HAPPY 70th Mum

Today is my mum's Birthday, she is over in Singapore spending time with my eldest sister who works there.
My mum is a wonderful lady and here she is with her 2nd husband. We joke about how cosmopolitan she is, my father is Jamaican, and that was a big deal back in the late 50's when they married. She was brought up by her nan in Ireland, and lots of uncles. She met my father when he arrived in Ireland from Jamaica in the Merchant Navy.
Lots of people from miles around actually came to see the black man as they had never seen one, funny how things change.
She is now married to Ezie and he is an Indian Jew - so now you see why she is so cosmopolitan!
Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM, sure you are having a wonderful time and I look forward to speaking to you when you get back home on Friday.

Yesterday when I nipped in to town I found these heart hangers, so I thought "I can alter those"

 Had fun, used some wallpaper for the background, a delightful Paper Whimsy image and then some vintage mother of pearl buttons to decorate and some muslin with script stamped on to it.
Really happy with the result, and I am now thinking that I will do the other one with a male face in it so I have his and hers hangers.

No time to be wasting on here, because.... THE SUN IS SHINING and it is 70 degrees outside, absolutely brilliant - hope the sun shines for you...take care x

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Mum ,Dawn , she looks like she's having great fun . Can see where you get your looks from, can't mistake who's your Mum ....lol , love the heart thingy , you must remember to show me ....
Love Lorraine ox