Charitable causes

Time flies I have discovered, before you realise it Poof! it is gone...So Easter has been and gone, the weather was glorious and it was so nice to relax at home with the family.
We went to an Ovarian Cancer fundraiser at the Manor Farm Barn on Saturday. One of the staff, Craig volunteered to be waxed for £10 a strip... he was in a bad way...
and for all his bravery he ended up looking like this

 - I would not recommend getting waxed by anything other than a qualified waxer! So sore!!!!
I joined in a swap in the Latest Trends in Mixed Media Yahoo group, my 1st for a while... had to make an ATC which had to have handwriting and ribbon, here is what I created

More goodies to add to the Art Is...You auction
Mind the Gap tin sign...love this
And one of the Brit items was Liberty fabrics so here are a few lots....
 These 2 packets have 10 assorted 12 x 12 Liberty fabric pieces
 2 random pieces

and the 3 smaller pieces have what it says on the label, "30 Liberty scraps" so hopefully they will go towards boosting the funds for the Charity Sarah's House a worthy cause.

I think I have everything sorted now for the donations to the Charity, I now need to work on swap items...
So instead of staying on here, I will head off to my art room.
Have fun and enjoy whatever you have to do today xxx


bumblebee said...

drooling of the "mind the gap sign" a true winner! hugs bz

bumblebee said...

D I loved that you enjoyed my eggsighting egg swap.... remember that the little bunny is a writting journal.... I want to hear all about your day. hugs bz....two more dayz until THE WEDDING... making scones for the event!

Barbara said...

hmmm....said i couldn't leave a comment...(lol...so by the time i MAKE it leave one..you may have 50 comments from me...lol) your collection of British fun will make such a wonderful attraction to the auction!!!! big hugz til we speak again!

Cynthia Powell said...

What an experience your friend had-glad women don't have hairy chests or we'd be doing this too! :-D
Thanks for joining in on the swap-your ATC's are wonderful! I hope I get one to add to my growing collection for 2011.
When is the auction? Will it be on-line?

Anonymous said...

Lovely ATCs!!! Bea

trisha too said...


And I hope I get one of your atcs!

(Were these for the Latest Trends group?)