2 days of glorious sunshine and I LOVE the sunshine; the sun shines and I want to create... Happy days.

I was so pleased with what I made today... do you want to see?


This is a mirror from IKEA that I altered. I have to say I really enjoyed putting this together, my daughter might have it or someone may want to buy it - thinking of putting it on my Etsy, haven't put anything on there yet so now might be the time to bite the bullet and see what happens.

And because the sun was shining and my mood was a HAPPY one I then made this one...

So there you have it my creations for the day.

My friend Sam came back of her holidays today and I gave her a Sue Pelletier "Party Dress" canvas - SHE LOVED IT.... when it is hanging I will get a picture and share it with you.

China's tatto was started yesterday, she is so much braver than me - I couldn't put up with the pain lol.
She has included hibiscus on her tattoo for her Granddad who passed away in May last year - he loved these flowers at his villa.
Once it is complete I will post a picture..you will be amazed -  I was!

So that is my post for today, THANKS for dropping by x

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