Putting together items for Auction

Not to get boring or anything but as you know I am off to Art is...You in October. Now as much as I shall be having an amazing time the ladies and gents who attend Art Is help to raise money each year for a chosen Charity.
This year it was going to be for Honeycomb Cottage but this has been put on hold and another Charity put forward... that Charity is Sarah's House - the following is a piece written about the Charity ...

"In Danbury: Sarah's House will be a welcoming, friendly, comfortable and cosy home away from home built on the grounds of the current Cancer Treatment Center in Brewer, Maine. A home where families and patients undergoing treatment, can come to for healing, connecting, love and support. Initial plans reflect a home consisting of private one and two bedroom apartments with large open communal lounges, dining rooms, activity rooms and even a wonderful Wellness Center. Sarah's house is the passion of Stan Petersen who is a part of our wonderful Navel Jelly StudiosFamily. Many of us had the honor of hearing first hand about the plans for Sarah's House, last summer at Art in the Rough and we all agreed this was something too special, not to support. We hope you do too."

So for the auction that is held to raise funds I thought I would add some English pieces - started collecting things and here are the 1st items to be put up for lots..
Let me explain these 1st 3 pics - Pamela one of the ladies on the Art Is group mentioned Benjamin Pollocks; I didn't recognise the name but it is a toy shop in Covent Garden, London and I have been there just never noticed the name... any way as that was one of the things that she liked about London of course I had to get something to go in the Auction and this is it....

 A Paper Dolls house... so Thanks Pamela for the idea.

Then of course there is Tea, here is some Earl Grey and I shall be adding some PG Tips too
 And as you are aware there is a ROYAL Wedding in a couple of weeks and I found this bunting today... it is GORGEOUS, and it is made of WOOD  and as you can see the back is blank so imagine how you could personalise this once you own it... well hopefully someone will bid on it...
So that is just the start for what I am going to put into the Auction, as I get new pieces I shall share. Need to post again tomorrow as I have some catching up to do...hope you come back

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Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

Hi Dawn! I really like the doll house and the bunting! :o)
I'm enjoying the browse through your blog!