the sun I decided to decorate another IKEA wooden dish with a sunflower.
I painted the bowl first in a sage green ( colour not really true in this photo) and then I "cheated" by using a napkin - this is a great way to create if you are not very good at drawing, me I was just be lazy.
That said once I stuck the cut out sunflower on the plate I then painted over it with yellow paint to make it pop...The next part was putting the border of dots on to the plate and then finally I painted it with the crackle glossy accents.
I am pleased with the results and you can do this too....

And just had to share with you in all their glory by Blog books - so now I have from 2007 - 2010 in book form courtesy of Blog2Print I am so happy that my kids can share what I have done in years to come with their kids. Plus it has made me blog more regularly as now it doesn't matter if I don't have visitors who leave comments as the reason is still to share but now it is knowing that I will have another book at the end of the year.
It is really funny picking the books up and reading the posts, and seeing what I was creating in the past - give it a go, you will love it...

China is off at the tattoo parlour getting a tattoo down her side, the subject - Hibiscus in memory of her Granddad who had them around his villa in Spain.
That's it for today, going to enjoy the sunshine.

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Anonymous said...

This plate is amazing , well done Dawn , you really have to see it in the flesh to appreciate the beauty , love it .....
Lorraine ox