Today the postman arrived with a package from the U.S. of A.
This was the address label - Betty Boop, with the sender, Betti Zuckers address, THANKS for that Betti, made my day x
And what was inside the package? Let me show you...

This egg is covered with all things Dr. Seuss, this is the theme for Art is... in October, so everytime I look at this darling egg I shall be thinking about October.
 Then there was another Easter egg, beautifully decorated and holding a secret inside. The paper bunny.
 Not just a solitary bunny hopping across the pond, but a bunny with a host of friends... so cute, Love it.
I have some new additions to the items I am putting in for the Auction at Art Is... and here they are

This will be accompanied by some tea bags.. well we English do LOVE our tea - not me though I am allergic to it, truthfully I am.
 And it was funny that over on the Art is... forum how many people mentioned "MIND THE GAP"
This comes over the tannoy on the Underground to warn about the gap between the platform and the train...so
I found this game, it is a bit like Monopoly - you have to visit London sites and shop, eat, go to theatre etc... so I hope it is enjoyed as an auction Lot.

I will have other items to share over the next few days... I will show you more each day.

The sun is still shining, we had 24 degrees here in Kent today, absolutely heaven..I wish for you the sun shine we are experiencing because the sun makes everyone happy bunnies...
Till next time, take care and Thanks for visiting.

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Barbara said...

It was sooo fun to skype with you! and to think soon we will be able to see each other IN PERSON!!! Love love love your auction items...but YOU are the prize!!!

big hugz!